Saturday, August 21, 2010

(Another Former) Peltier Supporter speaks...

Dear Supporters:

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On Aug 7, 2010, at 2:09 PM, Nessie wrote:

Hello Ed:

I enjoyed reading this from yet ANOTHER former supporter. I totally understand how she feels because as you know it took some searching and several emails before I finally waded through all the brainwashing the LPDOC pulled on me.

As you know my mother and aunts were treated very badly by "town folks" where they grew up because they were children of color (Cherokee) so I was very adamant that Peltier was another Native American that had been mistreated and wrongfully thrown in prison. I finally did the research and questioned the LPDOC, and all of their sister sites, until I was convinced that both LPDOC and Peltier would say or do whatever they thought it would take to solicit funds and support from anyone they came in contact with. They use some of the injustice that did occur in our history to their advantage.

Peltier did not run from the reservation that day to draw harm from "his" people and he could have cared less about the safety of the children living there. He ran because he knew he committed cold blooded murder and as he seemed to always do he ran because he was looking out only for one man--- Himself !!

I also wrote many letters protesting Peltier’s treatment and the injustice of his sentence to any official I could reach. I did not support the LPDOC with money but I did offer at one time my home for his sister and others to stay in if they needed to come to NC to fight for the release of information supposedly being held in NC.

There is not a doubt in my mind that I had been supporting the wrong person. Joe Stuntz died because he was an impressionable young man who probably believed he was doing the right thing by following directions from such an important(?) AIM member. He died because Leonard led him to death. I believe without a doubt Peltier is responsible for his death as well as the death of the two FBI agents. Needless to say when I withdrew my support I was dropped from the LPDOC mailing list rather quickly. If you want to really find out what they are all about just start asking questions about where the money is going and exactly what the contributions are for and who is in charge of this money and challenge anything they say and I assure you it wont be long before they drop you from their mailing list as well.

Supporters for the LPDOC are being lied to and used to support themselves and to support Leonard. Leonard is not a Native American Icon he is no more than any other convict who committed murder and is whining and begging for some way to get out of it. If he really cared about "his People" why are they still living in poverty; where's all the money going he's supposed to be helping them with? Peltier’s followers are dropping off more and more as they learn the truth and as more information gets out to the public. Soon he will be left without supporters sending money, buying paintings and listening to his whining and I have to wonder just how faithful will his defense team be without pay?