Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Dear Supporters:

It’s common for criminals to use aliases and Leonard Peltier is no exception.

Why and how they pick, also-known-as, a.k.a., aliases is unknown, but they serve one obvious purpose, to disguise one’s true identity.

Peltier had at least four known aliases. His FBI Wanted Poster, issued December 3, 1975 clearly lists; Leonard Littleshell, Luis Martinez, John Yellow Robe and Leonard Williams (Footnote #1).

The source of Leonard Littleshell is a mystery known only to Peltier, however, it is at least Indian sounding, and after all he is a Native American. He does though distance himself from his real heritage by using the anglicized pronunciation of his surname as Pel-teer versus the French iteration, Pel-ti-a. 

A little history can perhaps explain the meaning of two others.

On November 14, 1975, as a result of an FBI All-Points-Bulletin, Peltier and others were pulled over by Oregon State Troopers. Peltier escaped from a motor home, (loaned to the American Indian Movement’s cause by actor Marlon Brando).

At Peltier’s trial Trooper Ken Griffiths described “a large Mexican appearing person got out of the vehicle.” (Trial transcript at {2224}). (This ‘person’ was later confirmed to be Leonard Peltier.) Griffiths asked Peltier his name, and was provided “a common Mexican name.” Griffiths ordered Peltier to the ground as, during some commotion, “two female Indian ladies and an young child” also exited the motor home (Tp. {2230}).

The motor home backed up briefly and then took off down the highway as Griffiths believed a shot had been fired at him from Peltier who was now running away and over a fence. Initially, between him and Peltier were the two women and child, but Griffiths was able to fire two shotgun rounds at the fleeing subject. The point is, as was further clarified during an anemic cross-examination by Peltier attorney, Bruce “I’ll take the Fifth” Ellison, that Peltier used the distraction of the motor home and the position of the women to make his escape. (Fn. #2)

This would support the notion of the “Louis Martinez“ alias (Peltier believing apparently he could pass for a Mexican-American), and the “John Yellow Robe” as he once again demonstrated his low regard for women. Once with Anna Mae Aquash by placing a “gun in her mouth” trying to force her to confess that she was an informant (it has been proven she was not, however, AIM thought otherwise and ordered her kidnap and murder nonetheless), and now with women and a child as cover, he flees again. (Fn. #3)  The “yellow” in this alias is appropriate and indistinguishable from the cowardly and murderous acts at Jumping Bull five months earlier.

The ironies in the Peltier saga are too many to list, but this one, as unexplained as it remains, is beyond just a quirk of fate. Of all the names Peltier could have chosen to disguise his true identity, sometime in his criminal career he chose the one of a future victim. If it wasn’t so pathetically serious it’s as if Peltier at some point sealed his own destiny.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

As a constant source of irritation for Peltier as he’s repeatedly denied the basis of the charge of aiding and abetting in the murders of Agents’ Coler and Williams, please see the notation at the bottom of the wanted flyer. This is why, as promised in a previous blog, that Peltier, when he receives mailed copies of NPPA updates and blogs, he also receives an autographed copy of I.O. 4681 for his records and as a reminder that no one is buying that nonsense.

#2) Ellison, a true believer but who has drifted from the Peltier camp was quick to point the finger at the FBI for alleged wrongdoing but when it came down to putting his own credibility on the line, he either fell back on the 5th Amendment or refused to testify.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Dear Supporters:

Just when you thought the Peltier mythology couldn’t possibly get any nuttier, we now have incredible new “facts” to add to the string of falsehoods following Peltier around his concrete condo.

This could be considered just another coAIMintelpro (Footnote #1) ploy but it’s too fundamentally weak to have any substance. There are other reasons as well.

Thanks to the reporting of ( we have none other than Dennis Banks himself, AIM cofounder extraordinaire, rewriting, no, inventing, history. Putting it kindly, Banks has either lost his mind or actually thinks that when his lips are moving he’s telling the truth. All this during the October “Tribunal” in Green Bay under the watchful eye, (albeit closed), of Dorothy Ninham, who also, “testified.” Sounds so official and meaningful…more on that in a moment.

The Blog stated, “”When the two FBI agents came to the Jumping Bull camp, the FBI claimed they were there to serve a warrant for shoplifting. Banks asked "When does the FBI ever do that?" Banks pointed out that this was not the reason the agents were there.””

Thank Dennis for clarifying his own conundrum; no, the FBI didn’t say that, nor would it investigate shoplifting. The incident at the Schwarting ranch was real and had nothing to do, as one of the old (and now ignored) myths promoted, with the theft of an old pair of cowboy boots. (Fn #2)

A real grabber was:
“”Banks described how he and Leonard Peltier were made "invisible" by Leonard Crow Dog as they left the Wounded Knee compound in 1973. Banks said it seemed a little unbelievable when Crow Dog said he would make them invisible to leave. However, Banks said, "When we walked out of there carrying our supplies of food, they didn't see us."”

Did Banks actually imagine that Peltier was at WKII? Was this a hallucination or was the mystical Crow Dog able to literally make people invisible? Guess so, because, Crow Dog managed to teletransport Peltier 850 miles from Wounded Knee, South Dakota, to a prison cell in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Understand, Dennis, that Leonard missed the seminal AIM event (beyond the murder of Anna Mae Aquash) because he was in prison at the time. Leonard said (Prison Writings, p.106), “I wish I could have been there.” (Yes, he was acquitted of that charge: See, there’s a fact that Peltierites have no issue wrapping their heads around.)

So either Banks is lost in AIM space somewhere or the reporting was sorely inadequate. Either way, it’s one of the many things that made the “Tribunal” laughable.

It was grateful, according to the Blog, that “Banks thanked Dino Butler for exposing the fact that the "Mr. X" scenario was designed to discredit AIM. (Mr. X with identity hidden was video taped and the person claimed to have shot the two FBI agents.)”

“Claimed to have shot?” Discredit AIM? How does that even make any sense? If that was the case then there’s a broad conspiracy out there that must include some key players, most notably, Bob Robideau and Leonard Peltier himself (along with Peter Matthiessen, who knew Robideau was lying anyway; Fn. #3). Can anyone forget Robideau (we can’t because the darn movie is played on with annoying regularity), with his whinny effeminate voice, greasy hair and boney arm, pointing off into the distance at Jumping Bull for the camera describing Mr. X, someone they all knew, who first shot and wounded the agents and then executed them, driving off, as Robideau details, in the red pickup, never to be seen again. That is not until Matthiessen and Robert Redford bought into the scam as well. But it’s impossible to ignore the next scene as Leonard Peltier looks into the camera and confirms, “This story is true.” And quite a story it was, Peltier’s first real alibi, that someone else did it, a classic coAIMintelpro fabrication.

What Butler actually said to E.K. Caldwell in his 1995 interview, publically exposing this part of the Peltier myth for the first time was, “Well there is no Mr. X. there was no man coming to our camp that day bringing dynamite. Those are all lies created to keep Leonard in jail longer.” (The entire interview can be seen here; Fn. #4.)

For the factually challenged let’s look at that again and note that this statement was made first-hand by Butler expressing his public anger over the whole Mr. X. scenario and how he felt duped, compromised and betrayed by Matthiessen and others. Notice, he stated that this related to Peltier (“To create this lie to show that someone else pulled the trigger.”), and not, as Peltier/AIM revisionist history is being portrayed by the “Tribunal,” to discredit AIM. If that was the case then Robideau and Peltier would have been AIM’s greatest enemies at the time. No, Ninham and the “Tribunal” can’t reinvent the wheel. It was …Mr. X the lie, a phony alibi, from the beginning. The fact that it was forgotten, or marginalized by Peltierites and the LPDC for over two decades doesn’t change what it really was: just more fraudulent folklore.

Aside from the fact (hate those pesky things), that it was made ‘official’ in November 2012 when then, Peltier attorney, Kuzma (sorry, Michael) admitted publically that Mr.X “was concocted,” (A polite but unequivocal way of saying, yep, it was a lie alright), makes any discussion about Mr. X all the more ludicrous.

So isn’t it a wonder why after all this nonsense, the exposure of an immense lie perpetrated by none other than Peltier himself, that the LPDOC is still playing “Incident at Oglala” every time someone visits their homepage? What’s needed is “Incident at Oglala Two,” or “Incident at Oglala Revisited,” and edit out all the lies that make the entire story inconsistent. Heaven forbid, because Michael Apted, Robert Redford and Carolco Films would have a fit. Wonder if they feel embarrassed for being played for such fools?

Peltier has yet another attorney, Mr. John Privitera, Esq., 677 Broadway, 5th floor, Albany, NY, 12207-2503, (518) 447-3200; practice areas; Environmental Litigation (40%), Environmental (30%), Land Use/Zoning (30%), and a former NY State Environmental Protection attorney. Unless he’s pursuing mineral rights and environmental issues on Pine Ridge (a notable cause for sure), he is a little out of his element (no pun intended); his area of expertise is a little off the mark to jump into the Peltier cesspool. On the other hand, word has it that he’s been here before, and in either instance the LPDOC is due for a thorough disinfecting anyway.

Perhaps Mr. Privitera should ask advice from the long list of “former” Peltier attorneys. Some of whom were very capable and gave Peltier the full measure of their time, talent, legal expertise and mostly offering it pro bono to the cause. The only exception being former Peltier attorney, Eric Seitz, at the 2009 Lewisburg parole hearing, who uttered one of the most irrational public  statements thus far (Fn. #5). (To set the record straight regarding exactly what was said at the hearing, notwithstanding Peltier’s blather about what was allegedly presented, he is again defied to post the hearing transcript on the Web. That would end any further discussion and silence his detractors. Not likely either way though.) Peltier attorneys have collectively picked through every crevice of the legal history of Peltier’s conviction, and then some. All, it seems, finally reaching the same conclusion, Peltier had his day in court and in the final analysis is a narcissistic self-absorbed huckster with delusions of grandeur and a warped and misplaced sense of his own importance. He has systematically, and consistently, crushed the spirit of those who wanted desperately to believe in him and his fabricated cause. So much for gratitude and best intentions.

Another former Peltier attorney, Bruce Ellison also “testified,” telephonically, but stayed away from the crucial things. Too bad the “Tribunal” was so lopsided and Ellison wasn’t cross-examined about his own personal knowledge; let’s say of Anna Mae Aquash’s abduction. He would very likely have taken the “Fifth.” No wait, he’s already played that card from the bottom of the deck. It should be very troubling to everyone that an attorney is compelled to do that. What’s being hidden? Ellison has more baggage than Louis Vuitton.

The “Tribunal” called for “…the appointment of independent counsel to review and charge all those guilty of murder and assaults on Pine Ridge, where there have been more than 60 unsolved murders.”  Just how long will Peltierites beat that drum? That’s a rhetorical question; they’ll apparently do it as long as they beat the one that mindlessly links Peltier as a cause célèbre for global Indigenous rights. The “Tribunal” is mimicking just another smokescreen by wasting time calling for an independent investigation, they need only just read the statistics, or better yet, investigate for themselves and come up with some other explanations. “Unsolved” (hope Anna Mae isn’t still included in that number) is just one more propaganda diversion. (Fn. #6)

The Tribunal had all the substance of breath on a mirror; hot air and moisture that quickly dissipates.

Maybe the Tribunal, aka ‘LPDOC shell game,’ should focus on keeping it’s own house in legal order. The offer “To make a tax deductible donation, send a check or money order made payable to "Wind Chases the Sun," a 501(c)3 tax exempt entity (and our fiscal sponsor) and write "LPDOC" on the Memo line.  Send your donation to the below address,” has a putrid odor to it. Let’s see, raising money for a convicted felon for political actions and alleged defense funds, and filtering it through another “sponsor” sounds pretty much like the definition of money laundering. Which, of course, is a felony. Perhaps the IRS and a United States Attorney are acting on complaints already made to those offices, or perhaps Ms. Ninham and the LPDOC would care to explain to its contributors exactly how that mechanism works…while they’re at it, how about opening the books and divulging where all that money has been going?

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods