Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Dear Supporters:

On September 5th Peltier provided us with an update regarding his recent bypass surgery.

My cells ac/air going on so it wasn’t only a little chilled but under the blankets it felt nice and warm and sort of cozy…”

How heartening that Peltier feels warm and cozy.

On June 26, 1975 Jack Coler and Ron Williams felt only fear and pain and suffered a horrible death at the hands of convicted murderer Leonard Peltier.

Peltier goes on to add a couple of interesting and curious comments that we’ll let others ponder:

I wish I could spend some time with my Great and grandchildren even some of my now middle-aged children, who believe they are the victims in this whole life. They even believe they should be given all of the attention. I keep trying to get them to understand you have to earn leadership…” (Emphasis added)

It certainly sounds like there’s trouble in paradise in the Peltier clan as he airs his dirty laundry in public. This has been a recurring theme with Peltier, witnessed by the multiple changes of his Defense Committee, directors and members, along with shifting locations and websites and public disputes between committee members and Peltier. This includes some well-intentioned attorneys who, like others in the Peltier network, could tolerate just so much of his unsettling demeanor and personality.

Heaven forbid anyone around Peltier should be given all the attention.

Really? Peltier actually lecturing on leadership?

Like those he led on June 26, 1975 into an unprovoked attack on two federal agents performing their lawful duties? Like Joe Stuntz, who followed Peltier to his own death? Peltier didn’t pass along the common sense knowledge that when you shoot at law enforcement, odds are they’re going to shoot back.

Predictably, Peltier’s message slips into the repeated pathetic begging for cash routine but ends with a peculiar comment:

I don't have Any Personal funds, So I have to depend on you, the grass roots activist for help. Every little bit adds up so donations are needed, unless you can’t afford it (of course:) don't need to be large just many.

Framed Prints and original art work in your homes would be great talking subjects Just an idea, but purchase them from Kari Ann, the only ILPDC Art Director! (Emphasis added)

Please note the clarification that you can “…purchase them from Kari Ann, the ONLY ILPDC Art Director!” (Also, don’t fail to note the significance of the ‘exclamation point’ that indicates the forceful utterance of strong feelings.)

This past March witnessed a legal dustup with Peltier and a couple of his detractors over the display of Peltier’s paintings for sale on public property in the State of Washington.*

Filed in federal court was an affidavit that included at page 3:

 “CHANUCEY PELTIER is the SON OF LEONARD PELTIER, runs a gallery on behalf of Leonard and is the agent for sale, lending, and distributing LEONARD PELTIER’s paintings.”

So what happened? Peltier embarrassingly whines publically that his children “believe they should be given all of the attention,” and with the emphasis of an “!” that Kari Ann is the “Only” Art Director.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of a job description. It doesn’t appear likely, but it’s possible that Chauncey Peltier runs the gallery and is not the Art Director. Nevertheless, Peltier seems to be sending a different message. We’ll let others be the judge.

Is anyone in Peltier’s camp getting the message here about the Peltier donations, finances and decades-long money machine? This issue goes back many years with more than just the NPPA asking the same questions about how Peltier’s money is raised and spent.

In February 2003, long-time committee leader, Bob Free, stated publicly, "Transparency regarding accounting and decisions will be posted on the web."

That was over a dozen years ago, but of course, it never happened. Wonder why?

For the clueless Peltier diehards and those who dare not ask the hard and valid questions, hints about Peltier’s money management have come from Peltier himself as evident from an interview over two decades ago:

“When our conversation veers back to the ordinary, the brief tension between us passes and Peltier becomes amiable again. He talks about his children, where they’re living, what they are doing, how a couple of them are forever dunning him for money. “I try to be stern with them—‘No, you’ve got to learn to be responsible, live within your means’—but I always end up saying, ‘OK, but this is the last time’” He laughs, shakes his head in self-rebuke.” ** (Emphasis added)

Curious, a convicted double murderer and lifer talking about money going to his kids.

We don’t know for certain, and probably never will, how much money Peltier is talking about, but we have to ask the question: Where is the money coming from?

Really, how much do federal inmates make? Very little we know, and even the healthy ones who are able to work for prison industries make very little as well. Some twenty-plus years ago, Peltier the “Janitor,” was making twenty-nine cents an hour.***

But then there’s the sale of Peltier’s paintings, which over twenty years ago were hawked among Hollywood elite—searching for a cause—for as much as $5,000.**** (Peltier and the Committee advertising in later years have placed the prices higher.)

The implication from Peltier’s own public record and federal court affidavit as a Plaintiff (along with his son Chauncey Peltier, referenced above) was suing for, among other things, “together with special damages for Plaintiff’s economic loss.” (Affidavit at page 18.)

Suing for “economic loss” seems to imply that Peltier is selling his artwork as part of running a business with his son. However, Bureau of Prison Rules at Peltier’s current location are straightforward. USP Coleman’s Inmate Handbook, specifically page 40, states in part, “Inmates cannot engage in any type of business and will be sanctioned for doing so.” 

Perhaps Peltier could ask the mystery Mr.X for help? We know, Mr. X, a person they all knew, and Peltier’s only alibi, that this person is the one who attacked and killed the agents and then drove off in the equally infamous red pickup.

Guess that won’t work either. Despite Peltier’s somber gaze into the camera in Redford’s film, Incident at Oglala, where he mouthed the false admission, “This story is true:” There was no Mr. X because the years-long alibi was proven to be a lie.*****

Today (the twelfth) is Peltier’s 73rd birthday. So what!

On this day as well, Jack and Ron would have both been 70 but had their lives brutally stolen by convicted murderer Leonard Peltier. They were robbed of their next 42 birthdays.

There are countless reasonable and thoughtful people who understand that the horrible mistreatment of First Americans is a blight on America’s history.******
Nonetheless, to even suggest that a free Peltier would atone for any of that, borders on the obscene. Peltier, and those who have used him for their own purposes, those who have supported him only to be cast aside, subscribe simply to the myth and folklore that has become so entrenched that Peltier is incapable of seeing the truth.

Peltier has only himself and his violent criminal acts to blame for his fabricated martyrdom and self-induced torment, while he remains were he deservedly belongs. 

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

(last accessed 9/9/2017)
***** The history of Mr. X:

****** See “Correcting wrongs of the past” that has been on the homepage since the creation of the No Parole Peltier Association and its website on April 30, 2000.