Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not the only place in town....

where Peltier's alleged innocence is dismantled.

Recently posted to Rezinate by the NPPA:

When launched on April 30, 2000, the NPPA was the only website, to my knowledge, (aside from the FBI Minneapolis Office that had a RESMURS section), to challenge what was the dominance of the LPDC on the Internet. The initial reaction was rabid and rapid. It started with a “guest book,” (admittedly naively) believing that there could be some meaningful debate. After about six months of trying to reason with Peltier supporters (with the record and facts) it became a diversion…perhaps their intention…because every time it came down to specifics, the response was to segue into the ether of irrelevance, or the old standby, Cointelpro. So it was shut down. In the meantime the “Debate Continues” section continued with Editorial Essays laying out the facts and responding to every-single-one of Peltier’s shallow claims of innocence. Much of this was shared with him personally in July 2009. All the questions have been answered and the material speaks for itself; now the periodic Blog is sufficient to bring current issues up to date. I have neither the time nor the patience to reargue points with people who’s minds are closed or with those obstinate ones who don’t have the proverbial dog in the fight, or that it’s in their nature just to be annoying. Although, some personal debates have resulted in Peltier supporters changing their opinions about the folklore they had accepted as fact; the out of touch with reality Swearingen being one of them. The many others I have kept in confidence. And, to be certain (because the evidence was there years ago that the LPDC was keeping important matters…from…Peltier), that every time something is posted on the website, Peltier, initially at Leavenworth, then Lewisburg, and now at Coleman, receives a hard copy in the mail. And as for clemency, and for whomever cares what anyone in Belgium has to say on the matter, we’ll just remind those who will contemplate his freedom what he said not very long ago, “I never thought my commitment would mean sacrificing like this, but I was willing to do so nonetheless. And really, if necessary, I’d do it all over again, because it was the right thing to do.” And, of course, the old standby of Peltier watching as Joe Stuntz put on the dead agent’s jacket, and smiling. Peltier wasn’t in Seattle that day. I’ll leave the exposure of AIM to those, like Rezinate, LBW and others, who have studied, experienced it, and know the facts about the damage AIM has done to the ’cause’ of Native American rights. The NPPA will concentrate on Peltier, exposing his lies and fabrications, ensure he remains where he is, while continuing to honor the memory and sacrifice of two young men who died a brutal death at his hands.

"In the Spirt of Coler and Williams"
Ed Woods

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PELTIER....Other observations of myths & lies...

Dear supporters:

Breaking with NPPA tradition, we will now periodically (with permission) post blogs from other websites that help further define the fabrications surrounding the Peltier folklore.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed woods
Re-posted from “Rezinate,” October 10, 2012:

Strewn across the net in various videos, articles, and statements made by Peltier are these cautionary considerations he voices-conflicting statements  like he doesn’t know who so and so is “but” if he did he wouldn’t say, or  that yes he did fire upon the agents, but not at them, just in their general direction-among the many other examples is the one quoted below….below where he contradicts other statements once again in saying he was SHOOTING AT THEM.

These qualifications are much the same as a wink and nod-and Peltier invariably says he if wants to get out of prison he can’t say certain things-and there is the wink-he’s letting you in on a secret.

In his desire to be the myth, to be a warrior, other than a sniveling coward,  he is compelled to dangle the carrot-to keep hope alive for those who have chosen him for their fantasy team.

He embellishes this with self flattery like:
“…people on my reservation know about what happened that day. They know who fought  hard and they know who was courageous and they know who was the hero. They know I  fought very, very hard. I was not afraid. I stood there (unintelligible)  enemy as a warrior should when he is victorious. I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t afraid any of those times. I can’t get up here and say, tell the world I was a courageous warrior. Especially in this system, I can’t tell the system I was shooting at their police officers THAT WERE TRYING TO ARREST ME.

But foot in the mouth does it again in the final words I have capitalized-his belief  that they were coming to arrest him for that Wisconsin warrant-none of what followed resulted from anything other than that.
So Peltier is correct-he can’t tell the true story because the moment he does it is over for him.
In a question about warrior traditions among plains tribes he is asked if it was common once an enemy had fallen did people come up to touch them or take items, and did that occur related to Williams and Coler? 

Peltier immediately seeks to cover his ass by saying:

“No. I never got close to them.”- A lie he admits to in subsequent interviews when being advised that Robideau has placed them there.

When asked if any other people did he replies-”I think some of the other people  might have, yes.”
When asked if some of the items taken from the agents would be a part of that tradition he responds(But if these “other” people did all the taking and Peltier wasn’t even present  to see it how does that account for one of the agents handgun being found in the  RV during the Oregon stop with Peltier’s fingerprints? Yeah, I know the predictable response to that “somebody might have given it to him”-uh huh, and “somebody” supposedly saw Annie alive after her murder.)

“Part of the old way. I think some of the other people might have come, too. That’s  why you might have heard some of the people say they were down by the cars. They  wanted (unintelligible), traditional ways, old ways to strip your enemy of everything  he has, strip him completely. Yeah. I can’t say if I did or not. I know I didn’t but even if I had, I can’t say these things. I can’t tell you actions I did to hold back those forces from capturing my people? You know how much gunfire I laid out, stuff like this, I can’t do it. I just can’t. I’m going to be hurting myself. If they read that they’re going to be twice as angry.
The public would love it. Sale would jump up. I’ll have to consider that down  he road when I find out.”        (Find out ,meaning if he is released at some point).
 When you get out, publish the new revised edition? He is asked, and he responds:
“Right, yes. “

He fought to ” hold back those forces from capturing my people”. 

Exactly what forces-two agents? And who was trying capture his people-which people  specifically? Peltier’s statement of  “his people” amounts to nothing more than himself-but even the agents didn’t know he was there-they were after Jimmy Eagle to serve multiple warrants that went beyond the “boots” lie LPDOC has floated, and included assault and unlawful detention, which  amounts to kidnapping.

“Yeah. I can’t say if I did or not. I know I didn’t but even if I had, I can’t say these things.”
Always the mantra, always the cover story-the wink and the nod -Peltier in his desperation to be seen as “traditional” warrior can’t resist dangling the carrot, or even recognize that each time he does he reveals himself a little more.

By any estimation, any metric, this is a stupid man. But more than that an egotistical pathetic excuse for a human being.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Dear Supporters:

Ed Woods and FBI Misconduct was publicly posted to the Internet on October 6, 2012 by Leonard Peltier through his surrogate, the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LPDOC), as well as distributed to an email list.

Leonard Peltier is individually responsible for the content of this posting which breaches the standard of slander and libel.

Aside from the slander and libel, this is actually a compliment to the NPPA and an admission of failure by Peltier and the LPDOC.

Peltier unsuccessfully tries to tie together and denigrate with disparate allegations that have no relevance, except to demonstrate the success of the NPPA that Peltier is unable to refute the folklore and myth that the NPPA website documents.

This writer will not spend the time discounting all the voluminous errors of Peltier’s allegations, the vast majority of which relate to unreliable, questionable and shallow sources.

 A very minor example being, Anthony J. Pellicano, who is serving fifteen years for a combined 78 counts of criminal activity including wiretapping, racketeering and wire fraud.  He previously served time for illegal weapons possession and was dumb enough to act as his own attorney at one trial. Pellicano is due to get out on his birthday in 2019 from the Federal Prison in Big Spring, Texas. A fabulous source for sure. And this doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Each time Peltier and the LPDOC repeat a myth or promotes a new one, or misstates the facts, the NPPA challenges and corrects those statements with verifiable facts and findings, documenting them with identifiable sources such as: the court records and trial transcripts, Mathiessen’s, “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Peltier’s, “Prison Writings,” Miramax’s “Incident at Oglala,”, and most significantly, co-conspirators, Bob Robideau and Dino Butler, and of course to a great extent, Leonard Peltier himself.

Peltier’s and the LPDOC’s approach remains to segue from the facts, remain unresponsive to challenges to prove any aspect of Peltier’s claims of innocence and to cower when a direct challenge has been lodged against them.

The LPDOC has been uniquely unsuccessful in maintaining either its management and leadership network or a posse of consistently loyal supporters; hence, the constant cry for more funds, which still have never been accounted for.

The end result of this rare attack will have effect only on those few remaining supporters who cannot see beyond the myth or are unwilling or unable to explore and understand the facts. But these are exactly the kind of followers Peltier needs and wants.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods