Monday, May 28, 2018


Dear Supporters:

Every year FBI field offices and FBI Headquarters hold a Memorial Service to honor those in the FBI who were killed in the line of duty as a result of adversarial action; those who died during the performance of law enforcement activities and the men and women in law enforcement agencies across the nation who died protecting the rights of residents and the safety of their communities.

The FBI Hall of Honor, displayed in every field office, includes a photograph and the details of those who died as a result of adversarial action. The exhibit begins with Edwin C. Shanahan (1925) and ends with Samuel S. Hicks (2008). The list, of course, includes Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams who were both brutally murdered on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on June 26, 1975.

Of those killed in the line of duty, the perpetrators were either killed during the commission of their crimes, convicted and executed, have long since died or remain imprisoned. Only one continues to be an issue today.

Recent additions to those who died in the performance of law enforcement duties included a number of FBI personnel who responded to the 9/11 crime scenes searching for remains and evidence, some for weeks or even months.  As a result, many of these first responders developed cancer directly related to their exposure to toxic environments. 

The FBI’s memorial service recognizes and honors all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to uphold the laws of this great nation.

Memorial Day 2018: We honor those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve America’s strength and freedoms.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods