Saturday, July 30, 2022

SA RONALD A. WILLIAMS, 1947 - 1975, R.I.P.

Dear Supporters:


Yet another year has passed, this one reaching what would have been an earthly milestone, 

July 30th, Ron’s seventy-fifth birthday. 


How much he would have accomplished is not known, but for those who had the privilege of personally knowing him, and others who have learned about this incredible young Agent, they know these would have been successful and productive years. His FBI career could have been followed by one of his personal interests, flying, and his other ambition to attend law school. Certainly, a family would have followed, and by now, grandchildren. We just don’t know, but surely believe it would have been a great life. 


Ron certainly reflects the profile of his birth sign, a Leo, with intelligence, generosity, faithfulness and always showing a great deal of initiative combined with a handsome and charming smile and engaging personality. All of which would have taken him to untold heights and achievements. It is difficult to look beyond and speculate on what might have been, but we can see what was, and in his short twenty-eight years, Ron did leave a lasting impression on the lives he touched.[i]


But all that potential was horribly destroyed on that fateful day at Pine Ridge at the hands of an unrepentant, low-life, cold-blooded, and remorseless killer.[ii] A murderer who remains a pathetic excuse for a human being.


I believe, as many others, that Ron is watching over us and likely wonders what has happened over these years: Almost irreversible social and political division, economic upheaval and the progression of disrespect for all law enforcement with many injured or killed in the Line-of-Duty, as two more Special Agents have been added to the list of FBI Service Martyrs.[iii]


Ron’s dedication and bravery, and that of his partner, Agent Jack Coler, will never be forgotten.


Every effort will continue to ensure that their ruthless executioner serves his consecutive life sentences until that eventual day when he will face his final judgement. On that day the myth, folklore, fabrications and lies will finally come to an end. 


Our prayers and thoughts remain for the entire Williams’ family as we ask Ron to continue to watch over us.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Ed Woods

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