Sunday, June 26, 2022


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What follows, offered within proper context, relates to Leonard Peltier’s admissions of guilt and his lack of remorse for the June 26, 1975 brutal murder of FBI Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams: 


I seen Joe when he pulled it out of the trunk and I looked at him when he put it on, and he gave me a smile.” [i]   


So the deaths of those agents are not murder? “Not to Indian—not in Indian people’s eyes.” [ii]


The m----- -----r was begging for his life but I shot him anyway.” [iii]   


I cannot see how my being here, torn from my own grandchildren, can possibly mend your loss. I swear to you, I am guilty only of being an Indian. That’s why I’m here. Being who I am, being who you are—that’s Aboriginal sin.” (Peltier’s insult to his victims’ families.) [iv]   


“I never thought my commitment would mean sacrificing like this, but I was willing to do so nonetheless. And really, if necessary, I’d do it all over again because it was the right thing to do.” [v]  


I don’t regret any of this for a minute.” [vi]


I did not wake up on that June 26 planning to injure or shoot federal agents, and did not gain anything from participating in the incident.” [vii]  


“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Ed Woods

[i] Peter Matthiessen, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse (New York: Penguin Books, 1991) 552. (Peltier places himself and at least Joe Stuntz at the crime scene with two dead and mutilated human beings at their feet.)

[ii] (Last accessed 3/1/22); CNN Interview 10/10/99. 

Mark Potter: “What are they?” (the murders)  Peltier: “Self-defense.”

[iii] (Last accessed 2/27/22) Testimony of Darlene Nichols, 2/3/2004, at the trial of Arlo Looking Cloud for the murder of AIM activist Anna Mae Aquash: “…he (Peltier) started talking about June 26, and he put his hand like this (gesturing with a weapon) and started talking about the two FBI agents.” “He said the m----- -----r was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway.” 

(Referring to the final horrifying moments and murder of FBI Agent Ron Williams.)

[iv] Leonard Peltier, Prison Writings (New York, St. Martin’s Press, 1999) 114 (Peltier autobiography) An insult as related from the Coler and Williams’s families.


Peltier references “Joe Stuntz” and excludes nothing else: The murder of Agents Coler and Williams is certainly one of the “…whole series of events…” Peltier is referring to.

[vi] Message from Leonard Peltier, 9/12/2014; “Anyone who has looked at my case knows it is outrageous to an absurd degree; often people simply cannot believe the sheer amount of constitutional violations and injustices.” Peltier ignores over a dozen appeals that upheld his conviction and sentence.


Quote from February 17, 2016 clemency petition; admission to ‘participating’ and aiding and abetting on June 26, 1975.