Thursday, October 1, 2015


Dear Supporters:

Really Leonard?

Peltier sends out messages periodically, mostly whining about needing your money (never admitting where it really goes), lamenting about his confinement and contemplating exactly “how” he will leave FCI Coleman, but now he’s reaching a delusional state.

Somehow, (but it is explainable), he thinks that his detractors and supporters have no memory. He thinks that they don’t, won’t or can’t remember the claims that began the Peltier myth way back when.

Recently he talked about “death squads” and has resurrected a fairy tale that has been disproven, as if bringing it up again is something new and unique. Not so.

“Prior to the firefight on the Pine Ridge Reservation on June 26,1975—an incident for which I have now served nearly 40 years in prison—some 60 people who were connected with a resurgence of our traditional spiritual practices for sovereignty were murdered or disappeared.”

Firefight? No firefight. Leonard was there and knows exactly how it started, as told to us by an eyewitness, the murdered FBI agent, Ron Williams. Those who heard him on the radio describing exactly what was happening, and even hearing him being shot, know precisely how it began. Firefight? No, an ambush, by cowardly pinning down two men in an open field is the accurate assessment.

Resurgence? Traditional “spiritual” practices?

Death squad? Now that’s close, and let’s include Peltier and the others from the AIM camp along White clay Creek.

Serving forty years. That’s accurate and his conviction has received more scrutiny than most inmates, and he’s still there. A “Concise History of Guilt” will answer that question. (Footnote 1)

Some 60 people? This (although the number has fluctuated, early on it was 56) has been floated by Peltier and his “committees” (there have been a number of those over the years—they have difficulty sticking with Peltier), but with even the slightest amount of effort can be proven to be the same exaggerated fabrication it was thirty-plus years ago. (Fn. 2)

Going back to May of 2000 nothing has changed to validate Petlier’s spurious and ludicrous claim…in summary:

Although Peltier may argue the outcome of some of these deaths, he cannot ignore that what he’s been alleging, is again, FALSE, and not backed by what actually occurred. The statistics are clearly evident and the reader can contemplate the following:

The 56 named deaths included:
Child abuse 3, Domestic Violence 4, Alcohol related 5, Robbery 2, Fights/personal disputes 14, Vehicular homicide 4, Accidental shooting 2, Health reasons 2, Suicide 1, Accidental 2, No record of death 1.

Of these 56 named deaths:
21 resulted in Federal convictions and/or trials, 1 resulted in a local conviction, 22 were investigated but did not result in convictions for a number of valid reasons, at least one investigation remains pending*, and 11 were not within the FBI's jurisdiction.

(*Of course, that was fifteen years ago and this one case has been solved; the brutal kidnapping, rape and murder of AIM activist Anna May Aquash. Her murder lies squarely at the doorstep of the American Indian Movement. Peltier included, as he stuck a gun in her mouth to make her confess to something she wasn’t. Fn: 3)

So, after “60 deaths” what’s next?

How about resurrecting Peltier’s biggest lie, the lie that supported his only alibi that—someone else did it. (Fn: 4) The notorious Mr.X and the infamous red pickup. Let’s not forget Robideau’s detailed description of Mr. X murdering the agents in Redford’s film, Incident at Oglala, and Peltier in the very next scene stating “This story is true.” Well it wasn’t then, and still isn’t. (Robert Redford was duped but apparently it doesn’t matter that Peltier made him the fool.) How is this a lie? Well, co-AIM-conspirator Dino Butler said so, publicly in 1995, the “Committee” through attorney Jennifer Harbury* admitted it in January 2001, “Mr. X has long been a controversial topic, by both supporters of Leonard Peltier and those who oppose his release.” (Really, Ms. Harbury? Not enough courage to call it what it really was? A lie. Fn: 5), and yet another admission by a longtime attorney just a few years ago. (Fn: 6) Supporters (Peltierites) should as Peltier the rhetorical question; Why was Mr. X and the red pickup never mentioned in his autobiography, Prison Writings.

Or how about digging up a long-time good one fostered by Peltier for about twenty-five years, claiming that a family was “caught in the crossfire?” They then reworded the famous Paragraph #5 after being called out on the issue with the facts…facts that included testimony of those who were there. (Fn: 7)

The previous NPPA Blog, “The Letters” revealed, without question, how low Peltier, and his attorneys will go to scrape for some semblance of sympathy for Peltier as he hallucinates about clemency. At this point clemency is about as much of a distant wish as parole had been. They’re both off the table.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

*Attorneys Jennifer Harbury and Cynthia K. Dunne have yet to respond to an NPPA request for a dialogue. We must then put these two in the same Peltier/AIM trashcan as Bruce “I’ll take the Fifth” Ellison.

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