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"In the Spirit of Coler and Williams
Ed W.

As can be seen I originally blogged this in Feburary of ’13 and not much has changed. Peltier remains a pathological liar and hive members continue to ignore the facts and insist he is a martyr.
There’s an incremental diluting of the reasons to free him though – the emphasis is no longer that he is innocent, or that “X” did it, both claims proven to be unsustainable, now it is about  Peltier is old and on the verge of falling and not being able to get  up.
My response to that is others fell as the result of a bullet and they haven’t been able to get up for decades – no clemency, pardon, or “humanitarian” gesture is possible for them.
One could say they are in a sense political prisoners confined to a grave, the result of the politics of AIM – more specifically those of  it’s leadership.
A leadership that consisted of Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt, Carter Camp, and Leonard Crow Dog, plus an assortment of second tier flunkies.
All qualifying as “tugs” and “mad dog killers” as Peltier would put it.
Peltier is leaving himself an out, he’s steadfastly declared he would do it all again, but also would admit his role if “his” chiefs and elders told him so.
How convenient – admit the truth but portray it as questionable and only under advisement.
I can’t help but wonder who exactly are Peltier’s chiefs and elders?
Are they to be found in the AIM hierarchy? If so I’m kind of doubting they would risk opening such a can of worms, it could lead to a prisoner exchange – Peltier walks out and they walk in.
No, Peltier serves them best behind bars – as long as he remains there he is a red herring they can toss out to deflect attention away from themselves.
An added bonus is the possibility of a little revenue at times he can generate for them employing vehicles like the “walks” and “tribunals”.
Without Peltier they might have to contend with the murders of Annie Mae, Ray Robinson and his co-victims of WK2….and that’s the last thing they want.
Dino Butler was the first to go on record about “X”, he went so far as to characterize it as an effort to keep Peltier behind bars.
Yet inspite of this early admission the story was cultivated for years by “celebrities” and hapless supporters.
Who knows, maybe this dovetails with my contention that despite all the hoopla the leadership believes he actually does serve them better behind bars.
There are multiple genres in the film industry, from fantasy to action and even documentaries. A documentary, that was the way Incident at Oglala was promoted by Robert Redford.
A fact based recounting of the truth and events – problem is “X” was included for dramatic value and to raise doubts. I think it reasonable to assume some flagrant error, such a complete hoodwinking, would prompt a mea culpa from producers to narrator – yet that hasn’t happened, not so much as a whisper or rumor of remorse, nor admission of having been duped.
Maybe these documentarians and producers believe they’re too important, too big to fail to even consider such a thing …..if that’s the case no one should believe a damn thing they have to say about anything.
PATHOLOGY OF A LIARPosted by rezinate on February 16, 2013
February 6, 1976
When Leonard Peltier was arrested in Alberta, Canada, he said that the FBI agents “who had come to arrest HIM” at Pine Ridge for jumping bail on a Wisconsin attempted murder indictment deserved to die. (They hadn’t some to arrest him, and didn’t even know he was there).
He also said if he had known the RCMP were coming to arrest him (they walked into the bedroom where he was still sleeping, and woke him up), he would have shot them “out of their shoes.”
Because the admissions, including the statement that he knew who executed the FBI agents, were made without an attorney present, they couldn’t be introduced as evidence at his trial. However, both statements were considered in his sentencing and subsequent parole hearings.
The above a copy paste from the Leonard Peltier Still Guilty- it speaks to a number of things. One being Peltier’s thug attitude, another being when Creator was passing out brains and Peltier was asked if he wanted one he thought the word was trains and said he would catch a later one.
Peltier’s good fortune that his statements couldn’t be introduced into evidence, but as is said they have a direct influence on his parole status.
Peltier, like all all thugs and wannabe tough guys wants to be seen as someone not to fool with, a dangerous person when it comes down to it-so he’s compelled by that and his own ignorance to make such statements-to boast in front of women about shooting people, or brag about being a “hero”, “warrior” and “laying down fire” at agents Williams and Coler as his own words state in the Just For Discussion blogs.
None of which adds any credibility to his claim that he is a political prisoner, that’s just an affected persona-kind of like the warrior, hero thing.
It’s also intended to divert attention from the troublesome comments he’s made, the lies he’s been caught in, and the fact that despite every effort to remediate his sentence Peltier and his team have laid an egg.
Doesn’t stop the propaganda though, or attempts to continue milking the cash cow that Peltier has become- but as awareness grows, so does a predictable contempt resulting from an increasing familiarity with the truth.
Peltier would have one and all believe he’s going down swinging-truth is he’s just down period-he’s tried desperately to cast himself as one of the big dogs, but the reality is the only place for him is on the porch, or more appropriately as is the case his prison cell.
We are told now that Peltier’s current legal team are Bravado Boys from Buffalo- I don’t know about all that, but bravado has been a mainstay of the act Peltier has engaged in.
For his legal team to admit that the Mr. X mystery shooter was concocted sounds more like a whimper to me than bravado-but then there probably wasn’t much choice as the lie had been thoroughly discredited for years.
This being the case something new, something immediate had to be presented to fill the void that was created, divert attention, and hopefully not allow people the time to actually think and say -Hey, wait a minute, X is a lie? Then what else have they been lying about?
No that wouldn’t do at all-but one thing for sure, LPDOC knows their audience and how to play them. And dropping the Mr.X bomb was like the Friday night weekend White House news drop-the intent,the hope is, that in being the weekend people will be distracted while engaging in other things.
The example of this diversion? Frank DeLuca/Blackhorse and now Theda Nelson Clark-the timing of these hoped for distractions immediate in nature, and necessary.
That isn’t to say though neither should be looked at, and both for a multitude of reasons should be-among those reasons would be Theda’s role in the abduction murder of Annie and DeLuca’s homeboy status with Peltier and eerily comparable history one might liken to Dave Hill’s-you know that not going to be prosecuted for services rendered, the good of the public, etc etc.
That could also explain the reason why those AIM leader “patriots” seem to avoid prosecution, so maybe the same look, the same interest given to DeLuca and Clark should be given to them as well. But that’s apparently too much to hope for.
This Friday night drive by news drop worked to a degree though as we haven’t seen it picked up by the mainstream media, or journalists like Rickert. Now If I were a journalist, especially one of ours, this admittal would have been front page news for me, and I would have been in LPDOCs face about it- I would have emblazoned it across the front page in bold type challenging people to think about it and consider the implications.
But I’m not a journalist, and make no claim or pretense that I am, so I just do what others do, peck away at the keyboard pointing out what I believe to be flagrantly obvious and in doing so know that some will agree while others will not.
There’s a Shakespearian quote as follows:
“Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?”
I don’t consider myself noble in any sense of the word-I consider the truth to be, and I believe there is a great ignobility in the way AIM and the Peltierites have gone about attempting to bury it-such efforts should be seen for the sea of troubles they’ve created and opposed.
Having once been a Peltier supporter I know the mechanics of their denials, the lengths they will go to deny a truth and create or support a lie.They’ll throw anything and everything against the wall hoping something will stick while they apply liberal coats of Teflon to their boy.
He’s not a “tug”, not ” a mad dog killer”- he’s a “political prisoner” whose been “wronged”, because as they would have you believe he wasn’t just a “dumb as dirt” low level grunt, he was a “leader” of AIM, respected by one and all, and whose opinion was not only highly regarded but sought after.
He personally presented some huge threat to the U.S., to it’s very continuation and existence-a prophet and seer come to free the nations-a regular Wovoka with a variation-his dance included sticking a gun in a woman’s mouth to interrogate her, shooting mortally wounded men in the face at pointblank range, and not hesitating to run and abandon women, pregnant or not, than to face the music he had created.
A real role model huh, somebody you’d want your children to grow up like? In furtherance of that be sure to send some money to his “bravado” fund.
“Especially in this system, I can’t tell the system I was shooting at their police officers that WERE TRYING TO ARREST ME. They’ll hold that against me. I’VE GOT BE CAREFUL ABOUT THAT STUFF. ( Caps mine).
Yet Peltier has said he wasn’t shooting at them-that “nobody was shot, hit, hurt, killed”, in the direction he was shooting-he has also gone on to say he was “laying down fire”.
“I think it was around that December when I heard that Anna Mae was dead. I was in that jail over there in Canada right around whenever they exposed who she really was and what she died from, but I believe I didn’t hear about it until December. When people say that she tried to contact me, that’s a lie. If she’d have tried to contact me then she would have been with me, and there’s no doubt in my mind because the Indian people knew where I was; certain people knew where I was at. “
The problem with this statement is that he wasn’t in jail in Canada until February of the following year-1976. And by his own admission that he was in and out of the country the question arises was he around in December of ’75? And if so what was he doing and who was he in contact with?
He doesn’t seem to know which side to come down on- as though confused by Trudell’s statement that Banks told him prior to Annie’s body being identified that it was her, and the Banks line of he neither knows or ever knew anything about anything related to her murder. Lends credibility to the dumb as dirt moniker.
More than obvious Peltier is an inveterate liar, a pathological one incapable of even keeping the lies straight. It’s as though this liars pathology were a contagion, as it apparently infected the entire AIM leadership, a large number of their supporters, the Peltierites, and LPDOC itself.
The truth is the cure for that, but a vaccine many refuse to avail themselves of, depending instead on those “natural” remedies offered at the AIM LPDOC clinic