Friday, April 30, 2021


Dear Supporters:


Much has happened since last April when the No Parole Peltier Association reached its twentieth anniversary, and here we are, another year later, hopefully now reaching the final stages of the Covid  pandemic. 


Another year has passed assuring that the memory and sacrifice in the line of duty of two young FBI Agents is never forgotten and Peltier remains challenged for his decades of myth, folklore and provable lies about what really happened that sultry summer day at Pine Ridge.


The last year was filled with the same tired, “I’m innocent” and “look how much I have done for my People,” and “Send me more money” rhetoric from years past, none of which has any measurable value because it lacks legitimacy. (Footnote 1)


Peltier is in another one of those hopeful periods as he was with Presidents’ Clinton and Obama with a vestige of hopefully seeing the light of day. Peltier also sought a futile attempt at commutation from President Trump. All the Presidents who were aware of Peltier’s clemency petitions recognized that Peltier was undeserving of any leniency or compassion.


A reality check is that parole, the Cares Act, or even a transfer northward out of Florida are a borderline delusion.


Should Peltier’s consecutive life sentences (and the additional seven consecutive years for the armed escape from Lompoc penitentiary—a tidy little fact that Peltier and his supporters faithfully ignore) become a reality and result in commutation, there are effectively two options:


Peltier returns to his Reservation and lives out his remaining years, (the years he robbed from Jack Coler and Ron Williams), in solitude with his family and friends; then so be it.


If, however, Peltier thinks he will gain any financial benefit, even one solitary dollar, by speaking out about his murderous actions, he is mistaken. Every lie Peltier continues to spew—and there have been many—about what he alleges happened on June 26, 1975 will be challenged, as they have been since April 30, 2000, and forever long afterwards.


All the best to everyone as America struggles through these difficult times.


“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Ed Woods



Recently some humor and a joke for 2021 was posted on the Internet that Peltier was nominated, allegedly for the seventh time, for a Nobel Peace Prize. Nonetheless, even an official of the Nobel Committee stated that “thousands of people…have nominating rights, so being proposed for the prize is no distinction in itself.” And, “…it is easy to get nominated for the prize, but very hard to win, and there is a common misunderstanding. The fact that someone is nominated is in no way a form of endorsement from the committee.” In simpler terms for Peltier and his supporters: Just about anyone can nominate just about anyone else. Further, and more to the point, being an unrepentant cold-blooded murderer is not one of the Nobel Committee categories. (Fn. 2)



1) Peltier background, a summary:

2) Additional history and the idiocy of being ‘nominated’ for a Nobel Peace prize: