Saturday, January 11, 2014

SA Jack R. Coler; January 12, 1947...Rest In Peace

Dear Supporters:

There is no way of knowing with absolute certainty how Jack’s life would have turned out.

We do, however, know that what he was in life is an indication of what that future would have been. Jack was a devoted husband, father and family man, a professional in uniform with the LAPD and a consummate, professional agent. There would have been many good things and wonderful times in his future, retirement, perhaps a post-retirement career and now enjoying grandchildren. But instead, at Sun Valley last summer we honored his Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity, and sacrifice in the line of duty. He can rest in peace knowing that there are many who will never forget.

Peltier’s dwindling network, as described previously, has crumbled again. However, this latest event may be an omen that his days are indeed numbered. Not even the most intransigent supporters who have bought into the fabrications, myth and folklore, (a charitable way of reminding everyone of Peltier’s incessant torrent of lies and fabrications) remain for long, as he forces those away with his persistently corrupt and bullying demeanor. His website remains dormant as he tries to grasp onto every excuse imaginable to divert attention from the truth. Peltier’s cell is shrinking as his hallucinations of clemency, or any leniency for his unconscionable crimes, evaporate.

Peltier sought to transcend and redeem an otherwise meaningless life. One day he’s an alienated and insignificant AIM hanger-on, gofer and thug enforcer, the next, June 26, 1975 he joined the annals of infamy with all that witnesses the darker side of humanity. He thus became a cowardly attacker and broker of cold-blooded murder worthy of nothing more than disdain while his very existence defiles an otherwise proud Native heritage.

Peltier can pass each day contemplating his ignorance, arrogance and misdeeds, and ponder with what little time he has left, to consider whether his actions that June day should have been different and avoiding four decades behind bars and a completely wasted life.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods