Sunday, July 25, 2010


What? Anti-Semite too?

Since Blogs, by their very nature are more casual and conversational (unlike formal Editorial Essays), I have to toss this back at the LPDOC; those few amorphous folks remaining who think they speak the truth on behalf of “Political Prisoner” Leonard Peltier. You know, the same folks who hide behind the smoldering campfire and are afraid to put a name to their work product.

Aside from the fact they keep dropping my email address from their email list (or perhaps they just don’t send out “press releases” anymore), they responded to a recent NPPA Essay #54 ( and it’s related Blog (July 12, 2010: and yes, it was post-dated to mark the one year anniversary of last year’s USP Lewisburg event where Peltier faced the music once again,

As for dropping the NPPA email address, and a heads-up challenge to the Peltier cohorts, there’ll be more on that later….

The current issue surrounded correct quoting and the treatment of First Americans.

So, I’ll ask anyone to please reread the latest quote and simply ask a follow-up question of the anonymous LPDOC author…

I said, “This writer (me) subscribes to (noted historian) Ambrose’s conclusions; based on years of intelligent research, and properly summarize the devastation of the Native American historical experience.”

So, again, what part of “the devastation of the Native American historical experience” don’t you quite understand? The recognition of what happened should be clear, and the cause of what happened was placed in its proper historical perspective. The “world view” definition does not—repeat, does not—somehow redefine American history, especially from the likes of the ineffective and totally anti-American United Nations. There are political prisoners around the world; Leonard Peltier is not America’s.

The LPDOC continues to imply that based on nothing more that an extreme hatred for anyone who recognizes Peltier’s guilt (along with the sham and fraudulent fundraising, the adulteration of a proud Native American history, and the myth that Peltier’s murderous actions and conviction are somehow politically motivated), goes on to say:

“But Ed, no doubt is also a Holocaust denier.”

Holocaust denier? That’s their conclusion? Call Peltier guilty and you’re a racist and now an anti-Semite? Apparently “they” haven’t read much of what’s on the NPPA website…shame on them for that because an awful lot of other people have.

On a personal note, I have quite an extensive library in my study: on one of the several history related shelves there are (about 2 ½’ worth) of books related directly to Israel and the Middle East conflict. I have been an unwavering supporter of Israel for decades.

For those few who remain, if there’s any doubt about Peltier’s guilt and complicity (yes, aiding and abetting as well) please see paragraph #10 of the previous NPPA Blog entry dated July 12th. He’s as guilty as sin and many former Peltier supporters understand that.

Explain that damning little piece of fact straight from, in a manner of speaking, the horse’s mouth. Miraculously, and much to the chagrin of Peltier supporters, Peltier wasn’t in Seattle that day…go figure.

We can’t have a meaningful discussion on Peltier’s guilt (or feigned innocence) if the facts don’t matter. But then again, that’s what the folklore, myth and Peltier misinformation are all about.

So, anonymous writer, and the amorphous LPDOC, take ownership of your efforts on Peltier’s behalf, show a little backbone and take ownership of your advocacy.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

P.S. In preparation for the next NPPA Blog, please view the iconic modern American film classic, A Christmas Story.

(Next parole reconsideration hearing, July 2024)