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Thursday, March 28, 2013


#58 Financial Disclosure: No Parole Peltier Association

Dear Supporters:

Please see the following affidavit regarding the No Parole Peltier Association’s (NPPA) financial disclosure. The original notarized affidavit can be seen here. Copies of checks, invoices and receipts can be viewed here.*

It can be clearly seen that the NPPA’s goal and purpose has nothing to do with money or funding, only honoring the memory and sacrifice of Jack and Ron and dismantling the myth and folklore surrounding Leonard Peltier.

Peltier’s finances have been their dirty little secret since about March, 1977. “All proceeds benefit Leonard’s defense fund” (Betty Solano), and who else and how much?  Peltier’s trial and appellate attorneys were paid by the kindness of the American taxpayers. The vast majority of money raised and spent by Peltier and the LPDOC (LPDC) was on anything but defense costs and attorneys fees.

So, Leonard, now it’s your turn for a full financial disclosure.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

*A subsequent typo was noted in the following and attached original affidavit; the 3/18/11 donation to the FBI Memorial Scholarship Fund was listed as $25.00, but it was actually $50.00. Also, which should have been noted, none of the donations made in the name of the No Parole Peltier Association were claimed as tax deductible donations.


Affiant, Edward P. Woods, resident of Hamilton County, Ohio, founder of the No Parole Peltier Association (NPPA,), an unincorporated organization, and its website, www.noparolepeltier.com, under penalty of perjury, provides the following:

1) What follows is a complete accounting of all monies associated in any manner with the No Parole Peltier Association (NPPA) and related website since its inception on April 30, 2000.

2) Where indicated, “O-P” represents money spent “out-of-pocket” in support of the NPPA’s stated goals to honor the memory and sacrifice of Special Agents, Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams, killed in the line-of-duty on June 26, 1975:

Source/Purpose                                                                                                Amount           

Miscellaneous expenses

Webmaster                                                                                                            No cost
The NPPA webmaster created the website, April 2000, updated it in August 2000 and has made numerous changes and updates adding some 70 Editorial Essays and additional features. The Webmaster has been a victim’s rights advocate for many years and has donated her time, talents and expertise to the NPPA’s efforts. Much gratitude is owed to

Web Hosting                                                                                                            $1,950.00
O-P hosting costs of $150/year for 13 years

Lapel Pins (Purchase)                                                                                                   $641.64
O-P 250 NPPA logo lapel pins including die charges from Business Innovations
Norcross, Georgia, 4/12/01

Lapel Pins (mailings)                                                                                                  $71.00
O-P padded envelopes and postage ($1 each)

NPPA Plaques                                                                                                            $238.50
O-P five at $47.70 each; NPPA appreciation plaques for organizers of
December 15, 2000, Washington D.C. procession to White House


SA Lenny Hatton Memorial Fund                                                                        $150.00
O-P donation, 10/3/01

FBI Agent’s Association Memorial Scholarship Fund                                    $750.00
10/4/01. Entire proceeds from the sale of NPPA lapel pins

Salvation Army in Memory of Lloyd Williams                                                $25.00
O-P donation; father of SA Ronald A. Williams, 10/29/01

Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge, SD                                                            $ 555.00   
O-P total donations, 10/1/04, 12/8/04, 1/29/05, 2/24/05,
7/4/06, 1/21/07, 4/4/07, 1/15/08, 7/14/08, 3/29/09

Society of Former FBI Agents                                                                        $25.00
O-P SA Nelson B. Klein fund; gravestone restoration, 4/19/08

Society of Former FBI Agents Foundation                                                            $25.00
O-P donation to memorial scholarship fund, 3/18/11

National Multiple Sclerosis Society                                                                        $50.00
O-P donation for fund walk by injured FBI Agent Tom Hannigan, 3/11/13

3) Notwithstanding any allegations to the contrary, at no time did affiant or the NPPA accept, receive or solicit any funds from any other source. All monies spent by affiant on behalf of the NPPA, in support of its stated purpose, have been from personal income.

 Edw. Woods          3/23/13
Edward P. Woods               Date

 Notarized, Cincinnati, Ohio, March, 23, 2013