Monday, October 14, 2019


Dear Supporters:

Messages from the Peltier Committee (ILPDC) have been a bit scarce lately but a recent one brings out some interesting issues.

Doing his time:    

Peltier is complaining because of a system lockdown that may continue until December. Certainly the warden has good reasons for the lockdown.* “It’s hard on his health to have no exercise and the lighting is so weak that reading and writing are hard on his eyes.” 

Allegedly, at least according to the recent Peltier message, even the“Elder Unit is confined to their cell 24/7 and allowed a half-hour to shower every three days.” Peltier wants complaint letters written to the warden.

Certainly not an ideal way to spend one’s life, but consider the alternative: Alive and confined, even if not under great conditions, or, being attacked, severely wounded and having his face destroyed at point blank range with an AR-15 wielded by an unrepentant cold-blooded murderer? Peltier would likely choose the former.

Trial Transcript:   

Peltier is posting a trial transcript search tool on his website. The trial laid the foundations for his conviction but the real answers to all the spurious and erroneous allegations from Peltier and the Peltier camp are found in the extensive and detailed appellate decisions where all those nagging Peltier conspiracy theories and bogus claims are answered and thoroughly exposed and discredited. 
(Footnote 1)

Our legal fund which is sad at this time.”    

Peltier’s Committee is doing all they can to raise money “to bring financial help for Leonard’s legal fund,” but there is an illusory catch here. They claim that they are researching legal documents so that they “hope” Peltier’s lawyers can file a legal brief that will have “…the possibility of getting Leonard back into court.”

It’s not difficult to discern the subtle inference of this call-for-cash agenda. It’s purpose is to give Peltierites some “hope” that there will be a legal process that will free Peltier while in the meantime keep them on the emotional financial hook in the expectation that the money will keep coming in, (as thin as it has been), and that the “legal fund” won’t dry up altogether.  (Their effort is transparent and made shamelessly.) 

This baiting of Peltierites is creating the mirage of future success, but in reality the chances of success border between none and zero, especially on the legal front.

The Committee message mentions Facebook, Amazon Smile and PayPal, but there’s no mention of “tax deductible” donations. Wonder why? (Fn. 2)

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

1) Court decisions that can be searched:
Concise history of guilt, 2009:
2) Tax deductible:
*On August 6thone inmate was killed and several wounded in a gang related incident. This blog is being posted, only coincidentally, on Columbus day 2019 and it is well recognized how Native Americans feel about this day.