Sunday, June 5, 2016


Dear Supporters:

On May 30th the New York Daily News published an Exclusive, authored by Ginger Adams Otis, entitled Native American activist imprisoned 40 years for FBI agents deaths still fights for clemency from President Obama: ‘I am prepared to die here’ [i]

The fairly lengthy piece, along with several pictures, is just a litany of the same tedious and discredited myth and folklore that Peltier and his uninformed supporters have been peddling over the past four decades.

It is pathetically inaccurate, drawing on fabricated conclusions long ago discredited, and based on it’s own link, is on shaky grounds as serious reporting.

The below email offering to challenge Ms. Otis’s reporting has received no reply to date. A phone message left for her today, June 5th, will be followed-up again to reach her for comment.

NPPA Email dated May 31, 2016:

Ms. Otis:

I would like the opportunity to respond to your May 30th Daily News “Exclusive."

The piece is factually incorrect in so many respects:

Would it come as a surprise that you are 100% wrong when you stated:

“The FBI insisted that the agents were fired at first—but those claims were hard to substantiate without any firsthand eyewitness.”

Ms. Otis, there was an eyewitness who saw everything unfold and who told many others what was about to happen. Ron Williams was on the radio telling those in the FBI’s Rapid City office and other agents within radio contact that the occupants of the vehicle they followed onto Jumping Bull had rifles and were about to shoot at him and his partner, Agent Jack Coler. Those listening (as other AIM members joined in the assault on Coler and Williams) heard the gunfire and that Ron had been shot.

So your reporting, as unprofessional and one sided as it is, twists the facts for the readers, and perhaps in your own mind…if you had done some serious research...that Peltier shooting Ron Williams through his raised hand, blowing his fingers through the back of his head, is the same thing as you claiming there wasn’t a “firsthand eyewitness.”

Your reporting, or actually a puff piece promoting the Peltier myth and folklore, demands a rebuttal and I would challenge you on the misrepresentations and ignorance of the facts of this case.

If you have courage to stand behind your work and defend any scrutiny, please contact me.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

Peltier extradited “illegally?” Really? Read what the Canadian Government concluded that Peltier was lawfully extradited to the U.S., and even without the Myrtle Poor Bear affidavits there was sufficient evidence to justify his removal.

The government “reversing their position at trial?” The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals called Peltier’s claim,

And there’s so much more...

In other words, do some serious research other than relying on the ILPDC website as a primary source.

[i] How ironic that the link to the NY Daily News and Ms. Otis’s, unreliable, untrustworthy, questionable, dubious, doubtful, tenuous, suspect, weak, unsound, unsupported, unsubstantiated and unfounded article includes its best descriptor, Shaky…