Saturday, March 11, 2017


Dear Supporters:

Peltier is still reeling from the devastation of January 18th and the realization that he’s not going anywhere, at least for the next four years. (Thank you, President Obama.*)

The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (ILPDC) announced that it has reorganized (for about the fifth time since 2000), under new leadership and has moved back to Fargo.

Fargo, where it all began for Peltier after his trial and sentencing on June 2, 1977 to consecutive life sentences for the brutal murders of FBI Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams.

The ILPDC bulletin, on an inartfully named website,, announced that Peltier’s niece, Kari Ann Boushee and cousin, Paulette Dauteuil-Robideau, will be heading up the new office. Likely a desk and computer in someone’s basement.

The cousin part is interesting carrying the hyphenated -Robideau. Bob Robideau, the now deceased low-life who participated in the cowardly attack on the Agents and among other things claimed in an email that “they died like worms,” was according to Peltier, his cousin. If Paulette married a Robideau, or perhaps even this particular reprobate, how does that make her Peltier’s cousin? A cousin by marriage?

Not exactly tolerant or sensitive of other religions or ethnicities, the home page for the ILPDC announcement was advertising “Olive Drab INFIDEL T-shirts.”

Dauteuil makes no excuses for her radical and communist affiliations, boastful even of her association with every sort of left wing, anti-establishment and un-American cause one could imagine. Her résumé, proudly posted on the Jericho Movement’s national website includes references to comrades, revolutionary change, and peoples struggles. Listed on this website is the Jericho Movement’s email address, Perhaps a sobriquet for Ms. Dauteuil could appropriately be, Jihad Jane.

In 2005, this writer attended a Jericho Movement meeting in New York City to listen to Bob Robideau make a fool out of himself in front of a relatively politically astute but radically unhinged group. It was a rather small gathering (considering the population of Manhattan) of pathetic leftist radicals that so hate Amerika (with a K) that it makes one wonder if they despise America so much, why don’t they just leave? That’s a rhetorical question, of course, because they know anywhere else they wouldn’t have the freedom to be as vile as they please.**

As a postscript of sorts, remember, too, that Robideau himself castigated Peltier and left the committee with a public pronouncement of his disgust for Peltier’s abhorrent and deviant prison behavior.

Ms. Boushee and Jihad Jane advise they are “…also putting together a new legal team, working board, fundraising and Art sections as well as International and National Chapter leadership positions.”

Translation: Peltier’s fortunes have collapsed. The uninformed and misguided diehards are discouraged, oozing away to find some other false prophet to swoon over, along with the leaches who sucked onto the Peltier myth for their own benefit. Peltier has no idea, or is perhaps unwilling to admit that so many people over the years have been using him for their own personal gain or fifteen minutes of fame. That includes a gaggle of attorneys looking for some notoriety or a few that could care less that Peltier is actually guilty,*** and the worst kind, the wannabes, those non-natives who adopt Indian sounding names and assume they have something meaningful to offer.

No, this will be nothing more than a weak and failed attempt to reinvigorate or reinvent the cash cow.

We have yet to hear from Peltier himself and those first utterances will likely be the same shallow whining we’ve heard for many years. Man up Peltier, you made your decisions that fateful day, acted on them, made your bed, now lay in it.

Peltier has to face the reality of his criminal acts and recognize that his days in the sun are over.*^

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

(See editorial essay and Footnote #2 regarding the Jericho Movement.)
*** Over the years there have been several sincere and dedicated attorneys who took up the Peltier mantle, albeit unsuccessfully. This doesn’t include the likes of Cynthia K. Dunne, Martin Garbus, Carl Nadler, Eric Seitz and the wannabe, pony-tailed, Bruce “I’ll take the Fifth” Ellison.

*^ The U.S. Bureau of Prisons has facilities for aging lifers. Were it not for an unrepentant sociopath, Jack and Ron would have grown old gracefully.