Sunday, October 19, 2014




Indiegogo and other such fundraising entities have gained popularity and I’ve been thinking since Peltier and ILPDC  are always soliciting donations and made the decision to go that route they might consider adding a belated inducement in their next attempt.

And no I don’t mean a bumper sticker or anything so mundane, what I had in mind was an arrangement linking the release of Peltier’s parole board hearing transcripts and disciplinary records to the fundraiser.

As Peltier has staunchly refused to sign off granting permission it would surely cause a stir – sort of a pay to play. Pony up five bucks or so and see what’s behind door number three.

Think of the support it could garner if all things are as Peltier says.

Ask yourself if Nelson Mandela, someone ILPDC and Peltier like to egregiously draw comparisons to, would of had the ability to control such things would he have refused publicizing them?

I kind of doubt that as Mandela was truly a man of the people, and inspite of all that went before, all the greivences, went to great lengths to promote reconciliation and a national healing upon his release.

I think Mandela grew as a person during the time of his imprisonment, a testament to who he was, who he became, the same can’t be said of Peltier who remains as morally stunted and lacking of integrity as he has been for his entire adult life.

Ask yourself if that is a course Gandhi would have chosen, who likewise sought reconciliation and healing in the aftermath of the struggle for independence and human rights?

The Indiegogo campaign had a goal of $175,000 – it closed earlier this month having received a little more than $35,000, far short of what was desired but with assurances that all money would be used as declared as the options dwindle.

To me the failure to reach the goal is yet another indication that as time has passed the Peltier myth has begun to curdle like sour milk – too many unanswered questions, too many contradictions, and too much coming to light.

People have begun to ask themselves if a man would stick a gun in a woman’s mouth to interrogate and threaten her would he be capable of cold blooded murder? If a man routinely caught in lies during interviews is even capable of telling the truth?

If either speak to the spirit of Crazy Horse?

It won’t end with this latest of failed campaigns, there will be others asserting the same claims, advancing the same “talking points” while avoiding those seen as burdens, threats to the cause, and the understanding that if the well is tainted people won’t drink from it – that you can lead the public horse to water but cannot make them drink.

Ongoing reorganizations, internal purges, new faces and old better left alone faces brought in have failed miserably, as has the steady flow of missives from Peltier in the search to find the right words, the right buttons to push.

The final chapter is being written in a book of pretense, and upon completion it will be relocated from human drama to the fiction section where it should have been assigned in the first place.

If Peltier is as pure as the driven snow and so routinely victimized as he and they claim I can see no reason why he wouldn’t agree.

Something wrong when an “innocent” man won’t willingly do so out of respect for those who have advocated for him without the need to attempt a monetary inducement.

So what do you say Peltier – what’s the asking price, or is there no amount of money sufficient to run the risk?

Perhaps the money could be dedicated to your children or grandchildren, something tangible you could leave them in lieu of a cobbled together myth and decades of lies.

Or maybe to our youth you claim to be so concerned with and want to “mentor”, perhaps even the environment as you attempt to associate yourself with issues you believe will resonate.

Being incarcerated comes with obvious restrictions, signing a release form isn’t one of them.

"In the Spirit of Coler and Williams"