Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Dear Supporters:

-September 12, 1944;   Grand Forks, ND    D.O.B.

-November 1969 – June 1971; Takeover of Alcatraz, Peltier misses.

-1972; Peltier joins AIM

-February-May 1973: Wounded Knee II; misses seminal AIM criminal incident; Peltier-fugitive

-June 26, 1975: Jumping Bull, Pine Ridge SD; Murder and aiding and abetting in the deaths of FBI Agents Coler and Williams. Peltier; “And Really, if necessary, I’d do it all over again, because it was the right thing to do.” (See below)

-February 6, 1976; Arrested in Canada, begins incarceration.

-March-April 1977: Convicted; consecutive life sentences.

-July 20, 1979: Armed escape from Lompoc. Free for five days. Seven consecutive years added.

-October, 1984: “Ballistics’ hearing.” Peltier offers no contradictory evidence.

-July 28, 2009: Parole denied. Next hearing; July 2024.

-September 12, 2013: Peltier turns 69, nearly a Septuagenarian. Jack Coler and Ron Williams never had the opportunity to enjoy a full life and their golden years. Peltier continues to serve the rest of his sentences.

In a September 9th statement, Peltier makes some valid points about indigenous rights (claiming now to be the World’s humanitarian) but then spoils it through his narcissism by saying, “I am a prime example of what happens when you try to stand up and protect elders…” Peltier is always confused between whether he’s a brave warrior shooting severely wounded humans in the face, or a poor Native victim. June 26th at Jumping Bull had nothing to do with anything but the actions of lawless cowards who spin this event with coAIMintelpro tactics (, or, as when he stuck a gun in Anna Mae Aquash’s mouth (

Peltier’s understanding of his own peoples’ history is as skewed as ever, “We as Indigenous people have always supported each other. We have a history of Native trade between Nations in all four directions.” Leonard better recheck history because there was plenty of  Indian on Indian violence and domination long before and after the white Europeans started moving West.

Peltier couldn’t possibly say this with a straight face; “We need Indigenous attorneys who aren’t motivated  by money to represent the overwhelming number of Natives who are locked in prison cells.” After the taxpayers paid for a load of lawyers for his trial and appeals, he’s gone through more pro bono attorneys than he can probably count or recall. Each had eventually come to the conclusion that the convicted murder remains a remorseless fraud built on a foundation of self-serving folklore wrapped in a moth-eaten blanket of myth and counterfeit benevolence. Try getting Peltier to open his books or posting the minutes from the Lewisburg parole hearing for starters.,

Peltier’s confession: Public statement February 6, 2010

There has been renewed discussion about NPPA claims that Peltier confessed to killing Agents Coler and Williams.

Let’s explain this so even the lowest common denominator can understand. Peltier talks about his “commitment.” He references Joe Stuntz. Stuntz was at Jumping Bull, along with Peltier. He mentions Buddy Lamont anecdotally. Lamont was at WKII, Peltier was not. But he’s very clear about “I’d do it all over again…” The key here being “all.” He made no exclusions. He didn’t say, “some things,” or “certain things,” and made no qualifications or exceptions. By “all” he includes everything he was committed to and involved in, and that means…Jumping Bull. Its called context. Peltier wasn’t thinking and stepped into it big time with this statement. This was after his Lewisburg hearing and if he ever has another parole hearing you can bet some fake wampum that he’ll be hearing that statement again. 

As for all the allegedly tax-deductible donations (they’re not), and fundraising (the “Bring Leonard Home in 2012” NYC concert was a financial flop), for attorneys fees to somehow translate this into convincing the President to consider clemency; it’s not going to happen. The President will quickly recognize the unrepentant Peltier for what he really is, a huckster who hijacked an otherwise proud Native American history for his own entertainment, and a remorseless killer who will serve the remainder of his proper sentences.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Ed Woods