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Monday, May 12, 2014

PELTIER: The “witness” who was “not even actually there.”

Dear Supporters:

Leonard Peltier desperately needs a new campaign manager.

He now has one who is unable to get the facts straight.

In a 4/15/14 “Team Freedom” message entitled “Gaining Perspective,” Peltier Campaign Manager, Indigo Cantor, laments over Peltier’s health, incarceration, etc., and provides the following brilliance for all those wannbes and Peltier hangers-on (Footnote #1)

“Leonard remains in prison after years of proof backing his innocence, and stacks of evidence showing the trials were rigged, the testimony was false, the so called ‘witness’ was not even actually there, and in fact she had NEVER even met Leonard.”

Aside from certainly never reading the entire trial transcript or any of the many appellate decisions, the Campaign Manager is challenged to offer one shred of “proof” of Peltier’s feigned and alleged innocence. Beyond Peltier’s own statements establishing his guilt, begin here and at least read the testimony of those “critical witnesses against Peltier” (Fn.2).

But first, let’s clarify which “witness” Ms. Cantor is referring to. With the detail that this was one who had “NEVER even met Leonard,” then there’s one, and one person only she can be referring to; Myrtle Poor Bear.

This may come as a bit of a shock to Ms. Cantor, but why is it that she doesn’t know that Myrtle Poor Bear never testified against Peltier?

Another attempt at creating facts out of whole cloth or just a deliberate attempt to confuse the uninitiated, those too blind to see or too lazy to do their homework? Maybe a bit of each, or more likely just their everyday coAIMintelpro tactics. (Fn.3)

But can Ms. Cantor answer why Poor Bear never testified even though she was a subpoenaed witness?

Well, there’s a very simple answer; because Peltier’s own attorneys didn’t want her to. That’s right; Peltier’s side did not want her on the witness stand.

Matter of fact (since facts are those pesky little things that get in the way of Peltier myth and feigned innocence), at the beginning of the trial: “”Indeed, defense counsel, anticipating that she would be called as a witness for the government, described her in his opening statement as a “witness whose {F.2d 333} mental imbalance is so gross as to render her testimony unbelievable.”” (Fn. 4)

Did she seem credible in the beginning? Sure, listen to her in Redford’s Incident at Oglala. Were her affidavits used…as only part of the extradition process from Canada? Yes, and the Canadian government concluded, Peltier “…was lawfully extradited to the United States“ (Fn. 5).

Better still. Cantor should stay, along with Harry David Hill. Peltier’s latest sequel (and there have been many) of frustrated and confused “leaders” manifesting the continuing downhill (no pun intended…but if the moccasin fits…) slide of Peltier’s support base. The Department of Justice, the Attorney General and the President can recognize Peltier’s crimes and understand that a free Peltier will heal and accomplish nothing. Peltier, at once a self-proclaimed warrior and “a victim” serve only to show how much he has diminished a proud heritage that he has polluted for his own self-serving and egocentric purposes. Crazy Horse, if he’s watching the Peltier mess, must be disgusted that his name is being tainted by the likes of the coward of Jumping Bull.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods


1) Not one to linger on subtleties, Indigo Cantor, the self-proclaimed tree hugging, social activist is recognized for her fortitude to take personal ownership of her words. For all too many years messages and “press releases” have been “launched into cyberspace by…” the LPDC, LPDOC, and International Peltier-whatever, with no one standing up to defend their support for Peltier; to put name to paper and show even the slightest amount of courage of their convictions. Ms. Cantor’s passion for Peltier the warrior-victim cannot be denied, however misplaced her facts may be, but she is applauded for standing up for the first time.

4) U.S. v. Peltier, September 14, 1978, Decided. Ibid. II.B.2.i.
5) Previous blog dated April 20th and http://www.noparolepeltier.com/canadaletter.html