Tuesday, May 3, 2016



Annie Mae whose abduction, rape, and murder remains a guilt and shame the AIM leadership can never overcome – “warriors” and “liberators” making war on a lone woman.

Dennis Bank$, Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt, and Russell Means all complicit in Annie’s murder – all knew and know, and all have remained silent.
I remain convinced Leonard Peltier knew as well, was an advocate for her murder and was an active participant in the decision months later after interrogating her at gunpoint and on the run for the murders committed at Jumping Bull.

The AIM leadership has effectively been granted “clemency” for their role in Annie’s murder in the absence of prosecuting a single one of them, and now call for the “healing” of clemency for Peltier.

So I have to wonder what is the standard for clemency? How high must the body count be before it becomes a consideration?

The AIM leadership is responsible for multiple murders  from Wounded Knee 2 to Annie – Peltier by any reasonable standard has four that are known of either by actual participation or complicity.

Two federal agents, another in Peltier’s escape attempt, and his complicity in the murder of Annie.

Is four enough or does the body count need to be higher in order to qualify?
Apparently the leadership believes it is – apparently his supporters do likewise.
Not a one of AIM’s or Peltier’s victims can be granted clemency, no release from the grave, nor should clemency be granted those among the living who are responsible.

To do so has nothing to do with healing, it has to do with condoning murder.