Saturday, September 10, 2011


From recent Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee infograms:

 Happy Birthday: As Peltier reaches his 67th birthday, now approaching the septuagenarian level, apparently he will be celebrating this one in the “hole” at Lewisburg for his recent “shots” violating prison rules (please see previous Blog). Certainly celebrating one’s birthday in solitary confinement is no picnic, but placing this in its proper perspective, Jack Coler and Ron Williams never had the opportunity to even celebrate their 29th and 28th birthday’s respectively, thanks to Peltier and his AIM cowards at Jumping Bull on June 26, 1975.

 Benedetti Prize: A group created in 2009 selected Peltier for a “human rights prize.” Perhaps they could also select those Peltier and his Committee have honored in the past as well, Wesley Cook (aka Mumia), and Timothy McVeigh (please see Recognizing that using Peltier and Peace in the same sentence is an oxymoron, this effort is as meaningless as Peltier being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (please see

 Powerful Video: Really? Former BOP corrections officer Bruce Smith proves that Peltier supporters have a difficult time getting their facts straight. (Please see NPPA Blog 8/28/11)

 Disciplinary Transfer: The only inmate in the Federal Bureau of Prisons who thinks he’s entitled to dictate the terms of his confinement is Leonard Peltier. (Well, not really, there are probably a few others.) But Peltier and the Committee are “demanding” (while they suggest hounding the newly appointed BOP Acting Director…which, of course, is always going to endear themselves within the system—Peltier and the Committee just haven’t figured out how to approach these matters yet—no surprise there), that he be transferred “to a medium security facility in close proximity to Leonard’s family and Nation.” However, here’s another thought: the “Powerful Video” mentioned several times the extreme high temperatures of Peltier’s confinement at Lewisburg, so, in order to remove that concern maybe the BOP could consider another facility where high temperatures would not be a problem: FCI Ray Brook. Ray Brook is in the Northeast corner of upstate New York and a stone’s throw from the Canadian border. Excessive heat shouldn’t be a problem there.

 We the People: Regards petitions announced by the White House on its website. Here’s one: Convicted felons who have had their convictions dissected thirty or more times in various courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, twice, should serve out their complete sentences. And in Peltier’s case the additional seven consecutive years for his armed escape from Lompoc…just in case anyone (meaning Peltier and the Committee), forgot that little detail. Finding 5,000 people to sign that petition wouldn’t be much of a chore…but pestering the White House would not be appropriate in the Peltier case.

 Clemency: Not a chance here. The President, a Harvard educated lawyer, and someone who has promoted a pro-law enforcement agenda, would easily recognize the facts surrounding Peltier’s conviction, and how many times Peltier has changed his version of the facts (let’s not forget Mr. X as well), and understand that Peltier does not deserve any compassion for his crimes. (Please see “Dear President Obama” on the NPPA home page

 Walk for Human Rights: “The walk will depart from Alcatraz Island…” Of course they presumably mean to walk to the boat to take them to the mainland to continue their demonstration. Although this once barren 22-acre outcropping in San Francisco Bay, named in 1775 by a Spanish explorer, has served as a military outpost, a fort, military prison, federal prison and finally a national park, means many things to many people, depending certainly on one’s perspective. Former inmates and convicted felons reminisce the historical significance of places like Leavenworth…Peltier’s long time residence; Alcatraz, the Rock, or Lewisburg, The Big House. For many Native Americans, however, it marked one of the seminal moments in a search for full equality and identity and arguably central to the beginning of the native rights movement. However, during the 1969 takeover, which included many non-natives as well, they pretty much trashed the place. Hopefully this demonstration will be orderly and peaceful as they attempt to hawk the Peltier mythology and folklore.

 Labor with Labor: A catchy phrase with a misguided goal. Unions are about job preservation in tough times and it will be surprising if any union gives the Peltier issue a second glance.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods