Friday, August 6, 2010

Former Peltier supporter: Beverly Brooks...speaks out

(Dear Supporters: Please see previous post)

To All The Leonard Peltier Supporters Who Are Left:

Want The Truth? Make Peltier Swear on the sacred pipe first then ask him if he murdered those agents, he knows he can not lie after touching the pipe. And read the book written by Joseph Trimbach and John Trimbach (his son), and read the testimony from an ex- AIM Member Richard Two Elk, what AIM was really about.

My name is Beverly Brooks, I am Native American and I was once a Leonard Peltier Supporter. Then as I was searching the internet, I came across a web site. I read how Peltier was shot down on his appeals and on parole and I couldn't figure out why, if all the evidence showed him innocent, but that did not stop me, I was hooked on LPDOC and Peltier’s lies. I wrote letters like all or most of you have done, I even sent money to Peltier, like I am sure most of you have, before I read evidence from the other side. I read statements from some of the people from the Pine Ridge Reservation, where supposedly Peltier was there to help them, to protect them from the "GOONS", when all along, it was for their own purpose. If he is innocent, why are they lying to their supporters? Why don't they say all the whole truth instead of only what they want us to hear? Why, because they don't want us to see his guilt. Where are all the changes they claim that he has done? After the shooting, they escaped and abandoned "His People". He was caught with the Agents weapons, but yet he claims he didn't kill them. Joe Stuntz had on the agents jacket when he was killed, supposedly by the FBI, but they only had a rifle and their pistols which could not reach where the AIMsters were, so how did Stuntz really die? Peltier stayed long enough to join in on the Sundance at which time he participated in the murder of Anna Mae Aquash, because they thought she was an informant for the FBI, later to find out that she wasn't. Peltier put a gun to her head and interrogated her and she told him she was not an informant. Peltier used the excuse that he fled to Canada because he would not get a fair trial, but yet the other two Dino and Robideau got a fair trial, he ran because he knew he was guilty. Why aren't the other names of people killed on their list that supposedly the FBI and GOONS killed, because they killed a lot of those people. There is no proof of any changes made by Peltier and the AIMsters, except that innocent people died and lives were turned upside down by them. Where are all his high ranking supporters, why have a lot of his supporters left, because they found out that he was guilty and they stopped supporting him. TV stations don't bother with him anymore either. The point that I am getting at is, research and go to NPPA and watch the videos and see for yourself that he is GUILTY and then tell others to do the same.

We are all more victims of his lies, help stop it.

"In The Spirit of Agents Coler and Williams"
Beverly Brooks