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Monday, June 13, 2016


Dear Supporters:

Reposted from Rezinate:

Rezinate and I don’t agree on everything, but one thing we certainly do.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Rezilnate Blog 6/13/16:

“I’ve given the same answer for 40 years. I didn’t do it and I won’t say that I did. I won’t betray my people like that, I won't betray my culture,” said the activist.

The more accurate statement would be to say Peltier has told the same lies for forty years - some of which he has been obliged to drop like the Mr.X fairytale and the no he never even went near the slain agents or their vehicles - but who can keep count when the lies have been part and parcel of the fabricated myth?
Peltier now belatedly says:

“Of course I feel remorse,” he added. “Nobody should have died that day, the whole thing should never have happened. It was a terrible tragedy.”

That may be the most truthful thing Peltier has ever said as he now to quote his very words related to shooting Coler at point blank range “begs like a m...f...” for clemency.

And were it not for his mistaken belief that agents Williams and Coler were looking for him related to a Wisconsin fugitive warrant no one would died that day  - not Williams or Coler, nor Joe Stuntz whose death is directly attributable to what ensued as initiated by Peltier and whose blood is on his hands.

So what exactly is Peltier remorseful about at this stage of the game in the midst of a clemency application?

Is it the stupidity of his actions that landed him behind bars?

Is it the grief of his victim’s survivors or what he has put his own family and the nations through?

Or is merely about the fact that he threw away his own life and longs for the thug days when he got to tote a gun and stick it in a woman’s mouth to interrogate her?

Peltier says he won’t confess because to do so would be to “betray my culture”.

Which culture is that exactly? Is it the one based on traditional values, a culture where assuming responsibility for one’s actions was a lynch pin and lying was anathema?

Where integrity was the hallmark of a man rather than a lot of whining, crying, and posturing?

Doesn’t  sound like it to me - it sounds more like the thug culture of the AIM gangbangers - the code of silence and forsaking everything including family for the brotherhood.

Peltier says he’s prepared to die in prison, well that’s wisdom and probably unavoidable - nothing heroic about it, no warrior’s stance, just an inevitability based on personal guilt so he might as well try to talk the talk because he ain’t going anywhere.

“Indian lives matter”? Damn right they do Peltier - Annie and Joe’s life mattered, as did the life of every individual that AIM took.

Perry Ray Robinson Jr., a black man AIM murdered at WK2, his life mattered - the lives of two white men Williams and Coler mattered, as did the lives of those buried in unmarked graves at WK2.

But the life of thug related to whether it is spent in prison or not ……. some might say that’s arguable.