Monday, June 26, 2023


Dear Supporters:


Peltier fled to Canada where he was arrested on February 6, 1976 for the brutal slaying of two already severely wounded FBI Agents, Jack Coler and Ron Williams. Peltier and other American Indian Movement cowards started the ‘unprovoked’attack on the Agents who were lawfully acting in the Line of Duty.[i] Severely wounded, Agent Coler was likely unconscious, Agent Williams attempted to surrender.[ii] That effort and a plea for his life was ignored. Instead, Peltier shot them both in the face at point-blank range with his AR-15. Agent Williams had a defensive wound to his right hand.


Peltier, his supporters and attorneys, like James H. Reynolds and Kevin H. Sharp, erroneously make public claims that fail to disclose the fact that Peltier’s conviction has been considered during over a dozen appeals and reviewed by multiple federal judges. It is a matter of undisputed fact that every allegation made by Peltier has been reviewed in infinite detail, and his conviction and consecutive life sentences have consistently been upheld. Yet, Peltier, his supporters and several of his attorneys derive far greater satisfaction promoting years of false narratives based solely on myth, folklore and lies. [iii]


How it all began: Cowards and an unprovoked attack:[iv]



And how it ended: Brutally murdered and manhandled after death: Wounded, both shot point blank in the face, yet found like this:




Today, a marginally small and bemused group of AIM members and Peltier supporters gathered on Pine Ridge to celebrate an unrepentant cold-blooded murderer, as Peltier remains where he belongs, at the U.S. Penitentiary, Coleman, Florida for the remainder of his consecutive life sentences and the seven additional consecutive years for an armed escape. 


“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”

Ed Woods


[i] Erroneous public statement by Peltier attorney Kevin H. Sharp regarding the ‘unprovoked attack’


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