Sunday, July 30, 2023

FBI AGENT Ronald A. Williams, 1947 – 1975 R.I.P.

Dear Supporters:


On July 27th Ron would be reaching his 76th birthday and the questions to ask are “What if” and over these past decades, how much was stolen from this dedicated and brave young Agent?


Those who personally knew Ron were fortunate to have had that opportunity. By all accounts he was a personable, charming, intelligent and dedicated friend and a consummate professional.


To understand just who Ron was, please see this tribute dedicated to both he and his partner, Jack Coler[i]


Ron was single on that fateful June day in 1975 and the promise of a rewarding life and career lay ahead. It is more than likely he would have married and by now enjoying time with grandchildren. There certainly would have been another career after the FBI; Ron had mentioned plans to attend law school and he was also a licensed pilot. But we will never know the rewards and pleasures of a life that was brutally stolen. 


We will never forget Ron and his partner Jack Coler’s bravery and sacrifice in the Line of Duty by the violent criminal acts of Federal Inmate # 89637-132 and the other AIM cowards on that fateful day, June 26, 1975.


Rest in peace brother and watch over those men and women who place themselves in harm’s way to enforce and uphold the law and protect the citizenry. 


“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Ed Woods




Peltier remains at USP Coleman, Florida, rightfully serving the remainder of his consecutive life sentences, plus seven additional consecutive years. His attorney, Kevin Sharp, lamely parrots the same decades old myth and folklore while claiming to have an understanding of the Peltier trial and many appellate decisions. Those decisions prove and support Peltier’s unquestioned guilt and never altered his conviction or sentence. Examples of Sharp’s misinformation campaign are available from the homepage  and blogs dated,

4/20/23, 3/31/23, 3/24/23. 3/11/23, 11/26/22, 10/7/22, 8/14/22, 4/2/22, 2/21/22, 1/31/22.


As faulty as Keven Sharp’s Peltier rhetoric may be, another attorney, former U.S. Attorney, James H. Reynolds, for some unknown and bizarre reason has gone far beyond the truth and facts making unsupportable claims regarding his own alleged involvement in the Peltier matter. Further examples in blogs dated, 1/5/17, 12/2/17, 1/1/18, 6/26/21, 1/20/22. 

[i] A production for The Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI by The James Hoyer Law Firm Production Unit:

Personal notes about Ron Williams:,