Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sgt. Charles Windolph

Dear NPPA Supporters:

There are bright spots in the Peltier saga.

I recently received an email from a cousin of Sgt. Charles Windolph who came across a reference to him on the NPPA website.

In September 2004, and nearing the end of the trip to Jumping Bull and Pine Ridge, I happened across the Black Hills National Cemetery and Sgt. Windolph’s gleaming white headstone with gold lettering.

Sgt. Windolph’s cousin said she did not know where he was buried and I pointed out to her that I also had a photograph of his headstone on the website.

(Please see the Pilgrimage to Pine Ridge Editorial Essay for several references to Sgt. Windolph and the Medal of Honor

I mentioned the cousin’s contact to a close NPPA advisor who told me that there was a book based on Sgt. Windolph’s experiences entitled “I fought with Custer; The story of Sergeant Windolph, Last Survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.” I ordered it from Amazon, it arrived in a couple of days later, was a very interesting story, and it is now part of my growing library on American history.

What was all that about “six degrees of separation?”

Anyway, within the Peltier saga there are some bright spots and I was certainly happy that Sgt. Windolph’s cousin would one day be able to visit his gravesite, and his wife who was buried next to him.

Now back to Leonard Peltier…the next Blog post will deal with “political prisoners,” ambush and assassination.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods