Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SA Ronald A. Williams July 30, 1947 - June 26, 1975 R.I.P.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Williams family and all of Ron's friends and associates.

May he rest in peace.

"In the Spirit of Coler and Williams"
Ed Woods

Sunday, July 25, 2010


What? Anti-Semite too?

Since Blogs, by their very nature are more casual and conversational (unlike formal Editorial Essays), I have to toss this back at the LPDOC; those few amorphous folks remaining who think they speak the truth on behalf of “Political Prisoner” Leonard Peltier. You know, the same folks who hide behind the smoldering campfire and are afraid to put a name to their work product.

Aside from the fact they keep dropping my email address from their email list (or perhaps they just don’t send out “press releases” anymore), they responded to a recent NPPA Essay #54 ( and it’s related Blog (July 12, 2010: and yes, it was post-dated to mark the one year anniversary of last year’s USP Lewisburg event where Peltier faced the music once again,

As for dropping the NPPA email address, and a heads-up challenge to the Peltier cohorts, there’ll be more on that later….

The current issue surrounded correct quoting and the treatment of First Americans.

So, I’ll ask anyone to please reread the latest quote and simply ask a follow-up question of the anonymous LPDOC author…

I said, “This writer (me) subscribes to (noted historian) Ambrose’s conclusions; based on years of intelligent research, and properly summarize the devastation of the Native American historical experience.”

So, again, what part of “the devastation of the Native American historical experience” don’t you quite understand? The recognition of what happened should be clear, and the cause of what happened was placed in its proper historical perspective. The “world view” definition does not—repeat, does not—somehow redefine American history, especially from the likes of the ineffective and totally anti-American United Nations. There are political prisoners around the world; Leonard Peltier is not America’s.

The LPDOC continues to imply that based on nothing more that an extreme hatred for anyone who recognizes Peltier’s guilt (along with the sham and fraudulent fundraising, the adulteration of a proud Native American history, and the myth that Peltier’s murderous actions and conviction are somehow politically motivated), goes on to say:

“But Ed, no doubt is also a Holocaust denier.”

Holocaust denier? That’s their conclusion? Call Peltier guilty and you’re a racist and now an anti-Semite? Apparently “they” haven’t read much of what’s on the NPPA website…shame on them for that because an awful lot of other people have.

On a personal note, I have quite an extensive library in my study: on one of the several history related shelves there are (about 2 ½’ worth) of books related directly to Israel and the Middle East conflict. I have been an unwavering supporter of Israel for decades.

For those few who remain, if there’s any doubt about Peltier’s guilt and complicity (yes, aiding and abetting as well) please see paragraph #10 of the previous NPPA Blog entry dated July 12th. He’s as guilty as sin and many former Peltier supporters understand that.

Explain that damning little piece of fact straight from, in a manner of speaking, the horse’s mouth. Miraculously, and much to the chagrin of Peltier supporters, Peltier wasn’t in Seattle that day…go figure.

We can’t have a meaningful discussion on Peltier’s guilt (or feigned innocence) if the facts don’t matter. But then again, that’s what the folklore, myth and Peltier misinformation are all about.

So, anonymous writer, and the amorphous LPDOC, take ownership of your efforts on Peltier’s behalf, show a little backbone and take ownership of your advocacy.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

P.S. In preparation for the next NPPA Blog, please view the iconic modern American film classic, A Christmas Story.

(Next parole reconsideration hearing, July 2024)

Monday, July 12, 2010


Peltier’s nearly finished…Blogging towards the end:
July 28, 2010

A recent blog response from the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LPDOC) to the No Parole Peltier Association (NPPA) reinforces the observation that his message to potential supporters continues to be, even on a good day, encumbered with half-truths that have proven to be the cornerstone of the Peltier legacy .

The July 2, 2010 LPDOC (“Ain’t Buyin’ What the G-Man’s Sellin’”) blog quotes the NPPA June 26th, 2010 (“Peltier’s confused history”) statement regarding the matter of genocide in Native American.

The problem with this quote, as with so many out-of-context and inaccurate quotes and conclusions from Peltier and the LPDOC, is that it is intentionally incomplete.

The entire quote from the NPPA follows (the italicized portions are what the LPDOC repeated):

It’s not difficult to separate truth from falsehood. It is totally irresponsible to state that the United States pursued a policy of genocide toward the Indians, to cite the Washita as an example. The United States did not follow a policy of genocide; it did try to find a just solution to the Indian problem. The consistent idea was to civilize the Indians, incorporate them into the community, make them part of the melting pot. That it did not work, that it was foolish, conceited, even criminal, may be true, but that doesn’t turn a well-meant program into genocide (Stephen Ambrose).

Missing, of course, from their quotation was the critical preamble which distinguishes truth from falsehood, and the all-important attribution to the original author, noted historian Stephen Ambrose. It must certainly be obvious (except perhaps to the LPDOC) that the Stephen Ambrose reference was there for a purpose; to appropriately source the noted historian’s conclusions concerning the perception of genocide.

However, the LPDOC’s anonymous author missed the key point; the reference from this noted historian places the matter in its proper historical context. No one, Mr. Ambrose, nor this writer, denied the history, quite the contrary, Mr. Ambrose recognized and acknowledged what had happened and clearly defined why. Finding a just solution was the goal; that it was carried out the way it was does not make it genocide.

But let me be clear. This writer subscribes to Ambrose’s conclusions; they are factual and accurate, based on years of intelligent research, and properly summarize the devastation of the Native American historical experience.


Another critical point, as Peltier has repeatedly done, the LPDOC is also not providing supporters with accurate details. Why is that? Simply put, because it is within the details that Leonard Peltier’s guilt is unequivocal. But, of course, they do not want to discuss the fine points.

But let’s do it here anyway.

Buried within the thousands of pages related to the Incident at Oglala is just one small sentence, twenty-seven words, that precisely defines Peltier’s complicity:

“I seen Joe when he pulled it out of the trunk and I looked at him when he put it on, and he gave me a smile.” (Leonard Peltier)

For those out there, even among the most ardent Peltier supporters, picture this:

On the Jumping Bull property there are two late model government sedans. Peltier, Joe Stuntz and others are gathered around stealing whatever they can from the vehicles. Stuntz grabs agent Jack Coler’s FBI jacket from the trunk, and as Peltier tells us, smiles as he puts it on. Laying close to one another next to the vehicle—face down in the grass, were two dead FBI agents. Two dead FBI agents with their faces blown away, who had just been shot at point-blank range. Jack Coler was probably unconscious from a devastating arm injury but we know Ron Williams, although wounded three times, was conscious (from his defensive wounds) and probably begged for his life.

Follow the logic of this scene if you will…the dead FBI agents were both shot in the face, yet are laying—face down. How is that? This means that someone among the Peltier (AIM) group actually touched and moved their dead bodies, grabbing them, positioning them, and turning them over to face the ground. (We won’t dignify those actions with the concept of counting coup; that belongs to genuine Indian warriors of the past.)

Unmasked, Peltier’s raging guilt is unmistakable…his ramblings about his own connection to an otherwise proud and noble heritage is an insult to Native America.


As for the anonymous nature of the LPDOC, what very few there are left, please show the strength of your convictions and step out from behind the make-believe wall of the LPDOC. Have some courage and sign your name to your work. If you are incapable or afraid of doing that, then there is an alternate challenge for Peltier, a challenge that has been offered a number of times over the past ten years:

Since day one, April 30, 2000, the NPPA prominently posted on the home page a direct link to the LPDOC (and formerly LPDC) with an invitation for anyone interested to go and visit, Peltier, see what he has to say, come back, and then come to their own independent, informed and intelligent decision about his guilt.

If the LPDOC has nothing to hide, if they believe that the message is clear and unmistakable and Peltier is really innocent, then what do they have to hide? If the truth as you and Peltier claim is on your side, then demonstrate some moral fiber instead of repeating allegations and claims that have not, repeat—have not—held up to scrutiny over the past thirty-four years.

Link to the NPPA if you have any sense of conviction in the Peltier cause.

Otherwise, the LPDOC’s and Peltier’s scheme of deceit, fabrications, falsehoods, fraud and theft, will continue to pollute the legacy of a proud Native American heritage that Peltier has hijacked from that storied past.

On a personal note, the LPDOC Blog also said “A former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ed Woods…has made it his life’s mission to prevent Leonard Peltier’s release from prison…” Life’s mission? Hardly. I have a wonderful wife of forty-three years, two grown successful children, a princess of a granddaughter (spoiled, but that’s my job), a beautiful home, a productive and rewarding post-retirement career, a very active and full life, a hobby (not Peltier) and other interests, thank you.

Granted, I have devoted a good amount of personal time to Peltier, although it has been far less over the past several years (except for the Lewisburg parole hearing last year) as the entire matter is drifting into the sunset, fading with the twilight. No one really cares any longer because Peltier’s nearly finished. Those with some stamina to do some serious research soon turn away from Peltier as well.

The purpose is not to keep Peltier behind bars, but that certainly is the result of ensuring that justice continues to be served. It’s a mission then of honoring the dedication and sacrifice of two young men I never met and who were unnecessarily and brutally murdered in the line of duty at the hands of lawless AIM cowards led by Leonard Peltier. This effort entails the demystification of the Myth, laying waste to the folklore, and highlighting Peltier’s unquestioned and unrepentant guilt.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

(Parole reconsideration hearing, July 2024)