Sunday, April 30, 2017


Dear Supporters:

On April 30th the No Parole Peltier Association reached its seventeenth anniversary.

Since its inception in 2000 the NPPA has covered a lot of ground, particularly in destroying the fabrications, myth and folklore surrounding Leonard Peltier. Those efforts were, and are, based on public court records, transcripts, books Peltier authored or co-authored, recorded press interviews, a film in which Peltier appears, statements by co-defendants and press releases and statements made by Peltier himself as he has reinforced his own guilt while promoting himself as a public figure.

The NPPA’s founding principle remains to honor the memory and sacrifice of FBI Agents Jack Coler and Ronald Williams.

Parole is a very distant hope since the 2009 Lewisburg parole hearing. The next scheduled hearing is 2024.*

Except for June 26, 1975, January 18, 2017 arguably marked the most significant date in the Peltier narrative; President Obama denied Peltier’s clemency petition. (Thank you, President Obama. **)

The obvious conclusion was that the Attorney General, Pardon Attorney and the President all agreed that Peltier should continue to serve the remainder of his lawful conviction and consecutive life sentences.

As a reminder to all that Peltier remains an unrepentant cowardly convicted murderer: ***

“And really, if necessary, I’d do it all over again because it was the right thing to do.”
(Leonard Peltier, February 2010)

“I don’t regret any of this for a minute.” (Leonard Peltier, August 2014)

 “In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Dear Supporters:

To date there has there has been no personal drivel from inmate #89627-132.

1) Peltier likely remains in the fetal position, sucking his thumb in the corner of his USP Coleman cell still bewildered over January 18, 2017. Here’s a revealing thought; the President understood that the unrepentant murderous Peltier had his day(s) in court and should continue to serve the remainder of his lawful conviction and consecutive life sentences. (Thank you, President Obama.)

Since April 30, 2000, the stated purpose of the No Parole Peltier Association was, and continues to be, to honor the memory and sacrifice of FBI Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams who were brutally murdered in the line of duty; to ensure that justice is served and their convicted killer serves his consecutive life sentences and to challenge decades of Peltier myth, folklore, falsehoods and lies with the facts and truth.

Dedicated and committed to justice, the facts and truth do not a vendetta make.

2) Nonetheless, Peltier and his sycophantic apologists continue to throw around buzzwords like willful, malicious, oppressive, staggering hyperbole, reckless and the like, along with tired folklore because they mistakenly believe that if they repeat it enough times it will magically turn out to be true. But…

Any criticism of Peltier is based on undeniable facts derived from documented sources: trial transcripts, numerous court decisions, statements from the Peltier “Defense Committee” (and all its manifestations over the years), co-defendant statements (most notably Bob Robideau and Dino Butler), Peltier media interviews and a film in which he appeared, books contributed to or co-authored by Peltier, and Peltier’s self-incriminating public statements.

Upon that foundation, logical inferences have been drawn.

For example: Is it appropriate to conclude that Leonard Peltier is a coward?

Based on the facts and history of June 26, 1975 we have an eyewitness who over the FBI radio told a number of Agents they were about to come under fire. That witness was Ron Williams as he and Jack Coler were attacked and severely wounded. Jack Coler and Ron Williams faced a clear and present danger from Leonard Peltier and the other AIM members. Leonard Peltier admitted a number of times, and during a filmed television interview, that he fired at the agents. That was a cowardly act by Peltier and the other AIM protagonists. Ron Williams waved his shirt as a sign of surrender then gave aid to his critically wounded partner. Jack Coler, probably in shock and unconscious was shot twice in the face, killing him instantly. Ron Williams was alive, evidenced by a defensive wound to his hand, which then went through his head. Leonard Peltier was tried and convicted for murder and aiding and abetting. Killing two wounded and defenseless human beings is a cowardly act. At a later unrelated trial, sworn testimony quoted Leonard Peltier describing the killing of the agents and claiming that “The M----- F----- was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway.”^ A cowardly act and statement by Leonard Peltier. Recounting the crime scene, Leonard Peltier made the following statement; “I seen Joe when he pulled it out of the trunk and I looked at him when he put it on, and he gave me a smile.” ^^  In addition to aiding and abetting those involved, Peltier himself stole the dead agents’ weapons, (Jack Coler’s service revolver was found in a paper bag with Leonard Peltier’s thumbprint on it)—a cowardly act that would shock the conscience of any reasonable person. Agents’ Coler and Williams were shot at point blank range in the face, yet their bodies were discovered rolled-over, facing the ground. A cowardly act by Leonard Peltier and those he aided and abetted. (However, it is not known which of the cowards of Jumping Bull, “counted coup” on the dead agents and turned them over to face the ground.)

By all accounts and reasonable conclusions, Leonard Peltier is a coward.

Peltier has made himself a public figure which raises the bar considerably higher when it comes to allegations of criticisms that allegedly are willfully untrue, malicious, oppressive or reckless. As to this public figure, people are entitled to offer their opinions based on their own First Amendment rights of free expression and the recorded, documented public sector facts to counter the four decades of misinformation that has been the bedrock of the Peltier myth and folklore. Inaccurate, often contradictory, outrageous and unsupportable written and public statements by Peltier are entitled to a meaningful public response and it is up to Peltier to show that those responses are provably false.

3) Peltier has falsely claimed that the NPPA was government funded. There is nothing that can substantiate this assertion. When the No Parole Peltier Association and its companion website was launched in 2000 it included seventeen (17) Frequently Asked Questions. One of those FAQs was:

How Much Taxpayer Time and Money Go Into the NPPA and its website?

None. This site was created on the personal time of the author and others and engaged the services of a professional website designer.

Further, on March 13, 2013 the NPPA’s financial records were published to the website as Editorial Essay #58 documenting that personal time and money went into the creation and maintenance of the NPPA association and website. (This was done as a challenge to Peltier to finally come clean regarding his alleged “tax deductible” fundraising and charitable activities. Of course there was no response.)*
Coincidentally, this past March 29th, the $155 payment for web hosting for 2017 was paid by the NPPA founder, again, from personal funds.

Any claim that government funds in any manner supported the NPPA is a libelous allegation without merit.

4) Peltier has claimed he has suffered monetary loss as a result of actions by the NPPA. In order for that to be true, the presumption would be that Peltier is running a business from prison.

As early as 2004, even a member of Peltier’s inner sanctum publicly admitted that Peltier was violating, at the very least, prison regulations:

In a heated exchange between Bob Free and Cathy McCarthy, airing their dirty laundry in the public domain, Free stated, “It is very troubling that she is suggesting that Leonard himself is directing a Non Profit organization while still incarcerated. This is potentially a legal problem for Leonard and the LPDC.”

Perhaps Peltier should review USP Coleman’s Inmate Handbook, specifically page 40, which states in part, “Inmates cannot engage in any type of business and will be sanctioned for doing so.” 

5) Peltier has falsely claimed that the U.S. government allegedly lied to Canadian authorities and provided false witness testimony to secure Peltier’s extradition.

To the contrary, Peltier and his cronies are doubtless referring to Myrtle Poor Bear. Here’s a surprise, repeated for the umpteenth time for the uninformed Peltierites; Myrtle Poor Bear did not testify during Peltier’s extradition.

However, even more significant is that at Peltier’s 1979 Fargo trial, when the government appeared to be ready to call Poor Bear as a witness, Peltier’s own attorney described her as a “…witness whose mental imbalance is so gross as to render her testimony unbelievable.” ** So, there’s that, Peltier trying to have it both ways.

Nonetheless, the Canadian government, reviewing Peltier’s complaint after the fact, made it very clear he was lawfully extradited:

"As I indicated above, I have concluded that Mr. Peltier was lawfully extradited to the United States."

"The record demonstrates that the case was fully considered by the courts and by the then Minister of Justice. There is no evidence that has come to light since then that would justify a conclusion that the decisions of the Canadian courts and Minister of Justice should be interfered with." ***

6) Peltier has claimed that the government was forced to admit that the weapon (the Wichita AR-15) associated with Peltier did not match the ballistics results. This premise is utterly untrue.

After a three-day evidentiary (ballistics) hearing in October 1984 and a subsequent appeal, the Court of Appeals stated as a finding of fact:

“When all is said and done, however, a few simple but very important facts remain. The casing introduced into evidence had—IN FACT—been extracted from the Wichita AR-15. This point was not disputed; although the defense had its own ballistics expert, it offered no contrary evidence.”
(Emphasis added) ****

7) Peltier claimed that the government’s case against him deteriorated to the point that the U.S. Attorney changed the basis of Peltier’s prosecution to indicate that Peltier was simply just there and thus deserved to be convicted. This is a fictitious argument that had been made previously and reached, again, the Court of Appeals, which ruled:

“Peltier’s arguments fail because their underlying premises are fatally flawed. (A) The Government tried the case on the alternative theories: it asserted that Peltier personally killed the agents at point blank range, but that if he had not done so, then he was equally guilty of their murder as an aider and abettor.” (Emphasis added) *****

8) In the matter of a claim of defamation, as Peltier has alleged, it must be based on a statement that is provably false.

Peltier is a murderer. True. He was tried, convicted and sentenced for murder and aiding and abetting in the brutal killing of FBI Agents Coler and Williams. Peltier’s numerous appeals have never altered that conviction.

Peltier lied about his only real alibi. True. Peltier claimed that someone they knew, but would not name, the infamous Mr. X in the red pickup, killed the agents. Even on film (Redford’s, Incident at Oglala), Peltier utters the words, “This story is true.” It wasn’t. It was a lie for the better part of two decades. So said co-defendant Dino Butler and one of Peltier’s own attorneys. ******

In 2016 Peltier admitted participating in the killing of Agents Coler and Williams. True.

As incredible as it may seem, Peltier’s attorneys allowed him to make this stunning admission in his latest clemency petition to the President of the United States: “I did not wake up on that June 26 planning to injure or shoot federal agents, and did not gain anything from participating in the incident.” (Emphasis added) ******^

Peltier remains an unrepentant convicted murderer. True. Peltier’s shallow claims of innocence, superficial lip service to the families of the dead Agents, and his own public statements, reveal that he remains unrepentant:

“And really, if necessary, I’d do it all over again because it was the right thing to do.”
(Leonard Peltier, February 2010)

“I don’t regret any of this for a minute.” (Leonard Peltier, August 2014)

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams:
Ed Woods

^ Looking Cloud trial transcript at 144-145; In reference to a statement made to the witness by Leonard Peltier: Prosecutor: “Exactly what did he say?”  Witness: “He said the M----- F----- was begging for his life but I shot him anyway.”
^^ Peter Matthiessen, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, p.552
**** U.S. v. Peltier, U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit, 800 F.2d 772, 21 Fed. R. Evid. Serv. (Callaghan) 1017, 1986; U.S. App. Decision, September 11, 1986: Sections: “The .223 Casing,” and “The AR-15.”