Monday, June 8, 2015


Dear Supporters:

While waiting patiently for Peltier's comments on the 40th anniversary of the brutal murders of Agents' Jack Coler and Ron Williams--by the cowards of Jumping Bull, Peltier offers yet another litany of why his fortunes (financially, socially and  emotionally) have nearly evaporated; "My life is in your hands."*

More pathetic whining from USP Coleman inmate #89637-132, but this time he provides many reasons why, in his mind, it's everyone else's fault that he has arguably reached the lowest point in his fabricated and feigned popularity.

He claims that "Most of the good volunteers had to leave for their own careers or health reasons and some just wanted to move on...and I must admit, a few who came along who had their own agenda." ("Most?" So much gratitude for those who at least tried.)

Here's what happened: Peltier was able, with the support of sympathizers, to capitalize on his Native heritage; that his crimes were committed on the Reservation and he was convicted in federal court. This developed into a mantra that in some perverse way he did something heroic that sultry June day, that he acted heroically and bravely as a warrior and over time this message morphed into folklore status and the Myth of Leonard Peltier.**

Many of those who were attracted to the cause came with noble intentions and some with the way they believed the campaign should be managed; others, the fringe anti-America types (Jericho Movement #, Et. Al.), went along for the ride and what they could get out of it (and him). (Peltier has displayed a noticeable level of naiveté over the years.)

There were many attorneys as well who poured their hearts and valuable time into finding some justification for Peltier's release, all to no avail. The ones who worked pro-bono should be commended for their efforts; those who charged by the hour, well, it is a business. In either instance, Bruce "I'll take the Fifth" Ellison, being the exception in either case.

But in the end, as has been witnessed many times over the years, they all left the camp for one reason, Peltier. The reality is that they could stand just so much of the bullying narcissist. Peltier stumbled into his own sinkhole. Just as Narcissus in Greek mythology, Peltier eventually fell in love with his own reflection and is now incapable of separating the false image from his own.

Ever the beggar, again Peltier wants the cash, but, as many times as he's been called out, not once has he or his network divulged or admitted how much, or where, any of that money has gone over the years. He now directs would-be donators to a website that proclaims "Leonard's paintings are collected by celebrities and luminaries worldwide," yet in this recent statement contradicts that with, "I also hear that supporters think all my celebrity supporters have donated to the Committee? They rarely do and when they do their donations are far less than you might imagine."

So, which is it? They lavish him with money by buying his "artwork" or they are really cheapskates pandering on his name and who he now pushes off the cliff.

It is, and remains, just part of the ongoing scam, hidden behind alleged charitable and benevolent activities.  It's a con job, from a con man. Want proof? Review this Editorial Essay; and although dated 2004, 2006 and 2007, nothing has changed. Same predictable and deceptive fundraising rhetoric.***

Peltier ends with "Please do your part to help convince the President to let me go home."

Again, a reality check! Leonard Peltier, you are home; USP Coleman.

"In the Spirit of Coler and Williams"
Ed Woods

P.S. Not unexpectedly, there has been no reply from RIPDA (see previous blog)