Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Dear Supporters:

Recently the President signed into law the CARES ACT, which among other requirements, provides for the release of elderly federal inmates who have underlying health issues and may be at higher risk for Covid-19. Part of the intent of the law is to limit the potential spread of the Corona Virus among the inmate population and reduce prison populations.

Peltier believes he is a candidate for release and home confinement. According to his “Defense Committee” Peltier has a “reentry plan” to return to the Turtle Mountain Reservation and allegedly has family land where he can live.

The Defense Committee is asking Peltierites to write the Federal Bureau of Prisons Directors to make a case for Peltier’s release and suggested for them to include this in their letters:

“Mr. Peltier is 75 years old and in very poor health: his only desire is to go home to the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation and live out the remainder of his years surrounded by his family.”

Time for a reality check:

We all know that Jack and Ron were surrounded by their families: 
That was at their funerals in 1975.

Peltier, like many other aged lifers is experiencing the predictable affects of the aging process that everyone must face in time, but he denied that to Jack Coler and Ron Williams.

Does Peltier meet the requirements for release? The answer is No. 

Peltier is long-in-the tooth, has some health issues but was convicted, (a conviction that was upheld at every level, notwithstanding his incessant fabrications, outrageous claims and tacit admissions of guilt), for the brutal and cold-blooded murder of two already wounded and defenseless human beings. Peltier is deservedly serving consecutive life sentences in addition to the seven consecutive years for his armed escape from Lompoc penitentiary. 

Is Peltier a threat to society at this point? Perhaps not as evidenced by the bloated figure seen at his Lewisburg parole hearing in 2009. Nonetheless, he must continue to serve the remainder of his sentence and not seek special consideration to live out the remainder of his years surrounded by his family. His malicious act deprived Jack and Ron from being able to do the same.

Request of NPPA supporters

Supporters are encouraged to write to U.S. Attorney General William P. Barr, BOP Director Michael Carvajal and Regional BOP Director J. A. Keller and express your opinion why Leonard Peltier #89637-132, USP Coleman 1, Coleman, Florida should NOT be considered for release under the CARES ACT.

Any factual references needed can be easily found on the NPPA website: www.noparolepeltier.com

            Hon. William P. Barr
            U.S. Attorney General
            950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
            Washington, D.C. 20530

            Director Michael Carvajal
            Federal Bureau of Prisons
            320 First St., NW
            Washington D.C.

            Director J.A. Keller
            Federal Bureau of Prisons
            Southeast Region
            3800 Camp CRK PK SW/Bldg 2000    
            Atlanta, GA 30331 

Everyone, please be safe as we face this unprecedented crisis and pray that America comes out on the other side as the strong and prosperous nation it was.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Dear Supporters:

As of late messages from Peltier and his Committee have been infrequent. Nonetheless, recent statements relate to Peltier’s health and conditions at USP Coleman. 

Peltier is complaining (again) about having to have a cellmate, as if he has forgotten that he is a lifer doing consecutive sentences. Peltier is not entitled to special treatment (Footnote 1).

Peltier expressed marginal gratitude that his “medicine bundle” was returned and for the “new Sweat Lodge” for himself and other Native American inmates “to practice our religion.”

This raises an important question: As Peltier practices his religion is there any element of spiritual atonement for the brutal slaying of two already wounded and defenseless human beings?

Because Peltier has relied on feigned innocence for so many years the question remains: What will come of the day when he finally meets his Creator? At some point in time—probably in the not too distant future, Leonard Peltier will know whether he will see the proverbial happy hunting grounds or be banished to the Indian equivalent of hell. Peltier may be capable of lying to himself and others, but to the Creator is a entirely different matter. Without sincere atonement for his crimes it will likely be the latter. 

Only assuming for the moment it may be true, Peltier did raise an important issue regarding “closing the Elder and Medical care unit” and moving those inmates into “general population.” Elderly inmates and those in poor health are at greater risk from other violent and younger inmates. Nevertheless, managing the prison is up to the warden, not Peltier.

According to one message Peltier suffers from “prostate issues, aortic aneurysm, extreme arthritis in his hip and knee as well as spots on his lung and kidney.” Peltier has to realize that these are predictable ailments of the aging process. One also has to wonder if Peltier ever considers that Jack Coler and Ron Williams would have been willing to face aging problems rather than be brutally slaughtered by the cowards at Jumping Bull

Peltier has complained for decades, as he continues to do now, that he wants to be transferred to a facility closer to his home turf so family members can more easily visit. As usual, Peltier ignores, or has forgotten, why he may have landed in Florida in the first place (Fn 2).

Without any hint of irony as a result of Peltier’s murderous actions, Jack and Ron are closerto their families. Both are buried in cemeteries in Los Angeles. 

One recent message directed supporters to Peltier’s website so they can read the trial transcript and documents regarding his extradition from Canada. 

It is futile for Peltier supporters to read the trial transcript because he will never be re-tried and the analysis of the testimony and evidence presented has been thoroughly vetted by Peltier’s own attorneys during a lengthy appellate process. Those many attorneys have made countless efforts to challenge the government’s case, all to no avail. Peltierites—if they are indeed capable, need to review the entire appellate history in order to thoroughly understand Peltier’s conviction (Fn. 3).

As for Peltier’s extradition, Canadian authorities have spoken the final words. “As I have indicated above, I have concluded that Mr. Peltier was lawfully extradited to the United States.” (A. Anne McLellan, Minister of Justice letter to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, 10/12/99 (Fn.  4).

Peltier advised that they are now selling “hoodies” “to help continue the building (sic) Leonard’s legal fund for the trial in Tacoma, WA in early fall…” (Fn. 5).

It is curious that there was no mention of donations or merchandise purchases—nor for that matter any current reference on Peltier’s website—of being tax-deductible after all the fanfare over becoming a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.* 
Wonder Why? (Fn. 6)

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

*Peltier’s March 18thmessage pushing for more money for his defense fund is raffling off, of all things, a satchel. But again, there is no mention that the proceeds would be tax-deductibleIt would be too much to expect Leonard to tell his supporters what actually happened. 

3) Court and appellate decisions: decisions: http://www.noparolepeltier.com/court.html

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Special Agent Jack R. Coler, R.I.P.

Dear Jack:

Those of us who remain, your family, friends, FBI associates and law-enforcement across the country know that you are looking over us as another year passes.

Many of us believe that you are still the same strong, dedicated, committed and quintessential police officer, then FBI Agent, that you were in 1975.  

It comforts us to keep that memory alive, especially those who knew you personally, that you are ageless and possess an omniscient awareness. As a devoted family man you are no doubt proud to watch over your family and grandchildren.

Today is January 12, 2020, the day you would have turned seventy-three and incredibly four and a half decades since that devastating day on Pine Ridge.

We are grateful to have a guardian angel, a brother in arms, as those in Blue face grave challenges from a growing segment of society that has little respect for those who willingly place themselves in harms way to protect, serve and enforce the laws of this nation. 

As you undoubtedly know, you, Ron and all the FBI Service Martyrs are honored every year with a memorial service. And as an ongoing reminder to all FBI employees and visitors, each office displays the names and photos of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. You and Ron are also memorialized in a moving film produced by the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozhEumzwgKA

Your bravery, dedication and legacy will never be forgotten.

Jack, please continue to look after us and keep those willing to serve from harms way.

“In the Spirit…