Saturday, July 30, 2016


Dear Ron:

Looking down on everything that is happening around us today you must wonder why and how things seem to have gotten so out of control. Global terrorism is now at our doorstep. Having oceans as a buffer protecting us is no longer the security it once was. As we witnessed just so recently in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Kansas City and other cities, respect for law-enforcement is at an all time low.

Those, like you and Jack, who took an oath to uphold and enforce the laws of this nation, and the brave men and women in blue who put themselves in harms way every day to protect its citizens, are under attack. A festering anarchy, fueled by ignorance, intolerance and disrespect for common decency and civility, seems to be growing.

Birthdays are an earthly thing as one day to the next we are simply just another year older. 

To us who remain, you are ageless. You are still the same vibrant, intelligent, dedicated and handsome, young and proud FBI Agent that those who knew you personally still remember. To us, you are still that same wonderful person when your mortal birthdays stopped being counted.

You can see too, that you and all the service martyrs have not been, and never will be, forgotten. 

As those remaining here deal with even the remote possibility of inmate #89637-132’s freedom, you have the omniscience and understanding to know that we will ensure justice prevails.

Ron, I know we do not have to ask, but look after us as we remember you on this day.

“In the Spirit…