Friday, August 6, 2010


Dear Supporters:

Former Peltier supporters speak out

During the past decade there have been a number of loyal Peltier supporters who attacked or criticized NPPA efforts to ensure the truth was available to all who were interested, that justice was served, and Peltier remained in prison.

Many of those supporters were challenged to debate or discuss the facts and many of them, after a willingness to at least listen to both sides of the issues, formed their own conclusions, recognized Peltier’s guilt and withdrew their support.

Of course, most of them preferred not to make that change of heart public, or at least not making a formal statement on the Internet, however, some have, and now all the others are certainly invited to submit an NPPA Blog entry to present their views.

Please contact

Please see the following from one former Peltier supporter who had the courage to explore both sides and come to an informed and independent conclusion concerning Peltier’s guilt and the complicity of the of the LPDOC.

“In the Spirit of Coler and Williams”
Ed Woods