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As long as the rivers flow...

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As long as rivers flow and grasses grow Peltier will remain the unrepentant liar he is. His own words spoken over the decades verify such is the case.
Peltier to Richard LaCourse:
 “All I can say is this, people on my reservation know about what happened that day. They know who fought and they knew who was courageous and they know who was the hero. They know I fought very, very hard that day. Although I didn’t kill nobody, I fought very, very hard. I was not afraid. I stood there (unintelligible) the enemy as a warrior should when he’s victorious. I wasn’t afraid. I was not afraid any of those times. I can’t get up here and say, tell the world I was a courageous warrior. Especially in this system, I can’t tell the system I was shooting at their police officers that were trying to arrest me. They’ll hold that against me. I’ve got to be careful about that stuff.”

Here above he admits he was shooting at Williams and Coler,  and in typical fashion can’t resist the opportunity to flatter himself in saying he fought hard as a hero and courageous warrior-elsewhere he has said he was merely shooting in a direction where no one could be “hit,  hurt,  killed.” And he’s so ignorant he says he can’t say something and then does.

Note also his statement about “police officers that were trying to arrest me”-that is the key to everything that transpired as Peltier believed they were coming for him regarding a Wisconsin warrant.

Peltier to Darrin Wood:
 “For me it’s something very heroic that he’s done. He’s putting himself at risk, seriously at risk. I will say this: that this brother is a very strong brother. He is not a cold-blooded murderer. He is not a bad person, he’s very kind, generous and sincere.”

The choice of words are bizarre even by Peltier standards-he is saying that the non existent Mr. X  despite shooting two wounded men in the face at point blank range is a “kind” person.

To Mark Potter:

Mark Potter:  So with those cars down there, at the center of all that,  you, as a leader,  never,  never went down to see what was going on?

And after being told Robideau placed him there Peltier had the following to say. “Yeah, Well, shoot. I mean I, I. Yeah, I guess, you know. I knew they were dead, they got killed; I heard they got killed. I knew they got killed.

And from Mathiessen’s  In The Spirit of Crazy Horse”

“I felt like we were all dead,” he said to somebody. “I was feeling crazy because there were still women and children up there in June’s cabin. When Joe came down there to the cars, I said to him, I think they’re gonna kill everyone here. That’s what I told him, this is the day to be a warrior.”

This admission that he was present at the cars predates his initial attempted denial to Potter-guess he must have forgotten it.

Maybe a Peltierite would care to explain the obvious contradictions?

Like I said before-if Peltier were Pinochhio a separate cell would have to be provided to accommodate his nose.


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Ed Woods Unmasked; coAIMintelpro;
Tactics for the Defeated:

Dear Supporters:

Peltier, the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LPDOC), Peltier supporters (Peltierites) and the scant remnants of the American Indian Movement (AIM) find it impossible to defend Peltier with the facts; they lose at every turn. Instead, they engage in tactics that they themselves accuse the FBI and others of committing, their perpetual rallying cry is “Cointelpro,” the FBI’s counter-intelligence program that ended in 1971. Peltierites engage in their own brand of spreading deliberately false information, either publically or covertly (by planting false rumors), in order to influence the uninformed and hopefully shift opinion, that by some bizarre stretch of logic Peltier is innocent and an alleged ‘political prisoner’ who deserves freedom. Or, they obscure the truth, because the facts and the truth are their biggest challenge. They are unable to debate the facts, so they attack the messengers. They attempt to discredit targeted individuals using totally unreliable and uncorroborated sources as gospel, like a doggedly literal child accepting opinion as fact, possibilities as certainties. When it comes down to specifics, they change the subject, ignore the question, obfuscate, and fall back on the only defense they can muster; “It was Cointelpro.”

Please see the continuation of Editorial Essay #61 at:

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods