Wednesday, January 12, 2022

SA Jack R. Coler, 1947 - 1975, R.I.P.

Dear Jack:


Those of us who remain, your family, friends, FBI associates and law-enforcement across the country know that you are looking over us as another year passes.


Many of us believe that you are still the same strong, dedicated, committed and quintessential police officer, then FBI Agent, that you were in 1975.  It comforts us to keep that memory alive, especially those who knew you personally, that you are ageless and possess an omniscient awareness. You are no doubt proud to watch over your family and grandchildren.


Today is January 12, 2022, the day of those earthly times when you would have turned seventy-five. As you likely know there are rumors that some nameless individual may be under consideration to be released. His forty-five years is not nearly enough for what happened on Pine Ridge. No matter the outcome, you know we never stopped trying and assuredly will never forget. 


We are grateful to have a guardian angel, a brother in arms, as those in Blue face grave challenges from a growing segment of society that has little respect for those who willingly place themselves in harm’s way to protect and serve this great nation. A nation that today is facing internal strife and division and one self-induced crisis after another. 


As you undoubtedly know, you, Ron and all the FBI Service Martyrs are honored every year with a memorial service. We also pay tribute to those in Blue who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Line of Duty. 


Your legacy will never be forgotten.


Jack, please continue to watch over us and help protect those willing to serve.


“In the Spirit…