Friday, July 30, 2021

SA Ronald A. Williams, June 26, 1975, R.I.P.

Dear Supporters:

Today, July 30, Ron would have celebrated his seventy-fourth birthday.

He would have been long retired from the Bureau and perhaps retired again from a second career like so many of us have. 


Ron likely would be enjoying his golden years showering grandchildren with affection and spoiling them as grandparents are expected and prone to do. 


Since Ron was a pilot, and loved flying, perhaps he would still be enjoying those short flights for the proverbial twenty-five dollar hamburger, even if they are now closer to two-hundred. 

But none of those wishes and dreams of the future happened but for a chance encounter with the cowards on the Jumping Bull farm at Pine Ridge in the summer of 1975.


In the ensuing years many more Agents and law-enforcement men and women have paid the ultimate price and sacrifice in the line of duty. But from what we know of Ron’s pleasant personality, warm demeanor and strong and unwavering character, it’s more likely than not he would be benevolent to those at Jumping Bull. Perhaps that comes with the wisdom of being able to look down upon us all with wisdom and clarity. 


Our thoughts and prayers continue for the entire Williams family and all those who knew him as the fine young man he was, and will always be to us. As we remember him today he is still that same wonderful person.


Ron’s spirit lives on as those who remain will continue to remember and honor his sacrifice, as well as his partner, Jack.


Keep watching over us Ron, now more than ever we need a special guardian angel. 

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Ed Woods