Monday, June 10, 2019


Dear Supporters:

The ILPDC and Peltier have been fairly quiet lately.

There could be several explanations; he’s preparing for the Washington State civil suit scheduled for early next year, dealing with I.R.S. issues regarding a highly questionable 501(c)3 “tax deductible” claim,* his attorneys have advised that blasting out unsupported notices to supporters is fraught with problems when they provide conflicting facts and disprovable claims, or maybe, he’s given up fighting a lost cause. 

In any case we’ll just wait until Peltier goes public and sticks his prison sneakers in his mouth again.           

Peltier’s Facebook page is a little stale except for a ridiculously frail article by Robert Dean of Rebel Noise. And that is exactly what it is “noise” by repeating the same “fatally flawed” alleged facts that Peltier has been peddling for years. Folklore and myth that has been debunked repeatedly and not worth the time or effort to correct here, once again.**

They did though add a little extra falsity regarding Wesley Cook.***

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

(NPPA Blog March 8, 2019)
***A 2015 excerpt from the NPPA website:
Regarding Wesley Cook:

If all this sounds painfully familiar, it should.
Then there it is, clear and unequivocal, Peltier and the LPDC place Peltier in the same very close and select company as Mumia and McVeigh; cold and remorseless killers. They are now connected, rightfully so, for an even greater reason, they are all miserably guilty.