Sunday, June 12, 2016

PELTIER: Spiritual BS...Rezinate

Dear Supporters:

Reposted from Rezinate:

The BS emanating from ILPDC just keeps getting deeper and deeper - it isn’t enough to portray Peltier’s participation in the murder of two federal agents as “fighting for treaty rights”, or attempt to portray him as some honored AIM leader.

Now the public is to be told another lie, that he was “called” to “help provide security amidst political tensions and violence between rival groups”- a contrived way of describing a cheap petty thug.

Really, tension between rival groups - would that be AIM and the Dick Wilson group, or would it be the rival factions within in AIM vying for territory and ascendency?

Was Peltier at WK 2? No.

Was he at the standoff in Ajo, Arizona between rival AIM groups? No.

Did he seek to provide his security and political expertise to tamp down the talk of labeling Annie Mae Pictou Aquash a snitch?

No, he in fact contributed to it and interrogated her gunpoint.

Did he demonstrate his “spiritual” nature or act “in the spirit of Crazy Horse” when he and Dave Hill forced Annie into making bombs with them? No.

Peltier in his latest interview makes an attempt to cast the Jumping Bull encampment and by extension AIM as being a “spiritual camp”.

Well how spiritual is it to intimidate, threaten, and bully people?

How spiritual is it for Peltier to steal Dino Butler's "pancake story" and attempt to make it his own, or to swear Mr. X was a stand up guy and actually existed?

How spiritual was it when he and Dennis Bank$ fled like scared rabbits during the Oregon RV stop leaving women behind to fend for themselves?

How spiritual are the unmarked hidden graves of AIM’s WK 2 victims?

How spiritual was it to ransack, pillage, burn, loot, and take elders hostage as AIM did at WK2?

How spiritual was all the drug and alcohol use or chasing after young girls thirteen or fourteen years old?

How spiritual were all the scams, all the grants and donations that went into the leaderships pockets?

To hell with AIM and Peltier.