Saturday, August 16, 2014


Reblogged from Rezinate and Marty Two bulls:

"In the Spirit of Coler and Williams"
Ed W.

(Rezinate) I’ve said many times throughout the course of this blog that what I believe precipitated the ambush at Jumping Bull was Peltier’s mistaken belief that agents Williams and Coler were coming after him for a Wisconsin fugitive warrant.
That doesn’t set well with the Peltierites and on occasion has led to some sputtering, fuming, and name calling-they do so completely ignoring various statements made by Peltier himself, below is one such example.
Note the capitalized words, his words, that they were trying to arrest him. That can only raise the question arrest him for what?
Were they able to read his mind and attempting to arrest him for their own murders which hadn’t been committed yet? Did they sacrifice themselves so he could be arrested at a later date?
No? Then what is left other than Peltier’s belief it was about Wisconsin?
In this single paragraph look at the accolades this loser heaps on himself:
He’s not only “courageous” but a “hero” as well. A fearless “warrior” who “fought hard” and was “victorious”.
Now tell the truth – if you were in the company of such a braggart would you hang around listening to this sort of bs, tell him to shut the hell up, or move on?
“…people on my reservation know about what happened that day. They know who fought hard and they know who was courageous and they know who was the hero.They know I fought very,very hard. I was not afraid. I stood there (unintelligible) enemy as a warrior should when he is victorious. I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t afraid any of those time. I can’t get up here and say, tell the world I was a courageous warrior. Especially in this system, I can’t tell the system I was shooting at their police officers THAT WERE TRYING TO ARREST ME.”