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Dear Supporters:

The ILPDC and Peltier have been fairly quiet lately.

There could be several explanations; he’s preparing for the Washington State civil suit scheduled for early next year, dealing with I.R.S. issues regarding a highly questionable 501(c)3 “tax deductible” claim,* his attorneys have advised that blasting out unsupported notices to supporters is fraught with problems when they provide conflicting facts and disprovable claims, or maybe, he’s given up fighting a lost cause. 

In any case we’ll just wait until Peltier goes public and sticks his prison sneakers in his mouth again.           

Peltier’s Facebook page is a little stale except for a ridiculously frail article by Robert Dean of Rebel Noise. And that is exactly what it is “noise” by repeating the same “fatally flawed” alleged facts that Peltier has been peddling for years. Folklore and myth that has been debunked repeatedly and not worth the time or effort to correct here, once again.**

They did though add a little extra falsity regarding Wesley Cook.***

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

(NPPA Blog March 8, 2019)
***A 2015 excerpt from the NPPA website:
Regarding Wesley Cook:

If all this sounds painfully familiar, it should.
Then there it is, clear and unequivocal, Peltier and the LPDC place Peltier in the same very close and select company as Mumia and McVeigh; cold and remorseless killers. They are now connected, rightfully so, for an even greater reason, they are all miserably guilty.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Dear Supporters:

This journey began on April 30, 2000 and as declared from the very beginning on the homepage of the No Parole Peltier Association website:

The stated purpose of the NPPA is to: 1) Honor the sacrifice of Special Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams who were brutally murdered in the line of duty, and 2) Respond to the erroneous statements and allegations made by the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. The NPPA will forego political rhetoric and name-calling and concentrate on the record of the events. Its central focus will be to review and analyze public statements made by Leonard Peltier, which further indicate his guilt, and to provide interested readers and researchers with another view, long missing from the public debate, of this very serious matter. The NPPA opposes parole or clemency for Leonard Peltier. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is critically important for any concerned reader and researcher to review the Court Decisions regarding Peltier's conviction and appeals. It is within those decisions that each and every issue and allegation raised by Peltier, and repeated by Peltier’s Committee(s), has been addressed and resolved.

We held true to that commitment, keeping the torch lit to honor the memory and sacrifice of FBI Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams.

What follows is a brief summary of events, presented in NPPA Blogs since April 2018:

Peltier whines and complains about having a cellmate.

Peltier makes a completely false statement regarding an initial appeal with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Peltier maneuvers for a compassionate release.

Peltier wins and loses in federal court regarding the removal of his paintings on display for sale on government property in Washington State.

The NPPA recognizes the birthday of murdered Special Agent Ronald A. Williams.

The NPPA acknowledges the 43rdanniversary of the attack and killing of Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams.

A review of the FBI’s Hall of Honor recognizing Special Agents who have been killed in the line of duty as a result of adversarial action.

Comments on the recent debates of the Redskin issue.

FBI Director Wray makes an historic visit to Indian Country and meets with Native American leaders. There was no mention of Peltier.

NPPA supporters are provided with a summary of “important reminders” regarding the federal appellate court decisions that “Peltier had personally killed the two agents” and that he “Got a fair trial, not a perfect trial, but a fair trial.”

Recognition of Jack R. Coler’s birthday and that he may Rest in Peace. 

Last of three blogs detailing that former U.S. Attorney James Reynolds’ support for Leonard Peltier was erroneous and misplaced. 

As the NPPA enters its 20thyear every effort will continue to confront Peltier’s false statements concerning his conviction and consecutive life sentences (which have never been altered after numerous appeals) and bring to light his public statements that are false or misleading while confronting the decades of Peltier myth and folklore.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

1) Correction: In the 3,022 word March 8, 2019 NPPA blog entitled “Why Peltier is the Worst?”  (A straight-forward opinion that turned into an essay), there was a an incorrect word in an effective declarative sentence which should have read, “Lies are still lies no matter how they are gift-wrapped.”  This has been corrected on the original website blog.

2) Regarding the January 13, 2019 NPPA Blog entitled “PELTIER: PUBLIC CHARITY? PART 2, INUREMENT” that provided details regarding Peltier/IPLDC approval for 501(c)3 (tax-deductible) status and reviewed the legal use of IRS Form 13909 (Tax-Exempt Organizational Complaint-referral): On 3/6/19 a letter was received from the IRS acknowledging  in part: “The IRS has an ongoing program to ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). We’ll consider the information you submitted in this program.” A second letter dated April 4, 2019 added “We appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention.”

3) Regarding the January 8, 2019 NPPA blog entitled “PELTIER: WANTS A TRANSFER” on March 9, 2019 the ILPDC announced, in part: “On Monday March 4th, 2019 Leonard Peltier was advised that his request for a transfer had been unceremoniously denied by the United States Bureau of Prisons…”

“44 years is too damn long for an innocent man to be locked up...” (NPPA comment: Hardly innocent!)

“We plan to demand he receive appropriate medical care, and to continue to uncover and utilize every legal mechanism to secure his release. To do these things we need money to support the legal work…” (NPPA comment: emphasis added—and it is more than curious that since the complaint to the IRS about likely misuse of its non-profit status, there is now no mention that any donations to assist Peltier’s “legal mechanism to secure his release” would be tax-deductible.)

“Please call the ILPDC National office or email us for a copy of the postcard you can send to the White House. We need your help to ask President Trump for Leonard's freedom.” (NPPA comment: Save the postage. The likelihood of President Trump considering a Peltier commutation is zero.)

Friday, March 8, 2019


Dear Supporters:

In response to a question regarding why we consider Leonard Peltier the worst and most vile of those who killed FBI Agents in the Line of Duty, the following illustrates that Peltier was—and will forever remain, a remorseless cold-blooded murderer:

During the over 100-year history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation there have been 36 Special Agents killed in the line of duty. These Agents are memorialized on the Wall of Honor as FBI Service Martyrs at FBI headquarters and in field offices throughout the country.

Although the total number is relatively small, this is in keeping with the Bureau’s mission versus the inordinate number of police officers shot and killed in the line of duty—eight in January 2019 alone.

Police officers, more often than not, are confronted with life and death, deadly-force split-second decisions. By contrast Bureau arrests are typically made after months or years of investigation and with the advantage of being able to plan and exercise the authority to arrest and minimize potential risk.

Of the number of Agents killed in the line of duty, several of which involved more than one assailant, nine of those were killed during the commission of their crimes, four committed suicide (one was fatally shot but committed suicide before he would have died), four were captured, sentenced and executed, six were captured, convicted, received life sentences and died in prison, and five are still incarcerated.  Also considered here are the five instances where two Agents were killed during the same confrontation and three who were killed on the same day in separate incidents.  

One of those incarcerated, ironically, is serving a life sentence in the same federal prison facility as Peltier, one remains on death row and one is scheduled for release in 2022. 

The names of the assailants involved are all but lost to history except for a couple of infamous killers from the gangland era—Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson. The 1930s was a dangerous time for all law enforcement. In the 1930s, during the days of G-Men, Tommy guns and running boards, nine Agents were killed in the line-of-duty. 

No one would remember, or even care to recall the names of the other assailants, except perhaps the families of the assailants themselves, but they are certainly remembered by the family and friends of the deceased Agents. 

What does this history have to do with Leonard Peltier?

Well, a lot actually.

Most significant, except for Peltier, is that none of those still incarcerated for their crimes have been heard from. 

There is one aspect of the Peltier matter that cannot be overlooked. If Peltier’s name was Joe Smith and his brutal slaying of Agents Coler and Williams happened, in let’s say, Pennsylvania, no one would care or remember his name. He would be just another of the nameless lifers.

But since this occurred on an Indian Reservation, provoked by Peltier and other cowards of the American Indian Movement, Peltier was successful in milking his notoriety for all it was worth, or all he could conjure up and fabricate about his alleged innocence while pitifully claiming to be a political prisoner. This logically gave way to the myth and folklore that followed. But for the fact that this occurred on Pine Ridge, Peltier’s name would have been relegated to the dustbin of criminal justice history.

Is it accurate to call Peltier and the other AIM members that day cowards?

The answer is simple. It cannot be forgotten that there was an eyewitness to the events that rapidly unfolded on the Jumping Bull property. Agent Williams was on the Bureau radio calling for assistance and describing what was happening. It was apparent that they were about to be fired upon by those in the vehicle they followed, and as the situation developed they were caught in a deadly crossfire and pinned down in an open field by rifle wielding AIM assailants.

Both Agents were wounded. Ron Williams waved his shirt as a sign of surrender, but this was ignored, and then he bravely gave aid to his critically wounded partner. Based on the defensive wound to his right hand, Agent Williams was still alive when Peltier shot him and Agent Coler at point blank range with his AR-15.

Both agents were shot in the face, yet when their bodies were discovered they were found facing the muddy ground. In Indian lore, touching and rolling over a vanquished enemy to face Mother Earth ensures they will not meet the Creator in the afterlife. Among those who were there, Peltier, Joe Stuntz, Robert Robideau, Dino Butler and likely others, know who, in a manner of speaking, disgustingly counted coup, adding to the carnage by manhandling the mutilated bodies. 

Years later in an unrelated matter, sworn testimony was given regarding Peltier’s admission and description of the Agents’ murders. Peltier was quoted,
“The m----------r was begging for his life but I shot him anyway.” (Fn. 1)

To any rational human being these are the actions of cowards.

Peltier offered, in his sixth-grade level reader, Prison Writings (p.14) his own published words that he viewed as an apology. Everyone is encouraged to read this “apology” which in reality is nothing more than self-centered aggrandizement that was viewed as a profound insult to both the Coler and Williams families. 

However, the issue of whether Peltier ever proffered an apology is settled.

In a June 26, 2017* motion filed in federal district court, Peltier (not pro se, but through his attorney) stated for the record “Although Peltier does not apologize for killing agents Coler and Williams as he maintains his innocence, he does express deep remorse to what happened to them and the pain that caused their families.”(Emphasis added) 

To show remorse Peltier would have to acknowledge that he regrets his actions. He has not. His actions would be what he would consider shameful, hurtful or violent. He has not. Remorse is also tied to feelings of guilt. He has shown none. Peltier could express remorse through an apology, but since it is a matter of record in federal court that he has not apologized while feigning innocence, Peltier remains, as always, remorseless.

On the matter of innocence:

Anyone who challenges that the following quotes were taken out of context is pedestrian in their thinking and lacks an understanding of the fundamental significance of Peltier’s public statements. The essential element here is one of proximity

None of the following direct public admissions from Peltier remove him from the murder scene, from the slaughter at Jumping Bull.

In the same 2017 federal court filing Peltier challenges the following quotes being attributed to him as creating a false picture of the actual facts and that conclusions based on Peltier’s public statements may still imply a false assertion of fact.

“I seen Joe when he pulled it out of the trunk and I looked at him when he put it on, and he gave me a smile”

In the court filing Peltier provided the source from where this quote was taken, Peter Matthiessen’s, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse (p. 552). Readers are invited to review that page for themselves. Within it they will find that the most crucial part is the above quote from Leonard Peltier to Peter Matthiessen about Joe Stuntz.

For the situationally challenged, it is not difficult to place this quote firmly within the context of the circumstances at that moment. Picture the scene:

On the Jumping Bull property there are two late model bullet-riddled government vehicles. Peltier, Joe Stuntz and others are gathered around stealing whatever they can. Stuntz grabs agent Jack Coler’s FBI jacket from the trunk, and as Peltier tells us, smiles as he puts it on. At that moment at their feet—lying face down in the mud—are two lifeless bodies. Two dead FBI agents with their faces blown away, who had been first wounded, rendered defenseless and then murdered at point-blank range. 

That was the context of Peltier’s, “I seen Joe” statement that hardly implies a false assertion of fact. 

In the 2017 federal court filing Peltier further claimed that the following quote was drastically edited from longer passages that provide context and create a false picture of the actual facts, and if those facts are either incorrect or incomplete, or if the assessment of them is erroneous, the statement may still imply a false assertion of fact.

“And really, if necessary, I’d do it all over again because it was the right thing to do.”

This quote was taken from Peltier’s February 6, 2010 public statement on the anniversary of his arrest in Canada. (Fn. 2)

Standing alone, this statement could be benign as Peltier laments and whines about his then thirty-four year incarceration.

Nevertheless, in order to understand the significance of this statement it is important to place it within its proper context. There can be no argument with the fact that one of the "whole series of events" Peltier describes is the Incident at Oglala, the June 26, 1975 cold-blooded murder of Agents’ Coler and Williams on the Jumping Bull property. By even mentioning Joe Stuntz Peltier clearly makes the relevance of his comments within the context of that day.

Peltier’s references to his commitment and because it was the right thing to do, can be neither ignored nor removed from the events he's talking about—those at Jumping Bull. And since he'd do it all over again, he's telling us that he understands what that commitment meant to his life and the last thirty-four years. 

Most significantly though, he is not excluding anything. Peltier is offering
no exceptions to his admission. It's all there.

Also, in the 2017 filing in U.S. District Court Peltier stated for the record, “Support for Leonard Peltier comes not only because of the work he has done for his people, but because his imprisonment comes as the result of the government not knowing who killed Agents Coler and Williams.” 

Peltier proffers, once again, the same frivolous assertion that the government had somehow conceded he wasn’t personally responsible for the Agents’ deaths.

The courts consistently concluded otherwise:

“Peltier’s arguments fail because their underlying premises are fatally flawed. (A) The government tried the case on alternative theories; it asserted that Peltier personally killed the agents at point blank range, but that if he had not done so, then he was equally guilty of the murder as an aider and abettor.” 
(8th Circuit Court of Appeals, July 7, 1993)

The Government’s statement at a prior oral argument, upon which Peltier relies, was not a concession.” “In any event, this eight-word comment in response to Judge Heaney‘s statements, is a totally inadequate basis for asserting that the government conceded that it had not proved that Peltier personally shot the agents at close range…” 
(8th Circuit Court of Appeals, July 7, 1993)

“The direct and circumstantial evidence of Peltier’s guilt was strong…” 
“…Peltier’s contention of manufactured evidence are far from convincing.”
(8th Circuit Court of Appeals, 9/14/78) 

The record as a whole leaves no doubt that the jury accepted the government’s theory that Peltier had personally killed the two agents, after they were seriously wounded, by shooting them at point blank range with an AR-15 rifle.”
(8thCircuit Court of Appeals, 12/18/02) (Emphasis added)

In the same court filing Peltier cherry-picks a negative quote from a federal court decision that had absolutely nothing to do with the underlying murder charges against him but was an appeal for relief from an adverse decision by the U.S. Parole Commission. (It should be noted that throughout the numerous appeals in the Peltier saga there was only one other negative comment, and that was relegated to the status of a footnote, and with a clarification. (Fn. 3)

Peltier quotes from a 11/4/03, 10thCircuit Court of Appeals decision:

“Much of the government’s behavior at Pine Ridge Reservation and in its prosecution of Mr. Peltier is to be condemned. The Government withheld evidence. It intimidated witnesses. These Facts are not disputed.”

Actually, these “facts” were disputed and this gratuitous ad hominem statement by this court also included a thorough damning of Peltier’s actions and prior claims, however, Peltier, et. al. as they are habituated to, chose not to provide them, (Fn. 4):

Notably absent from Peltier’s court filing regarding the issue of “alternative theories” was; “Were that the case, the Commission, based on the evidence before it, could still reach the conclusion it did.”

"Previous federal court decisions provided the (Parole) Commission with ample facts to support its conviction that Peltier personally shot Agent Coler and Williams." 

 “And the Commission’s choice of the word ‘execution’ in describing the murders is quite apt. While Mr. Peltier asserts ‘[t]he Commission identified no plausible evidence that [he] shot the agents after they were incapacitated,’ this statement is simply not true. The evidence linking Mr. Peltier to these crimes is enumerated above. The most damning evidence, the .223 shell casing found in Agent Coler's trunk, may be more equivocal after the surfacing of the October 2nd teletype, but it has not been 'ruled out,' as Mr. Peltier contends. There is no direct evidence that Mr. Peltier shot the agents because no one testified they saw him pull the trigger. But as we stated above, and restate here, the body of circumstantial evidence underlying the Commission's decision is sufficient for the purpose of rational basis review." 

“After the evidentiary hearing on Mr. Peltier's first habeas petition, the district court in North Dakota held that the October 2nd teletype did not cast doubt on the connection between the .223 casing found in Agent Coler's trunk and the AR-15 linked to Mr. Peltier. On appeal, the Eighth Circuit asserted the casing ‘had in fact been extracted from the . . . AR-15’ [linked to Mr. Peltier]."
(Emphasis added)

* * *

Peltier has never been confused by the truth, but we will not ignore the obvious. If Peltier were truly innocent he could easily repeat the events as he experienced them. Instead, he fabricated his years-long only alibi that someone they knew, the infamous Mr. X in the red pickup killed the agents. Remember too, in Redford’s film, Incident at Oglala, Peltier said, “This story is true.” Well, it wasn’t. (Fn. 5)

Peltier, the self proclaimed public figure who arguably created a successful campaign of myth and folklore, would not come under scrutiny and have his public statements challenged if he for once admitted the truth. As a “public figure” Peltier forfeits many of the protections afforded private citizens in matters of defamation. Lies are still lies no matter how they are gift-wrapped. (Fn. 6)

Peltier, for as much as he professes, is not the realistic symbol of the historical ill treatment of First Americans. Peltier is the antithesis of the brave warriors of the past.

Further, it matters a great deal that Peltier has shamelessly denigrated the memory of Agents Coler and Williams by claiming that they were deliberately sacrificed (Prison Writings, p. 129):

“As documents released twenty years later, in 1995, through the Freedom of Information Act, confirmed, a virtual army—lawmen, GOONS, SWAT teams, vigilantes, BIA police, you name it—had been gathering in the area for a planned paramilitary assault on the Pine Ridge Reservation. And now the day had finally come. This raid had obviously been preplanned. Maybe they figured they could come in and finish us off after the two agents had drawn our fire, giving them the excuse they needed.” (A totally fabricated lie; Fn. 7)

Of all those Agents killed in the line of duty, the most vile and depraved act was the wounding and calculated murder of Special Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams on June 26, 1975 by Leonard Peltier on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Peltier’s vicious acts—validated through numerous appeals, confirms that he remains a remorseless cold-blooded murderer. (Fn. 8).  

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

1) Press Release, United States Attorney, District of North Dakota: “…In 2004 Arlo Looking Cloud was tried in South Dakota for the late 1975 AIM related murder of Anna Mae Aquash. Witness Darlene Nichols testified that, in October or November of 1975, she was travelling in a motor home with Leonard Peltier, her husband, AIM leader Dennis Banks, Anna Mae Aquash, and others. On one occasion when they were in the State of Washington, Peltier admitted his involvement in the killings of the agents. Darlene Nichols testified that Leonard Peltier, “…started talking about June 26, and he put his hand like this and started talking about the two FBI agents…he said the m----------r was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway.”
(AIM member Anna Mae Aquash, who had been threatened at gunpoint by Peltier suspecting that she was an FBI informant—she was not—but nonetheless on orders of AIM leadership she was kidnapped, raped, murdered and dumped in a ravine.)
1a)Looking Cloud Trial Transcript at 144-145; In reference to a statement made to the witness by Leonard Peltier: Prosecutor: “Exactly what did he say?” Witness: “He said the M----- F----- was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway.”
2) Peltier statement 2/6/2010:
Editorial essay re 2/6/2010 statement:
3) Negative court comments, see section #20:
4) U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, 11/4/03:
5) The alibi lie of Mr. X:
7) The fabrications of a Preplanned paramilitary assault: The Sanctioned Memo:
Further, “The Smoking gun and 23 reasons why it can’t be true:”
 8) Peltier conflates advocacy (keeping the torch lit and honoring the memory of Agents Coler and Williams) with defamation. We will, however, let the facts detailed above speak for themselves and allow reasonable people to make their own judgments.  
* Ironically, the “Plaintiff’s Response to Defendant Landberg (sic) and Woods’ 12(b)(6) and Anti-Slapp Motion” submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington was filed on the 42ndanniversary of the murder of Jack Coler and Ron Williams.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Dear Supporters:

On 2/4/19 the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (ILPDC) distributed the following message on behalf of Leonard Peltier. (The ILPDC message is indented and italicized with NPPA comments and emphasis added):

The National Office and Board of Directors, are asking that you e-mail the following Bureau of Prison officials requesting that they re-assign the cellmate of Mr. Leonard Peltier 89637-132 to his own cell for the following reasons:
It is with incredible concern that I learned that Leonard Peltier 89637-132 was assigned a cellmate. This is highly unusual as Leonard has had a single cell for a considerable amount of time, making this sudden assignment suspect

This isn’t the first time Peltier whined about cellmates. Goodness gracious, imagine the horror that on March 24, 2011 at USP Lewisburg “another prisoner was moved into Leonard’s cell.” (Fn. 1)

Practically since day one (and we’ll consider Day One as February 6, 1976 with his arrest by the RCMP), Peltier has marketed himself as an exceptional case, an allegedly privileged character—a wrongfully convicted political prisoner—or so the then developing folklore and myth would have us believe. 

But what happened to Peltier the tough guy?

Peltier is a tough guy when he and others are shooting at two agents pinned down in an open field. He’s the tough guy participating in cold-blooded murder, blowing away the faces of two wounded and defenseless human beings. He’s the tough guy when he sticks a gun in a woman’s mouth and threatens her life and he’s the tough guy when he and others steal government property and make a run for it (well maybe not that tough as a fleeing felon thief).*

But apparently he has been pampered considerably over the years with a cell to himself, painting his days away and running a business against prison rules. But that’s another story.

There has been an unfortunate historywith Leonard being negatively impacted by the actions of cellmates. The time he had a cellmate in USP Lewisburg, he received disciplinary action including a transfer to USP Coleman, for contraband Leonard had nothing to do with and he is concerned this could happen again.

Let’s examine this “unfortunate history.”

On 6/27/11 at USP Lewisburg Peltier received two “Shots” (inmate jargon for prison infractions) that put him in the “hole” for six months (solitary confinement, which by Peltier’s own admission he’d spent in excess of five years worth).  One was minor for claiming (for which he had no proof) that he had received a 20-pound Scottish note through the prison mail system and was attempting to send it to someone else. A minor infraction perhaps, but the significant event was that Peltier’s then cellmate was transferred two weeks prior and during a subsequent routine cell inspection a guard received an electrical shock.  Please see the following for an explanation of Corrections Officer Hamilton’s report and details of this incident (Fn. 2).  Peltier was playing dumb that in that tiny cell he didn’t see the exposed wires, and that’s hard to believe, but what’s not hard to believe is that he did at least see or know about the exposed wires but chose not to do the right thing and advise Officer Hamilton. 

This pattern of the BOP against Mr. Peltier is similar to the time that the BOP used another Native prisoner, Standing Deer in a plot to assassinate Mr. Peltier. 

The Standing Deer (true name, Robert Hugh Wilson) claim as the alleged catalyst for Peltier’s escape from Lompoc Penitentiary has as little truth as the decades long lie of Peltier’s only alibi, that Mr. X killed the Agents and drove off in the infamous red pickup. Both assertions are ludicrous.

Rather than repeat here—again—all the fallacies surrounding the Standing Deer nonsense, a previous Editorial Essay devoted considerable details calling out Peltier on this outrageous lie and his lame excuse for the armed Lompoc escape. (FN. 3)

That the ILPDC believes and spreads the Standing Deer drivel is understandable, they are clueless to the facts, blinded by folklore, and besides, these are the great warrior/victim’s claims that they best not ignore. But even the mentor and Peltier scribe, Peter Matthiessen and the deceased Bob Robideau help defuse the babble that Standing Deer was drafted to kill Peltier. (Sorry for using the wrong verb, kill, we’re talking about the “innocent political prisoner” Leonard Peltier, who prefers assassinate! More nonsense.)  

(Without attribution this ILPDC appeal was simply signed, Sincerely.)

No Parole Peltier Association supporters are entitled to do the same, contact the Bureau of Prisons and express their opinion that Peltier is neither entitled to nor deserves any special treatment. It can be pointed out as well that Peltier should be given as much compassion as he showed to Jack Coler and Ron Williams; and that would be none.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

* 1) Remember, that during Peltier’s escape from Pine Ridge he was in the front passenger seat of a motor home pulled over by Oregon State Troopers. Under the seat was Agent Coler’s revolver in a paper bag that had Peltier’s thumbprint on it.

2) In early 2009 Peltier was transferred from USP Lewisburg to USP Caanan in Waymart, PA. He wasn’t there long before he, to use the phrase from a real tough guy, caught a beating, from two inmates, reportedly gang members who likely weren’t buying into the great warrior, privileged political prisoner tripe or perhaps weren’t impressed that he was a cop killer. Maybe they didn’t care for him because of the reputation that preceded him or maybe they just wanted the bragging rights that they kicked the snot out of the self-proclaimed legend and protector of his people. Don’t know if the gang members were prosecuted or wound up in solitary themselves, but at any rate they should have been. Picking on a then sixty-five year old man, who at least on July 28thof that year was a bloated figure staring at his sneakers in front of the parole board hearing officer, Peltier wouldn’t have put up much of a fight. In stark contrast to this warrior was the infamous Teflon Don, John Gotti who was severely beaten while serving his life sentence at USP Marion. Gotti didn’t whine or complain, he simply told the guards that he “fell.”

3) Please take a little time to learn about Standing Deer:
            Peltier’s alibi lie of Mr. X: (Mr. X the Interview), (Mr. X the Movie), 
            Mr. X The Lie:

Saturday, February 2, 2019


Dear Supporters:

February 6th marks the 43rdyear of Peltier’s not-so-continuous incarceration since his arrest by the RCMP at Smallboys Camp near Hinton, Canada. Peltier’s incarceration was interrupted by an armed escape from California’s Lompoc Penitentiary during which guards were fired upon. Peltier, captured days later, armed, lost and delirious, received an additional seven consecutive years added to his consecutive life sentences for the brutal execution style slayings of two already wounded and defenseless FBI Agents. (Fn. 1)

Of course, any February 6th announcement will contain the predictable Peltier tripe of, “I’m innocent, Oh poor me who stood up for my people, yada, yada,” and the countless litany of falsehoods and lies that have created the myth and folklore surrounding him since his first Committee started pumping out a false narrative of remaking a brutal convicted murderer into the absurdity of a warrior victim.  However, Peltier or the Committee will never mention The Big Lie that went on for years, that it wasn’t Peltier but the fictitious Mr. X who killed the Agents, a lie that has been repeatedly debunked but conveniently forgotten by his supporters, but not everyone. (Fn. 2)

Unless Peltier offers something completely new or utterly false, as he did on February 6, 2018, we will just ignore it. (Fn. 3)

On January 22ndPeltier offered a bewilderingly incoherent public statement attacking the Covington Catholic High School students in Washington D.C. stating that “There were threats and insults by the young punk wearing the red M.A.G.A. hat,” while Peltier’s AIM buddy and comrade “Nate Phillips was singing a religious song.”

Well, not quite.

Peltier rambles on about the “song” (that sounded more like chanting to drum beats) and demonstrates a lack of understanding of Native American history. He ignores that AIM thugs all but destroyed the village of Wounded Knee in 1972 (actually it was February to May 1973) or the destruction of historical Native artifacts and the horrible treatment of the elderly Mrs. Gildersleeve whose family had been serving and supporting Pine Ridge for decades. (Fn. 4) Nor, the AIM related murder of civil rights activist Perry Ray Robinson, and others suspected of being buried in unmarked graves in the hills beyond the village.  

No one would dispute that incidents like Wounded Knee and Sand Creek are horrible chapters in American history, but Peltier’s accounting and inaccuracy leave a lot to be challenged compared to the actual historical record. Peltier is unable to even get the date of Wounded Knee correct. “Early that next morning on December 25th[isn’t that their Christens (sic) God Jesus Birthday?]…”Actually Leonard, it was December 29, 1890.

Apparently at USP Coleman Peltier did not see the other nearly two hours of videos beyond the short clip that went viral.

What Peltier is incapable of acknowledging is that the students were being subjected to racist taunts from foul-mouthed militant Black Hebrew Israelites who, along with Phillips, were the ones inciting and attempting to elevate the incident into a six-o’clock news confrontation. The students didn’t give the BHI’s or Phillips that opportunity. And they should be commended and respected for that. (Fn. 5)

Phillips, as it eventually surfaced claimed to be a Viet Nam Marine combat veteran only to have that dispelled by admitting in a video that he was “Sectioned 8”out of the military. The prevailing understanding is that a Section 8 is a service member unfit for duty and is released under less than honorable conditions. (Fn. 6) 

The fact remains that Phillips never served outside the continental U.S., was a refrigerator repairman as his military specialty (a duty that is unremarkable but necessary) and left the Marine Corps after fours years, still as a private: Hardly a stunning service.

On the Internet there was more negative information regarding Phillips’ military service but it will not be repeated here because it could not be independently verified.

Phillips, for all his bravado for Native American rights and issues, during some interviews over the D.C. incident, said that the students weren’t telling the truth. Really? Not according to the other now public videos. 

When this writer was discharged from the military in 1968 he received two documents, an Honorable Discharge certificate and a DD-214 (discharge and separation document). Among other items noted on the DD-214 were: 11a, Type of Transfer or Discharge; “Relieved from Active Duty,” 13c; Character of Service; “Honorable,” 23a; Specialty Number and Title; “31542, Special Forces,” and 26a; Non-Pay periods Time Lost Preceding two years; “None.”

Here’s the challenge for Phillips: Produce his DD-214 and Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps and provide answers to those questions, otherwise, he can carry the burden as one who has engaged in Stolen Valor for claims he cannot support. Stolen Valor dishonors all those who served honorably and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in combat. (Fn. 7)

To put a finer point on this issue, we are calling out Nathan Phillips.

On January 21st the ILPDC, under the authority of co-director, Ms. Paulette Dauteuil made a press release covering a few topics: 

To keep pushing for Peltier’s transfer to FCI Oxford, Wisconsin by sending emails, letters, facsimiles and phone calls to:

Email: GRA-DSC/, Phone: 972-352-4400 
Fax: 972-352-4395; Or write a letter of support and send to: Designation & Sentence Computation Center, Grand Prairie Office Complex, 346 Marine Forces Drive, Grand Prairie, Texas 75051 (Unfortunately, Ms. Dauteuil omitted the state, but it’s Texas, which was added to the above address.)

NPPA supporters are welcome to offer their own opinions as to whether Peltier is deserving of an accommodation transfer. We believe he is not.

Ms. Dauteuil advised about “wonderful” and “exciting” fundraisers in Austin and Portland “to build the legal support fund, for attorney Larry Hildes, who is representing Leonard in his First Amendment case out of Tacoma, Washington. This case will expose the FBI and retired agents in their continued harassment of Leonard (sic) struggle for justice.” (Emphasis added) (Fn. 8)

It is curious how exposing the ILPDC’s and Peltier’s own actions, words and activities that are at odds with the actual documented court records are considered harassment. It’s actually fact-finding, correcting the falsehoods and challenging questionable activities. It’s hardly harassment to offer the truth.

In regard to Peltier suing Washington State officials where in November 2015 Peltier’s paintings were removed from the Labor and Industries, American Indian Heritage Month exhibit, Peltier concedes he has no private claim for money damages under the Washington constitution; he now seeks a (mandatory) injunction requiring L&I to display his paintings. 
A trial has been set for December 23, 2019.

The ILPDC release goes on to state “Please check out our website to donate to Leonard’s Legal fund or shop at our store…”(Emphasis added)

Conspicuously absent from this message was any reference that purchasing merchandise or making donations to Leonard’s legal fund would be “Tax deductible.” 

Wonder why the omission? Could it, by chance, have anything to do with Form 1023, the application for Exempt Organization 501(c)3 status they submitted to the I.R.S. that is at odds with the ILPDC and Peltier public pleas for cash for his legal defense fund? (Fn. 9)

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

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