Sunday, February 10, 2013

AIM: Perry Ray Robinson; WKII: Repost

Reposted from Rezinate Blog; 2/10/13

It has been said that when Ray Robinson in filling out the required birth certificate information for his daughter Desiree crossed  out the various ethnic choices and penned in human being.
I like that, and I believe it speaks to the nature of the man, his outlook on life, and commitment to civil rights.
It speaks to a personal awakening and a desire for societal change, which Ray spent years advocating for, years of putting his beliefs and physical self on the line for.
Ray’s life wasn’t taken from him by any of what would be considered the usual suspects-no rabid ku klux klaner or other white supremists group.
Cointel and the feds had no part in it-his murder came at the hands of another self proclaimed  group of “freedom fighters” who cast themselves as liberators and patriots-the American Indian Movement.
In the years following Ray’s murder and consignment to an unmarked grave in Pine Ridge AIM has routinely denied his very presence during what has become known as Wounded Knee 2, gone deaf, dumb, and blind, or left it to those lower on the totem to fabricate various versions of events.
Versions that flucuate between Ray was shot and hobbled out eating a candy bar never to be seen or heard from again, to having “threatened” the farcical “spiritual leader” of AIM, Leonard Crow Dog, which resulted in Ray being shot.
There was a time when all among the nations understood the meaning of the word human being, and we often spoke of ourselves in such terms.
With the advent of AIM that understanding has diminished greatly, and while AIM has been quick to couch all things in terms of racism they have shown themselves to be not only racists, but liars, murders, and thieves in the bargain.
AIM plays the race card at any and every opportunity, and usually it is done to facilitate the flow of revenue-their penchant for this has always struck me as the pot calling the kettle black-but it is often what racists do…to claim victimization while victimizing others.
A collateral oppression exists among the nations having to do with blood quantum, that too is a form of racism, but one AIM was willing to mitigate if and when it served their purpose-they would even go so far when the scent of money was in the air to beguile the unsuspecting mark by saying they were a reverse apple-white on the outside and red on the inside-a favorite ploy of Russell Means.
They engage in this deception presently in the selling of ceremonies-if you’re willing to pay to pray or be supportive of them then you’re a genuine reverse apple. Not only that but you’re entitled to tell your friends that you are as well- they might even invite you to smoke a pipe with them or bestow some bogus title like firekeeper upon you.
Ray remains sequestered in what AIM hopes will become a forgotten unmarked grave-murdered by racists who have never understood the meaning of the word human being.
Self anointed Brahmans affecting a caste system of their own design.
In the Brahman caste system of India, the highest ranking, only the offspring qualify as new inductees-we see much the same in the AIM leaderships grooming of their offspring to fill the vacancies they will leave when they pass on-it is as degenerative a closed system as the intermarriage that was once a common practice among the “bluebloods” of nobility in Europe.
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream-Ray did as well, his was that people would be seen as human beings and he would be able to raise his children.
Playing for change sings a song called War/No More Trouble, a celebration of ethnic diversity and human beings – one of the verses is “we don’t need no more trouble”, and indeed the nations don’t, but likewise we don’t need no more AIM.

"In the Spirit of Coler and Williams"