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Edward Woods

May15, 2024



Patricia K. Cushwa, Acting Chairperson

U.S. Parole Commission

90 K Street NE, 3rd floor

Washington DC 20530


Re: Leonard Peltier #89637-132

       Parole Hearing, June 10, 2024

       U.S.P. Coleman 1, FL


Dear Ms. Cushwa:


Leonard Peltier and his supporters claim he is a ‘political prisoner.’ This could not be further from the truth. Through decades of folklore and myth Peltier has attempted to change the narrative and alter the truth, however, the facts tell an entirely different story. 


Briefly, as you may know, on June 26, 1975 FBI Agents Coler and Williams were searching for a fugitive on the Pine Ridge Reservation. It is undisputed that Peltier and other members of the American Indian Movement (AIM), in an unprovoked attack, severely wounded both Agents. Agent Williams’s, waving his shirt that he also used as a tourniquet on his partner’s severely injured arm, attempted to surrender, but was ignored. Peltier, with his AR-15 rifle and two other AIM members, approached the defenseless Agents. Both Agents were shot, point-blank in the face. Agent Coler may have been unconscious and had his jaw destroyed. Agent Williams faced his killer as the muzzle was placed against an upraised hand, blowing his fingers through the back of his head. Leonard Peltier was convicted of murder and aiding and abetting, receiving consecutive life sentences and later an additional seven-consecutive years for an armed escape during which prison guards were shot at.


Over the years the Peltier saga has been fraught with an untold number of lies and fabrications. After over two-dozen appeals his conviction has been reviewed in minute detail and has never been altered. 


What follows are but a few excerpts from the lengthy appellate history. Nevertheless, to place Peltier’s heinous crime in its very real perspective, this was the crime scene: 


“Previous federal court decisions provided the (Parole) Commission with ample facts to support its conviction that Peltier personally shot Agent Coler and Williams.” (10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 11/4/2003)


Peltier’s AR-15 rifle, later recovered in Wichita, Kansas: “When all is said and done, however, a few simple but very important facts remain. The casing introduced into evidence had in fact been extracted from the Wichita AR-15. This point was not disputed…” and, “The trial witnesses unanimously testified that there was only one AR-15 in the compound prior to the murders, that this weapon was used exclusively by Peltier and carried out by Peltier after the murders.” (8th Circuit Court of Appeals, 9/11/1986)


Peltier’s only alibi; the lie of Mr. X: For nearly two decades Peltier claimed he knew who killed the Agents, the phantom Mr. X. In a film (Incident at Oglala) Peltier stated “This story is true.” However, one of his AIM cohorts publicly denied this (Dino Butler, 1995), and as well as a Peltier attorney (Michael Kuzma, 11/3/2012)


Peltier has fabricated all manner of conspiracy theories claiming innocence, however, has made public statements demonstrating a total lack of remorse—a critical consideration for granting parole, and his unquestioned guilt:


In the context of June 26, 1975 Peltier publicly stated; “I never thought my commitment would mean sacrificing like this, but I was willing to do so nonetheless. And really, if necessary, I’d do it all over again, because it was the right thing to do.” (2/6/2010). “don’t regret any of this for a minute.” (9/12/2014)


In an unrelated trial, sworn testimony revealed Peltier’s description of what happened that fateful day: “He (Peltier) said the (expletive)was begging for his life but I shot him anyway.”


And in his autobiography (1999, p.15), he offered this unrepentant and repulsive comment to his victim’s families: “I cannot see how my being here, torn from my own grandchildren, can possibly mend your loss. I swear to you, I am guilty only of being an Indian. That’s why I’m here. Being who I am, being who you are—that’s Aboriginal Sin.”


That certainly is not the reason Peltier received consecutive life sentences and an additional seven consecutive years for the armed escape. Although lengthy, the appellate history of Peltier’s conviction is perfectly clear as every spurious claim and allegation made by Peltier has been thoroughly analyzed and refuted. Peltier’s rambling arguments against his conviction and feigned innocence, along with revealing public statements, only reinforce his remorseless guilt.


There are those who deserve parole consideration. However, Peltier is not among them.


With all due respect I would urge the Commission to not grant Peltier parole. He has not earned it. Although he is elderly, FBI Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams, brutally and senselessly murdered, were robbed of their opportunity to fulfill their own lives. 



Edw. Woods

Edward Woods


U.S. Attorney General, Hon. Merrick B. Garland, 950 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC 20530, (202) 877-8339 

Sunday, April 28, 2024


April 30, 2024 – 24 Years


Dear Supporters:


April 30th marks the 24th Anniversary of the No Parole Peltier Association’s efforts to ensure that Leonard Peltier continues to serve his consecutive life sentences, plus seven consecutive years for an armed escape, in the brutal and senseless murder of two already wounded and defenseless human beings: Two FBI Agents killed in the Line-of-Duty. 


The mission of the NPPA, as it has been from the beginning, is to honor the memory and sacrifice of Special Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams. They will never be forgotten. 


Although there was some activity earlier in 2023,, things have been quiet on the Peltier front since the October 6, 2023 letter from thirty U.S. legislators and three U.S. Senators who are collectively ignorant and uninformed about the facts supporting Peltier’s conviction. They, like Peltier sycophants, and attorney rely on emotion, myth and folklore instead of understanding the facts and Peltier’s appellate history.


Peltier is in his fiftieth year of incarceration and the fundamental question is whether he has served enough time for his psychopathic and brutal criminal act. The answer was, and remains, he has not.


“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Ed Woods


A painful reminder of June 26, 1975, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota


A recap of 2023:

Another year has passed and the mission of honoring the sacrifice of Special Agents’ Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams, brutally murdered in the Line of Duty, remains as steadfast as ever. That commitment began on April 3, 2000 with a coincidental and casual meeting with Jack Coler’s youngest son, who was but one and a half when his father was murdered. Twenty-seven days later, Peltier’s decades of lies and fabrications were challenged in the public forum. 

Over the past couple of years Peltier’s hopes of a commutation have risen, believing that the current administration and some additional support will overcome the decades of what has been the relatively successful myth founded on a mountain of fabrications and lies.


Among more recent supporters is former South Dakota, Unites States Attorney, James H. Reynolds. Reynolds public statements concerning his involvement in the Peltier case, based on the actual record, are simply unsupportable. Reynolds motivation is unclear other than perhaps he actually believes his involvement is provable. See the following NPPA Blogs to completely discredit Reynold’s fabricated claims: 1/5/17, 12/2/17, 1/1/18, 1/26/11, 1/20/22, 2/7/22. 

Peltier’s most recent pro bono attorney, former federal judge, Kevin H. Sharp, is simply repeating tired and discredited claims that have failed all of Peltier’s prior attorneys. Sharp is a shameless propagandist for his unrepentant, double-murder client. See the following NPPA blogs that not only discredit his public claims but exposes his brazen defamation of prior Peltier-related judges and attorneys. Sharp believes he is smarter than the rest but the proof lies elsewhere. NPPA blogs discredit Sharp’s shallow efforts; 1/31/22, 2/22/22, 2/2/22, 8/14/22, 10/7/22, 11/26/22, 3/11/23, 3/24/23, 3/31/23 

Friday, January 12, 2024

SA Jack R. Coler: 1947 – 1975, Rest in Peace. PELTIER UPDATE

Dear Supporters:


This is another important occasion to take a moment and remember one of our own. Jack, would now, January 12th, be turning a respectable seventy-seven and considering the stamina and energy he displayed during his law enforcement careers in the LAPD and FBI, he would most likely be an active, productive, even enviable, septuagenarian. Jack was many things beyond a loyal husband, devoted father, and beloved son and brother. For those who had the pleasure and honor to know and work with him, he was a consummate dedicated and courageous professional. These were just some personal traits that come to mind when we remember Jack Coler. Others are partner, friend and the unquestionable character qualities of Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity. Jack left behind a loving wife, and two young sons who may have only a faint memory of their devoted, caring and courageous father. 


At this point there is no way of knowing what these last many years may have brought. Those who knew him could easily imagine a life rich in accomplishments with strong family ties. Long retired from a productive Bureau career and with Jack’s commitment and dedication to law enforcement, he may have pursued another career as a Chief of Police. These intervening years would certainly include his love of Nature and the outdoors, exploring new and exciting places with his sons and grandchildren.


All the potential enjoyment, happiness, successes and challenges conquered, could have been of a life that was stolen from him by the cowards of Jumping Bull on that agonizing and tragic day in 1975.


To see Jack as he was then, and to imagine meeting him today, please see the remarkable video produced by the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, available on YouTube. There, you will learn about the incredible Jack Coler and his equally brave and courageous partner, Ron Williams[i]


“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Ed Woods



There will come a time as Peltier soon turns eighty, that at one point, likely sooner than later, he will meet his Creator. He will then, for the first time ever, be compelled to finally tell the truth and separate himself from a lifetime of falsehoods. Although the Christian belief in Heaven and Hell are not entirely accepted in Native American culture, perhaps there is a Hell and also a Hell on Earth, that for these past years Peltier has rightly experienced when he aptly told us, “There’s an ever-present background chorus of shouts and yells and calls, demented babblings, crazed screaming, ghostlike laughter. Maybe one day you realize one of those voices is your own, and then you really begin to worry.”


Native culture accepts the belief that after death, life continues, regardless if in their Earthly life they were a good or bad person. There certainly may have been many times that Leonard Peltier looked back and wished he had taken different actions and made other decisions that fateful day. If the ‘unprovoked attack’ on the Agents had ended there, and Peltier was later arrested and convicted for assault or attempted murder and aiding and abetting, his sentence may have been already served and over[ii]  He could have been free a long time ago. 


Nonetheless, he was compelled to take that final step and brutally murder two wounded and defenseless human beings. That assumes, of course, that as Peltier and the other cowards fled, aid would have reached the Agents in time. Jack’s nearly fatal and massive wound likely left him unconscious. But Agent Williams was alive and faced his killer; a defensive hand raised against the barrel of Peltier’s AR-15. The fake warrior had figured out one thing for certain, dead men make poor witnesses. Moreover, adding to the depravity of his actions, in an unrelated murder trial, sworn testimony revealed that Peltier described Agent Williams’ final moments; “The M-F was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway.”


The result, had Jack succumbed to his devasting wound, would have ultimately ended as it did anyway for Peltier. Murder has no Statute of Limitations and life-sentences are the result. 


Today, on Peltier’s somewhat dated website homepage, an oversized banner recognizes his past birthday, last September. Scattered amongst many unrelated commercial advertisings are the same tired rhetoric and falsehoods. The website, and perhaps Peltier’s “committee” is getting a bit stale, not unlike it has a number of times in the past.


Aside from hearing his own voice echoing from concrete walls, perhaps among those voices Peltier may hear those of his victims. He may also faintly hear the phantom Mr. X. No, wait, that can’t happen; Peltier’s only alibi is a proven lie[iii]

[i] The incredible video dedicated to Jack and Ron:

[ii] Response to Peltier attorney’s public misstatement regarding an ‘unprovoked attack’

[iii] The years-long lie of Mr. X: