Thursday, January 12, 2023


Dear Supporters:


Yet another year has passed since that fateful June day in 1975.


Jack would have now reached his seventy-sixth birthday and as characterized by his interests and career choices would undoubtedly be an active septuagenarian. Jack loved the outdoors. He was passionate about camping, fishing, skiing, hiking and exploring; doubtless the result of summer vacations to Yosemite with his parents and three younger siblings. 


The weekend following that tragic Thursday in June, Jack had plans to go trout fishing in Wyoming with a fellow Agent.


Within his all-to-brief career, Jack had many notable accomplishments, one of which occurred as a new Agent at the FBI Academy. Jack’s name was added to the “Possible Club” wall by shooting a perfect firearms qualification score. Being part of that exclusive group was ever more challenging in those days of iron-sight revolvers. As another reminder, the name, 

J.R. Coler, is listed on the wall to this very day.[1]


According to all who knew him personally and professionally, Jack, a former LAPD officer, was the quintessential G-Man; law enforcement to his core along with enviable intelligence and character traits that epitomized the tradition of Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity. 


As a dedicated family man, son, brother, husband, and father, Jack had the promise of a great future, but instead left behind a widow and two sons who were too young to have memories of their doting and devoted father. Two sons who grew into fine and successful men, with families of their own and the legacy of Jack’s grandchildren.


The promise of a long and productive Bureau career and those precious times with family and friends was brutally stolen from him in a desolate corner of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation by the cowards of Jumping Bull.[2]


Jack and his partner, Ron Williams, will never be forgotten. The memory of their bravery and sacrifice in the Line of Duty will forever remain in the annals of FBI history. And for those of us who remain, we will never forget.

Rest in Peace brothers. End of Watch, June 26, 1975 [3]

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams” [4]

Ed Woods  

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