Monday, September 12, 2016


Dear Supporters:

September 12, 2016: Leonard Peltier turns 72 today, but it’s a birthday without celebration considering 40 years of incarceration.

On January 12, 1975, Jack Coler, FBI Agent, former LAPD SWAT officer, husband, and father of two young sons, turned 28.

On July 30, 1975, Ron Williams, FBI Agent and Navy veteran had an upcoming birthday, but little did he know that a mere 34 days before his own 28th birthday both he and Jack would be cut down in their prime from a coward’s bullets.

At some point, Leonard Peltier will meet his Creator. There, no doubt, will be Jack Coler and Ron Williams who will watch and listen as Peltier finally makes his confession and admission for his crimes and their brutal and violent deaths. Leonard Peltier will then receive his final and permanent sentence.

Birthday wishes:

President Obama recognizes that a free Peltier will not atone in any way for the historical ill treatment of First Americans.

President Obama understands that a free Peltier would validate the murder and mayhem caused by the American Indian Movement and that AIM contributed nothing positive to Native American culture.

President Obama accepts that a free Peltier would be an affront to every dedicated law enforcement man and woman, past, present and future.

President Obama already knows that Leonard Peltier was lawfully extradited from Canada, had a fair trial, and through over a dozen appeals his conviction and sentence has been sustained and never altered.

And, President Obama can readily see that Leonard Peltier remains unrepentant for his heinous and unforgiveable crimes.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods

 (Context is everything)