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(Another Former) Peltier Supporter speaks...

Dear Supporters:

(Former Peltier supporters are welcomed to voice their opinions: please contact

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On Aug 7, 2010, at 2:09 PM, Nessie wrote:

Hello Ed:

I enjoyed reading this from yet ANOTHER former supporter. I totally understand how she feels because as you know it took some searching and several emails before I finally waded through all the brainwashing the LPDOC pulled on me.

As you know my mother and aunts were treated very badly by "town folks" where they grew up because they were children of color (Cherokee) so I was very adamant that Peltier was another Native American that had been mistreated and wrongfully thrown in prison. I finally did the research and questioned the LPDOC, and all of their sister sites, until I was convinced that both LPDOC and Peltier would say or do whatever they thought it would take to solicit funds and support from anyone they came in contact with. They use some of the injustice that did occur in our history to their advantage.

Peltier did not run from the reservation that day to draw harm from "his" people and he could have cared less about the safety of the children living there. He ran because he knew he committed cold blooded murder and as he seemed to always do he ran because he was looking out only for one man--- Himself !!

I also wrote many letters protesting Peltier’s treatment and the injustice of his sentence to any official I could reach. I did not support the LPDOC with money but I did offer at one time my home for his sister and others to stay in if they needed to come to NC to fight for the release of information supposedly being held in NC.

There is not a doubt in my mind that I had been supporting the wrong person. Joe Stuntz died because he was an impressionable young man who probably believed he was doing the right thing by following directions from such an important(?) AIM member. He died because Leonard led him to death. I believe without a doubt Peltier is responsible for his death as well as the death of the two FBI agents. Needless to say when I withdrew my support I was dropped from the LPDOC mailing list rather quickly. If you want to really find out what they are all about just start asking questions about where the money is going and exactly what the contributions are for and who is in charge of this money and challenge anything they say and I assure you it wont be long before they drop you from their mailing list as well.

Supporters for the LPDOC are being lied to and used to support themselves and to support Leonard. Leonard is not a Native American Icon he is no more than any other convict who committed murder and is whining and begging for some way to get out of it. If he really cared about "his People" why are they still living in poverty; where's all the money going he's supposed to be helping them with? Peltier’s followers are dropping off more and more as they learn the truth and as more information gets out to the public. Soon he will be left without supporters sending money, buying paintings and listening to his whining and I have to wonder just how faithful will his defense team be without pay?


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Dear Supporters:

Yesterday, Friday the 13th was Leonard Peltier’s day in court, or according to the Peltier Blog, “Common Law Court, that is.” A court that by the LPDOC’s own admission has no jurisdiction over anyone, anywhere and lacks authority to do nothing more than pretend that it’s to be taken seriously. It’s like kids playing in the schoolyard (which will be the topic of an upcoming NPPA Blog).

In a brief email exchange Patricia Johnson-Holm Shupe (Chief Justice ;-), indicated that “The jury decision is that Peltier should be immediately released and to proceed with a Grand Jury to bring indictments on those involved, on multiple charges.” (Can anyone hear the theme song of the Twilight Zone playing in the background?)

At some point (or perhaps not), Peltier leadership and supporters will realize that trivializing Peltier in such a way renders his protestations of innocence all the more silly to everyone, especially the Native American public.

However, August 12th, one month shy of Peltier’s 66th birthday, was truly his bad luck day in court.

According to the Associated Press, Circuit Judge John Delaney will allow prior statements made by Peltier, bragging about the murder of Jack Coler and Ron Williams and threats by Peltier to AIM member Anna Mae Aquash, in the upcoming November trial of John Graham (who is accused of raping and murdering Anna Mae), and Thelma Rios for complicity in her death.

“These motives clearly are relevant and probative to the major theory of the state’s case—that an ‘order’ for Aquash’s murder was issued by members of AIM,” Judge Delaney wrote.

And what’s the significance of all this for Lewisburg inmate #89637-132?

What it means is that the final chapter in the brutal rape and murder of AIM member and suspected informant Anna Mae Aquash has yet to be written and some of that may still lead to the bars of Peltier’s cell.

Understandably, Peltier tried to distance himself very early from the Aquash murder ( and claimed that the 2004 conviction of Arlo Looking Cloud was more of a government witch hunt against his efforts for parole than finding justice.

Aside from the fact that his next parole reconsideration hearing isn’t until July 2024 (his self-imposed popularity is at an all-time low; Native America has rejected the abuses of AIM and the destruction it caused; that this administration will pay him little mind and scoff at his claims of innocence—they can read the record themselves), Peltier is scared to death of the entire Aquash matter. He knows there are those out there who know the whole story and who was also involved in ordering her death and helping to facilitate her murder, and hopefully the truth will be told one day.

Anna Mae and her family deserve nothing less.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

Friday, August 6, 2010

Former Peltier supporter: Beverly Brooks...speaks out

(Dear Supporters: Please see previous post)

To All The Leonard Peltier Supporters Who Are Left:

Want The Truth? Make Peltier Swear on the sacred pipe first then ask him if he murdered those agents, he knows he can not lie after touching the pipe. And read the book written by Joseph Trimbach and John Trimbach (his son), and read the testimony from an ex- AIM Member Richard Two Elk, what AIM was really about.

My name is Beverly Brooks, I am Native American and I was once a Leonard Peltier Supporter. Then as I was searching the internet, I came across a web site. I read how Peltier was shot down on his appeals and on parole and I couldn't figure out why, if all the evidence showed him innocent, but that did not stop me, I was hooked on LPDOC and Peltier’s lies. I wrote letters like all or most of you have done, I even sent money to Peltier, like I am sure most of you have, before I read evidence from the other side. I read statements from some of the people from the Pine Ridge Reservation, where supposedly Peltier was there to help them, to protect them from the "GOONS", when all along, it was for their own purpose. If he is innocent, why are they lying to their supporters? Why don't they say all the whole truth instead of only what they want us to hear? Why, because they don't want us to see his guilt. Where are all the changes they claim that he has done? After the shooting, they escaped and abandoned "His People". He was caught with the Agents weapons, but yet he claims he didn't kill them. Joe Stuntz had on the agents jacket when he was killed, supposedly by the FBI, but they only had a rifle and their pistols which could not reach where the AIMsters were, so how did Stuntz really die? Peltier stayed long enough to join in on the Sundance at which time he participated in the murder of Anna Mae Aquash, because they thought she was an informant for the FBI, later to find out that she wasn't. Peltier put a gun to her head and interrogated her and she told him she was not an informant. Peltier used the excuse that he fled to Canada because he would not get a fair trial, but yet the other two Dino and Robideau got a fair trial, he ran because he knew he was guilty. Why aren't the other names of people killed on their list that supposedly the FBI and GOONS killed, because they killed a lot of those people. There is no proof of any changes made by Peltier and the AIMsters, except that innocent people died and lives were turned upside down by them. Where are all his high ranking supporters, why have a lot of his supporters left, because they found out that he was guilty and they stopped supporting him. TV stations don't bother with him anymore either. The point that I am getting at is, research and go to NPPA and watch the videos and see for yourself that he is GUILTY and then tell others to do the same.

We are all more victims of his lies, help stop it.

"In The Spirit of Agents Coler and Williams"
Beverly Brooks


Dear Supporters:

Former Peltier supporters speak out

During the past decade there have been a number of loyal Peltier supporters who attacked or criticized NPPA efforts to ensure the truth was available to all who were interested, that justice was served, and Peltier remained in prison.

Many of those supporters were challenged to debate or discuss the facts and many of them, after a willingness to at least listen to both sides of the issues, formed their own conclusions, recognized Peltier’s guilt and withdrew their support.

Of course, most of them preferred not to make that change of heart public, or at least not making a formal statement on the Internet, however, some have, and now all the others are certainly invited to submit an NPPA Blog entry to present their views.

Please contact

Please see the following from one former Peltier supporter who had the courage to explore both sides and come to an informed and independent conclusion concerning Peltier’s guilt and the complicity of the of the LPDOC.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods