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Dear Supporters: Setting aside the Leonard Peltier matter for a moment, there is a recent development at a local Cincinnati area high s...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ronald A. Williams; Rest in Peace; July 30, 1947-June 26, 1975 (& Kuzma)

Dear Supporters:

Ron was robbed of his opportunity to reach his 65th birthday and live a long, happy, productive and successful life. His chance meeting on a sultry morning at Jumping Bull and his bravery and heroic efforts to aid his critically wounded partner are a matter of record and FBI legend. Ron’s memorable sense of humor, charm, warm and outgoing personality, intelligence and dedication are acknowledged among those who had the privilege to personally have known and worked with him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Williams’ family. May he continue to rest-in-peace and be assured that his sacrifice in the line-of-duty will never be forgotten.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

Postscript: At times like this we have never mentioned Peltier, this being the only exception when just days ago Peltier suffered yet another blow to his enduring frivolous lawsuits. A federal judge rejected the argument by Buffalo, New York attorney and Peltier apologist Michael Kuzma regarding Frank DeLuca (a.k.a Frank Black Horse) who was arrested with Peltier in Canada in 1976. Kuzma (albeit with Peltier and the LPDOC) in some perversely distorted way believe that FBI documents regarding this  “shadowy figure,” “may help vindicate Peltier.” As if all the evidence, all the many statements from Peltier himself will remove Peltier and his murderous actions at Jumping bull in 1975. Let’s remind Kuzma of Peltier’s only real alibi; that someone else killed the agents, someone they all knew, the fabricated Mr. X Peltier offered for many years and that his own cohort, Dino Butler publically said was a lie, and while his own biographer, Peter Matthiessen (In the Sprit of Crazy Horse, p.547) didn’t believe either. Or, Peltier’s own statement that “the person who was responsible for our arrest was the old man Yellow Bird who we learned later was paid for his work by he RCMP…” (ITSOCH p. 403). Perhaps, during those dark nights in Kuzma’s delusional paranoia DeLuca is on the grassy knoll in Dallas as well.  In a very parochial sense Kuzma is clogging the court system with fabrications that DeLuca, or anyone else for that matter, would minimize, or least of all, vindicate Peltier.