Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mr. X Dead? First Escape Plan, Part 2

Dear Supporters:

1) Mr. X, Dead?

Well, Peltier would like to bury him…

Interesting that the seminal film “Incident at Oglala” is no longer featured on the whoisleonardpeltier homepage. In its place is “Sorry, this film is no longer available, see more free films at SNAGFILMS.com.”

Wonder what happened?

This film is the anchor point (mimicking Matthiessen’s In the Spirit of Crazy Horse) and benchmark of the second biggest lie—an alibi—in the Peltier lexicon of mythology.  Who can forget Bob Robideau’s six minute and fifty-two second narrative describing the person they all knew, who was delivering dynamite to the camp, engaged the agents, wounded them, murdered them, and then drove off in the infamous red pickup truck. Remember Robideau pointing as he narrates? Peltier then adds to the whopper “This story is true.” We’ve heard this story countless times…and everyone knows the NPPA has repeated it often enough and will not let it die a natural death. Remember too that Matthiessen, Robert Redford and Director, Michael Apted, bought into the fable hook-line-and-sinker as a hooded Mr. X., with an AR-15 at the ready, made his film debut in a cameo appearance. And then we have Dino Butler’s public pronouncement that it was all trumped-up, and to add icing on the fabrication-cake, we recently can thank Peltier attorney Michael Kuzma’s faux pas for putting the final nail in that coffin…no pun intended. (See NPPA Blog12/5/12)

There is no doubt about the significance of the fabrication of Mr. X., and even less that Peltier and the LPDOC would like nothing more than for this to be buried and forgotten. Without Mr. X, Incident at Oglala loses its fairytale quality. Not a chance. (Footnote #1)

It was always a mystery that Peltier’s website would so prominently display this film—in its entirety—in the first place…it puts out there a provable lie that is counter-productive to the Peltier cause and claims of innocence. But then, most Peltier supporters aren’t clever enough to understand that it’s not a subtle issue we’re talking about. (fn. #2)

So why is it gone? There are a few possibilities.

Wonder if SnagFilms, snagged (no pun intended) a copy for Peltier who then put it on the LPDOC website?

Rumor has it that the Hollywood crowd wants to rewrite film history. Robert Redford is possibly having the film remade for a new release, but this version will have some serious editing, shortening the film by about fifteen minutes, removing Robideau’s detailed on-screen description of Mr. X’s deadly actions and escape, and the cameo appearance in the cabin by the fictitious Mr. X. That way (aside from the remaining flaws), the biggest impediment to Peltier’s fabrications over about twenty years will be gone. Removed from the storyboard, falling to the editing room floor, erased from memory, history rewritten; but it’s not quite that simple even if that does happen.

Another segue to burry the untruth comes from the efforts of the young Preston Randolph, filmmaker extraordinaire, remaking the saga into a new version entitled “Wind in His Hair.” (No, Wind in His Hair was from…Blazing Saddles…or was it…Dances with Wolves. Doesn’t really matter which, actually, Wind Chases the Sun was stolen from Peltier’s ninth-grade reader, Prison Writings, p.61, albeit with permission because Peltier takes every opportunity to adulterate his heritage and fool the unsuspecting), but it’s a sure bet that Preston’s version will be devoid of some serious facts about Peltier history and conveniently avoid any reference to this deceitful fabrication and delusion of Peltier innocence. The bets are on for this premise (see Blog 2/17/12).

Yet another, probably more viable reason for its disappearance, is that the producers went after Peltier for copyright infringement for giving access to the film without the requisite permission and royalties.

Well, Mr. Peltier and the LPDOC, why is it gone?

But, fear not, Peltierites (a term borrowed from another productive blog site), the film is still available and probably will be for some time. Amazon.com has it new for a mere $6.99 (and if you buy Matthiessen’s ITSOCH, and Peltier’s Prison Writings you can get free super-saver shipping to boot; quite a deal to make Peltier believers ecstatic and all dreamy over the wonder-warrior from Coleman, Florida). And, there are plenty of used ones available too, (guess some people really didn’t buy into the theme), for as little as four bucks…but then you also have to pay the shipping.

But, here’s a better deal. Any Peltier supporter who wants a “free” copy of Incident at Oglala need only place an order right here. Just make a request and it will be shipped, free of charge; won’t cost a dime. It would be a shame if a Peltier supporter couldn’t have his or her very own copy to cherish. (fn. #3)

2) First Escape Plan; Part 2:

In just how many venues has the Peltier story played in the last thirty-seven years?

Presently, Coleman 1, Coleman, Florida; Lewisburg “The Big House,” Pennsylvania where he spent more time in the hole for some serious violations (see Blog 8/28/11), USP Canaan, Pennsylvania, briefly, (where Peltier got the snot slapped out of him by some gang-bangers who weren’t buying the brave warrior folklore nonsense, and as Peltier himself described it [1/31/09], “The warden’s know of the psychological make-up of their inmate population in their prison, and they clearly knew that placing someone who is well known, as I am, with connections to many famous people and at my age, I would be subject to predatory attacks.” Well, there’s one reason why some inmates wouldn’t be impressed. And as for the psychological make-up of the prison population, we hope Peltier also includes murderers of FBI agents as well).

Then back to “The Big House.” Then there was the very long stretch at the “crying place” (see Blog 2/5/13), the infamous, Leavenworth Penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas, and his slobbering love affair with retired prison guard Bruce Smith (see Blog 8/28/11). Isn’t it interesting that the YouTube video exposé by Mr. Smith doesn’t allow “comments” (and they erased all the previous ones as well)? It’s not interesting as much as it’s telling that the public isn’t buying that fairytale either.

And then there was Lompoc (see Blog 2/5/13), and the “assassination” attempt that justified the armed escape (along with a conviction and an additional seven consecutive year sentence). Curious though, Peltier was armed when arrested five days later and could have easily shot one or more of the arresting officers…but didn’t. Maybe he was actually, according to Matthiessen, “disoriented,” but coming closer to the truth, it was more a measure of cowardice; his history shows us that he would only shoot at a distance or then when someone is severely wounded and can’t defend themselves. It’s much easer to shoot someone in the face when they’re unconscious, or unarmed and wounded. Or, stick a gun in a woman’s mouth and threaten to kill her.

That should be it, (the short stays during transit between prisons don’t count), but there was another:

After his arrest on February 6, 1976 (happy anniversary by the way), there was the Lower Mainland Regional Correction Centre, Burnaby, British Columbia where he was housed in the “Observation Ward.” That unit (more appropriately a psycho ward) contained proven mental cases along with IRA terrorists, to remain under close observation.

So just as Peltier has been called-out on several issues, (one that comes to mind is to prove that Coler and Williams possessed a “map” of Jumping Bull (Blog 9/8/12), but, of course, no response. So it remains a lie until Peltier can prove otherwise.

So we’ll ask the question again, a little differently this time:

Were there any assassins lurking in the Observation Ward and was there ever another escape plan that had nothing to do with a government plot to eliminate you?

By ‘government’ this by default would have to include the Canadian Government presumably in collusion with the U.S. Government. But the Canadian Government, if you recall, was essentially on your side and fighting…in court…to have the U.S. Government prove its extradition request. And yes, we know all about Myrtle Poor Bear…that’s been through the courts enough times already. However, lest we not forget that it was the Canadian Government that said, “…Mr. Peltier was lawfully extradited to the United States (fn.4).” The key word here being “lawfully.”

So, answer the question Mr. Peltier, because we have other questions and more information to probe this issue.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

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