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Dear Supporters:

As he often does, Peltier repeats the expression, “I guess what I’m trying to say is.” The February 6th public statement is no exception.

(February 6th being the anniversary of his arrest by the RCMP in Canada and the beginning of his incarceration, interrupted only by his armed escape from Lompoc penitentiary in July 1979.  Although, while he usually does mention the February 6th date, oddly, this time he didn’t, which further supports the premise described below.)

Quite often these public statements are passably written, others not so, and it’s apparent when an LPDOC ghostwriter is at work or when one was actually written by Peltier. This one’s Peltier’s.

Peltier wanders aimlessly through random matters putting voice to his somewhat limited knowledge and views of technology, corporations, world strife and religious conflicts while deliberately avoiding issues like global terrorism. Instead he offers, “I guess what I’m trying to say...that the average person here in America has no reason to quarrel with any person in another land for religious reasons.” Avoiding, of course, the obvious, that a fairly large number of those people have vowed to destroy America and its democratic allies (and at times their own people as well) with suicide bombings killing innocent civilians all in the name of a God, and a Fatwa against the Infidels to find glory and virgins in the afterlife. It’s a sick reality of life we all have to deal with.

Peltier offers deliberate distractions, so far removed from reality it’s as if he believes that we can’t remember a collapse of his support network that occurred only a matter of weeks ago, or certainly, the events of June 26, 1975, including all the lies and fabrications that followed.

“The people I have gathered around me are people I know and trust. They are my voice, and I want that to be respected.”  The reality though is they don’t stick around all that long—it doesn’t take much for the believers to be disheartened that their cause célèbre is a bona fide fraud, an overbearing, egocentric dolt and that the myth and folklore have all the permanence of breath on a mirror. They never last because once the curtain is pulled back the wizard’s  charade is laid bare. And the rationale is evident through  his very own words, “and I want that to be respected.” Understand that directive; “I want”? What he’s saying is—do it my way or I’ll find others who won’t ask the tough questions and will follow my demands.

Even Peltier should be troubled at how far his fortunes have tumbled now that the “new International” Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Lake Mary, Florida is housed in Suite 160; a rent-by-the-hour conference room (Footnote #1). But more so with the default setting that selected Henry David Hill as the titular Director who has more AIM history and baggage than Samsonite. But worse yet, the jury is still very much out whether HDH was working both sides of the AIM Tepee, being at once a staunch appearing diehard Aimster (a believer) and an agent provocateur (as they like to label those who don’t tow the party line or may have crossed over to the other side.) (Fn #2 ) 

“…defending freedom and justice must be done in every generation.” Really? Is that what it was? Let’s ask the families of Anna Mae Aquash, Jack Coler, Ron Williams and Perry Ray Robinson whether they were victims of freedom and justice. The vast majority of the older generation of Native America has no difficulty understanding the turmoil and bloodshed left behind in AIM’s wake and that collectively—Peltier counted among the most prominent—contributed nothing to their culture or collective existence.

Peltier tries to offer a fact or two but then adulterates it in typical fashion (not unlike his twenty-year fable that Mr. X killed the agents), stating, “America has more people in prison than all the rest of the world put together.” Not really. Violent crime has steadily decreased over the past twenty years. (Perhaps attesting to the fact that felons like Peltier remain incarcerated.) Although, per capita, America’s incarceration rate is high, it is not more “than all the rest of the world put together,” but actually a quarter of that. But look at some of those with low rates. There are too many countries where there is no due process at all. If there is a trial, it’s short and sweet and the accused taken out back and shot or beheaded, or sent to gulags or labor camps where there is no accounting at all. Or, they simply disappear.  Criminality in many corners of the world results in death, not incarceration.  There are far too many factors; social, legal, cultural, geographical, statutory requirements, sentencing guidelines, etc., for Peltier to make such a sweeping statement as if it were accurate, but in Peltier’s case, receiving consecutive life sentences for murder and seven additional years for armed escape remains appropriate for both sentencing and incarceration.

What Peltier is really saying is, “Look-over-here,” then, “Hey, look-over-there,” fostering a deliberate distraction from the real reason he sends out these rambling messages to ignore and forget the past and why he actually sits in a cell in Coleman, Florida. He doesn’t want to equate modern-day terrorism with that perpetrated by himself and other AIM cowards at Jumping Bull that June day. It’s a common thread and tactic of coAIMintelpro to attempt to keep everyone’s eye off the ball (Fn #3).

“I sincerely hope at this time next year I can be at one of these meetings with you and we can have a good time together and until then…give one another a good hug for me.”

Hugs? From Peltier? Best keep your women and children in a safe place. According to Peltier confidant, comrade and co-conspirator, the late Bob Robideau, there is more than just hugging going on in Peltier’s world.

No one is buying the brave warrior fighting for his people, protecting women and children scam anymore. The myth and folklore have spoiled and rotted from long exposure to sunlight and truth. Everyone from the President on down can see through the lies, false alibis and fabrications that are a hallmark of Peltier’s attempt to legitimize himself as he pollutes a proud native history by pretending to be something he never was, and never will be, a brave warrior (Fn #4). Clemency and forgiveness are not elements that balance cowardly and multiple murderous acts. A free Peltier will heal no historical wounds or promote reconciliation, but only legitimize AIM’s lawless  enterprise and Peltier’s criminality.

Perhaps one day Peltier may have the opportunity to be on the outside again, but it won’t be anytime soon nor will there be any guarantees on how he gets there.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods


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